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Ryan Phillippe

The Massive Condom Question

3/16/2011 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Ryan Phillippe allegedly knocked up someone who's NOT named Reese -- we gotta ask ... why the hell don't famous dudes wear friggin' condoms? TMZ investigates.031511_TV_phillipe_still

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it feels so good? really?

dont all of the "7 deadly sins" feel so good?

awesome, lets go do them all?

1130 days ago


Wearing a condom doesn't say much. I got pregnant using one (did not break!) If it's not sterile on the outside...
Never ever again without oral contraceptive.

1130 days ago

Christina G.    

If he didn't have sex outside of marriage, he wouldn't have to wear a condom. It sure would solve a lot of our society's problems if more people waited until they were married or in a committed relationship.

Instead people these days act like animals, having sex practically anytime, anywhere with other animals they barely know, as if they have no control. Not very evolved.

1130 days ago


Birth control pills aren't that expensive...

1130 days ago


This is a total betrayal to his two kids with Reese. What a loser.

1130 days ago


Why no condom you say? It feels sooooo much better without! Screw the consequences!

1130 days ago


....because men think with the wrong head!

1130 days ago


Honestly, I can't understand why the assumption is that everyone who wears a condom has a 100% chance their partner will not get pregnant. And the age old argument that the woman who gets pregnant after claiming she's on B/C must be lying is bull, also. Condoms are not foolproof, and sometimes B/C fails. That is not an excuse for someone claiming they deserve all sorts of help, etc., unless they were in a solid relationship and there is no doubt the baby is his.

1127 days ago

Mich in California    

He got Reese pregnant out of wedlock, that's apparently why they got married. Man needs to become a man and that means getting morals and self control!

1112 days ago

Mich in California    

TMZ is spreading lies: condoms do NOT prevent herpes!!! Don't be fooled!

Also, condoms break a lot, so they often do not prevent pregnancy.

Bottom line: wait till you get married to have sex, so your children will have a committed mother and father without diseases!

1112 days ago


every sperm is sacred``````````````
every sperm is great
if a sperm is wasted
god gets quite irate

1108 days ago


These guys should - if they deny paternity and force the courts to get involved - be required to take science-based classes on sex and what causes paternity. If they do - they only have to pay child support on a positive paternity test (for the first case; repeat offenders might need some escalating penalty). If they refuse, they can pay triple, with 1/2 going to the state to fund science-based sex ed for men and women who manage to totally avoid learning how to be an adult about adult activities.

Same thing with the woman - if she sues for support or a paternity test, she must take the class or forfeit 1/2 the support payments.

Doesn't matter if she said she's on the pill, boys; or if he said he was fixed, girls; if you got pregnant or got someone pregnant, you made it possible.

1102 days ago


Oh and just for any trolls who like to stir it up - yes, I forgot that sexual assault also can result in pregnancy. That's because rape isn't sex, and was not the direct topic. I think any accusations should be investigated very carefully - with a mandatory death sentence for rapists.

1102 days ago
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