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Dr. Murray to Cops: Where's the Surveillance Video?

3/15/2011 7:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team has only received 4 minutes of video from the surveillance cameras capturing the last 24 hours of Michael Jackson's life ... TMZ has learned.

Dr. Conrad Murray
Lawyers for Dr. Murray will go to court Wednesday and ask a judge to order authorities to turn over all of the surveillance videos.

Sources connected to Murray tell TMZ ... the only video the LAPD turned over was from around 12:30 AM the day MJ died ... showing Michael returning to the house after his rehearsal.

Sources connected with Murray claim the cops only downloaded 11 minutes of the video.  Murray's lawyers want to see all 24 hours ... particularly who comes in and out of the house in the hours before MJ died.



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What do you mean who know what other drugs were in his system? We know what other drugs were in his system it was all evidenced in the autopsy report. Do you yourself a favor and don't spew ignorance without all the facts.

1130 days ago


seriously? why are people still talking about this fool Dr. Murray the murderer! lock him up already!

1130 days ago

juan lopez    

thats riiiiight, tellit.

i guess TMZ missed that. but i dont see how because TMZ is working with the police department out there, and Bratton was the chief. isnt Michaels case the most important thing over there? yeah...

This Is It

1130 days ago


Did the camera also cover Dr. Murray, hauling ass on foot, away from the residence?

Posted at 6:01 PM on Mar 15, 2011 by joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!

get your facts straight....
Conrad Murray rode in the ambulance with the body of "MJ" to UCLA

1130 days ago


Today on Cambio Connect and Cambio Style we have the oldest of the famous Jackson 5 siblings Jackie Jackson.
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1130 days ago


These are trolls on here, we should all know this by now. It's so old. Please let's just stay on topic, not discuss this with them, their job is to get hits up and/or they're part of that nasty Gavin Clan, who don't deserve a comment back.

RIP, Michael Jackson! Thoughts with those in Japan suffering so!

Posted at 6:06 PM on Mar 15, 2011 by katie10

You are a troll katie10. How you care for peoples in Japan when you spread hate here? How you say you care for peoples and you call sick man in hospital and are proud? I spit on you.

1130 days ago


Here we go again. TMZ did not read the transcripts from last weeks court follow up. D.A. Walgren DID turn over all the tapes that he received from the LAPD to Flanagan months ago. The problem is, the security system is owned by the security company of the Carolwood home. They are the ones that need to provide the complete taped coverage that day, not the LAPD. It has been said that there were no cameras in the bedroom but there was a camera that could view the landing to the upstairs. Walgren told Flanagan last week that he has been pursuing the LAPD to obtain all footage shot that day. Flanagan likes to play games with Judge Pastor always making it appear that Walgren isn't proving discovery/evidence when inturn Flanagan has been provided with almost everything already but fails to look into his own files first. Bottomline, the security company needs to hand over all the tapes to the LAPD who inturn will hand over to Walgren and provide a copy to Flanagan.

As of last week, Flanagan had 2 medical experts and 9 character witnesses to testify at CM's trial. Flanagan also subpeonaed 35 witnesses from Walgren's witness list. These 35 are considered hostile witness meaning they do not want to cooperate with the defense. That is understandable so what a waste of time for Flanagan when all he has to do is cross examine them during the trial.

1130 days ago


Is that katie10 on the right.

1130 days ago


Yes, we can all see where this is going. Let's start tainting the jury pool. Let me see, when does the questioning and stuff start of potential jurors? Umm, isn't that late next week?

And I agree with another poster who said the injected himself theory got thrown out the window so let's try someone else walked into the room when i went to pee theory.

Bottomline is, Murray should have never, never walked out of that room after dosing Michael with those benzos and topping it off with propofol without supervision or monitoring. I just don't get how some people do not think anything is wrong with that. Good gosh. Yes, Michael has a part in his death, but Murray sure in the hell is no innocent bystander in all of this. Not by a long shot.

rip mj

1130 days ago


I'm done 5th grade conversation has taken over....

1130 days ago



help, my granny pants are half way down my FAT HAIRY AZZ...

help, I've fallen and I can't keep up cuz I'm ROTFLMAO....and I can't hold my own weight up....

awesome dude....

I have the vocabulary of a 12 year old.


1130 days ago

juan lopez    

Michael is so naughty....


1130 days ago


For people claiming MJ was a drug addict need to read the autospy report. All prescriptions found in MJ's home were for sleeping and anxiety and thoses bottles weren't even half used. No hardcore drugs were found and the prescriptions dated back to early Spring 2009. Many years ago MJ admitted he was addicted and got help and from that point up until Spring 2009 NO ONE knows what meds he was taking. The needle marks found in MJ's body were from the paramedics which is also pointed out on the autopsy report.

Evidence presented during the preliminary trial of a cut IV bag in which CM put a bottle of propofol in that bag without a flow monitor is what ultimately overdosed MJ.

Think hard now. Do you really think there is a tape in that bedroom when CM and MJ both knew what was going on in that room? Also fingerprints have been listed into evidence now so we will find out who they belong to when trial begins. If those prints belong to anyone outside the home that day, they would have been arrested by now.

1130 days ago


All michael's pics are beautiful!What does he think, he's only going to see himself (conrad Murray). All the things he did wrong! Murray got to pay, and Michael's family gets justice at least! R.I.P MJ! Love you!

1130 days ago


Posted at 6:43 PM on Mar 15, 2011 by katie10

Here we go again. U lost his # & u will call him again. Haha. This is cute.

1130 days ago
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