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Snooki Drops CROTCH BOMB In WWE Debut

3/15/2011 10:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki fistpumped her tiny, angry knuckles into another woman's face during her wrestling debut on "WWE Monday Night Raw" last night ... but she's not done yet, Snook is taking her talents to WrestleMania!

Snooki Wrestlemania
The "Jersey Shore" star transformed into 57 inches of pure, unadulterated RAGE -- as she attacked the members of the Lay-Cool lady tag-team using a ferocious airborne bronco buster ... followed by that typical girl-on-girl hair-pulling, head slamming move.

After the dust settled, Snooki was challenged to a three-on-three co-ed brawl at WrestleMania in April ... and she accepted!

It's on, bitches.


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No Avatar


I'm so happy that this 'lady' has found a venue which showcases her many talents. Her family must be very proud.

1320 days ago

So What    

One word WASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1320 days ago


Why do people keep calling this little square sack of fat a star?

1320 days ago


Well now she teaming up with 2 wrestlers and going to wrestle at wwe wresltemania

1320 days ago


yep and i as hard as its for me saying this.. but now i have some respect for SNOOKI.

She looked good last night and it was hillarious.. although she did beat down my hot diva layla.. it was funny as hell.

now she's signed for the big dance.. the center of the world PPV.. Wrestlemania.. Hosted by The Rock!..

this is about to get Miz level AWesome!

great show last night.. Snooki.. you actually brought it!. rofl

eat your heart out TNA angelina and jwowww... SNOOKI has Out-Classed YOu...

looking forward to Atlanta babay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1320 days ago


Shouldn't Snooki be wrestling another bear?

1320 days ago


Proper name for the move she done is a Thesz Press, I'll overlook that though.

1320 days ago


So, this poor thing is still putting herself out there for the public to run into the ground for money?

And.....now she is rolling around on a mat fisticuffing it out with a fellow female. Very lady like, quite classly too.

Must be hard to find a woman a date for your young men huh?

If this is what the pool is......there are way too many Snooki wanna-be's out there, you know classly gals you can bring home to mom.

My Woppo friend Mr. Rinaldi said to me when I was 17, 'A girl has to decide, if she wants to be a nice girl, or a pig in this life'

THAT is exactly how men think ladies. They may hoot and hollar, and encourage you to behave cheapy, but.....they will never respect you or consider you a person to marry or have his kids, let alone bring you home to meet his parents.

"A lady in the streets, and a freak in the bed" About sums up how men think. Works for me.

1320 days ago


OH great here we go again, WWE is going to drop the ball again, trying to compete with TNA, the worst part of it all is we the wrestling fans have to keep seeing these stupid reality stars more than the 15mins of fame that they should have never have gotten in the first

1320 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

People actually still watch wrestling?

1320 days ago


Crotch Bomb is not correct. Anything where Snooks has her crotch over someone's face is her signature move, The Stank Grenade.

1320 days ago


Hey 19 - seriously Snooki & Fukishima in the same post - Cmon - sho some respect. whats going on in Japan is no joke - it's serious. Just ask gilbert godfried - he is unemployed today thx to his stupid classless jokes about Japan.

show some Respect!

1320 days ago


Fake tan, fake reality show, fake sport. Is there anything real about this girl?

1320 days ago


She is just flat out disgusting and gross. I can't look at a pic of her without saying ewwwwwww.

1320 days ago


Chuckles wants a piece of that!

1320 days ago
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