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Howard Stern

Aflac Had 'No Reason'

to Fire Gilbert

3/15/2011 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern is lashing out at Aflac for firing Gilbert Gottfried -- the voice behind their famous duck mascot -- claiming the comic's tasteless Japanese tsunami jokes were just Gilbert being Gilbert.


It all went down on the "Howard Stern Show" this morning -- Howard blasted Aflac for dumping Gilbert yesterday over the tasteless jokes he posted on Twitter ... claiming they knew what they were signing up for when they hired him ... because offensive jokes are kinda' Gilbert's thing.

The man's got a point.


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deserved it..

1321 days ago


Is that Rob Zombie behind stern? o.0

1321 days ago


why would any one be surprised that he would defend this guy they are both crued people that like to be nasty for the sake of being nasty.

1321 days ago


Maybe Stern should educate himself before he opens his yap. AFLAC is mainly a Japanese company. At least, its investors are.

1321 days ago


Well, if HS says must be truth...yikes...the firing is ABSOLUTELY CALLED FOR...the aftershocks of this terrible tragedy were still occuring when he started these idiotic tweets! Morality does have to come into play on something like this...offensive on so many levels trumps "what he does" any day...Karma's a bitch GG...should've kept your mouth shut this time...and that's ALWAYS good advice for HS...

1321 days ago


All comedians think because they are comedians they get a free pass. Well you don't. Learn to have some compassion you idiot!

1321 days ago


Who cares what Howard Stern thinks? He wouldn't know what is appropriate if his life depended on it. What does "just Gilbert being Gilbert" having anything to do with it? An axe murder is just being himself also, does that make it appropriate?

Gilbert may have a rep for offensive comedy, that doesn't mean he might be called on it. He crossed a line and he needs to take it like a man and tell Howard to shut up.

1321 days ago


I agree with Howard, Gilbert should NEVER have been fired for his comedy lines.

I plan to boycott Aflac, along with many many other people i know, and if I were Gilbert

I'd fire a wrongful termination suit against them !!!!!!

1321 days ago


What happened to the "freedom of speech"...oh yeah, only when it benefits someone is it considered "improper"...bad or not, he should not have been fired...FREEDOM OF SPEECH

1321 days ago


Gilbert, Hang Ten Baby!!

1321 days ago


Gilbert, Hang 10 Baby!!

1321 days ago


You know what? I'm so sick of people saying someone didn't deserve something they got (like Gilbert being fired from AFLAC) because "that's just them being them". That's total B.S.!!! There are consequences for doing things that reflect badly on your employer...and he works for AFLAC.

Maybe that is his own twisted sense of humor and that's fine...however he made bad choices in making those statements publicly and frequently through Twitter. Maybe he'll think next time.

1321 days ago


Howard Stern has an opinion on some D-bag making tasteless comments when he's the tasteless comment king. Who'da thought?

1321 days ago


Hey ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff...if Family Guy goes there THIS SUNDAY...I would have a problem with that guess is South Park will go there first...but I bet even they will wait at least until the dust has settled...the totality of the destruction and death isn't even cold yet...GROW UP, or better yet - just fade away

1321 days ago


isn't tweeting something you do on your own time? Again what's with companies "owning" your private know I didn't know it was Gilbert Gottfried doing the voice I thought it was someone else....sounding like him...and since many celebrities have other people tweeting for them who's to say it was really him....just putting it out there.

1321 days ago
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