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Dr. Murray to Cops: Where's the Surveillance Video?

3/15/2011 7:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team has only received 4 minutes of video from the surveillance cameras capturing the last 24 hours of Michael Jackson's life ... TMZ has learned.

Dr. Conrad Murray
Lawyers for Dr. Murray will go to court Wednesday and ask a judge to order authorities to turn over all of the surveillance videos.

Sources connected to Murray tell TMZ ... the only video the LAPD turned over was from around 12:30 AM the day MJ died ... showing Michael returning to the house after his rehearsal.

Sources connected with Murray claim the cops only downloaded 11 minutes of the video.  Murray's lawyers want to see all 24 hours ... particularly who comes in and out of the house in the hours before MJ died.



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Phoenix let's assume u are right, the question is: how is it possible that a private citizen could get access to buy propofol?

1320 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Ugh - soooo drawn out. Give Murray 1 day with the MJ fans - I'm not talking about the ones who'll just spit on him and scream "Justice for MJ", I mean the professional lawyers, etc who can take this drawn out situation (which'll probably last another couple years), ask the obvious questions, and get the truth QUICKLY. Murray, you did it - or you didn't. You're a liar or - dam what were the odds, AND it was MJ. The majority of people can argue this sh*t out and get the truth within a week, everything else is theatrics. I want to know what happened and it's been almost 2 years now. Pathetic.

1320 days ago


If you read between the lines here you can see what Murray's new defense is going to be since the cornorer didn't believe MJ gave the lethal dose to himself. Murray will say someone else came into the bedroom while MJ was asleep and he was in the bathroom and gave MJ the lethal dose. Is there no limit to the lies this man is willing to tell to get his butt out of trouble?

1320 days ago


Finally "the" surveillance video!!! We've been all waiting for that for a long time, I want to see everything that was recorded!!! I do pray that it will give us some answers, like what time Murray arrived, and who else was in the house that night?

1320 days ago


EXCUSE ME he walked in alive and was carried out on a stretcher, what does anything that happened in the previous 24 hrs matter?

1320 days ago


Sounds like he's clutching at straws..

1320 days ago

I Hate MJ    

I Hate MJ.

1320 days ago


Wow finally someone asks the billion dollar question

1320 days ago

I Hate MJ    

I also think that Dr. Murray is innocent and that MJ's two "sons" conspired and murdered him while he lay unconscious and Dr. Murray was out of the room.

1320 days ago


He needs to flee the country. America and our justice system is ready to crucify this guy!

1320 days ago

I Hate MJ    

M-O-N-E-Y, zeromarcy. That's how it is possible.

1320 days ago


MJ was a drug addict long before Murray showed up on his doorstep. I don't understand why everyone wants to beat up this doc and think that MJ was some kind of "god". He was an entertainer, plain and simple, and a daily drug user. No different from a heroin addict...addiction is addiction. MJ was just a man and his number was up. It took years and years for him to get as unhealthy as he was but his lifestyle finally took it's toll. Just my opinion but sometimes you just have to let things go. His family should have stepped in a long time ago instead of just standing there with their hand out. IF someone is to blame.... it's them!

1320 days ago


@31 and John Belushi was a known drug addict but the bitch still went to prison..There are many in hospice care should the doctors and nurses walk down the halls and start killing people???? Really, so just kill the person it's ok don't give Michael a chance to get better? Is that your theory?

1320 days ago


hahahahaha re-read my comment... MJ is to blame. Hospice is for terminally ill comparison, sorry dd your not too bright. I don't think the chick that killed Blushi should have gone to prison. FYI - I've never seen Hospice used for rehab.

1320 days ago

mj is the sexiest man ever    

wow,there's a video.

1320 days ago
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