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Vanessa Hudgens

More Nude Photos Surface

3/15/2011 1:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A second round of naked photos featuring Vanessa Hudgens have surfaced on various websites this morning -- and these photos are WAY more graphic than the other ones.

Sources connected to Vanessa tell TMZ the photos were taken from the same batch that were released several years ago featuring the actress ... fully nude. 

As TMZ previously reported, Vanessa sued the owners of a website back in 2009 for posting the first round of nude pics. The lawsuit stated that the photos were obtained by "unknown methods" and posted without Hudgens' "knowledge or consent."

Sources tell us ... Vanessa believes whoever is doing this "has it out for her" because the release of these photos in dribs and drabs coincides with her movie releases.

Vanessa's new movie "Sucker Punch" is coming out later this month.

As for taking the pics in the first place, one well informed source tells TMZ, "Trust me ... Vanessa has learned her lesson."


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well she don,t rock my boat but then i,m old . hey what can i say? it worked for paris ! a tramp is a tramp , is a tramp. just goes to show you . brains and looks seldom come in the same package. from what i seen; she would be a playboy reject.

1306 days ago


I was probably Zac who took the pictures! i hope there's a nude zac pics too! lol

1306 days ago


still no righttt to do these things. have more respect for ur selff

1302 days ago

tommy lawi    

I really love you vannesa would you please send me your cotact and email address so that we can be both partners???thanks....

1301 days ago


Mane she knew how those pictures got out. Famous people kill me when stuff like that happens to them. They are all shocked and suprised. In the end they know how it got on there.

1300 days ago


I think that she did learn her lesson-these pictures are not a new set, only additions to the original. Doing a Disney movie doesn’t mean that you are who you portray. If anything, playing goody goody roles probably make the person’s real personality want to come out even more and faster (look at Miley and Lindsay.)

I don’t think that she’s a whore because she took nude photos of herself on her cell phone. Someone asked who sends nude photos to a guy they like-I’d say 99% of the nude photos sent out there by anyone are to someone they like/are in a relationship with/etc. Obviously, she should have deleted them. However, there is no saying that the pictures came from her phone. There are several ways that they could have gotten out. The average person doesn’t get their pictures stolen. I am sure we would find a lot of things that people didn’t want others to see if they did.

1300 days ago


OMG leave her alone she's totally awesome first off all in case people don't notice she is an adult not a kid and secondly these pics are old anyways and she didn't know they were going to be leaked so no need for judgment. I can;y wait to see her movie

1293 days ago


Who Cares. Get over it people. What really turns me on is her version of "Everything I own" Whatever "IT" is, she has It!

1292 days ago


What girl would send a guy she likes nude pics of herself?
She brought it on herself.
I hope other young women learn a valuable lesson. Keep your clothes on or at least invest in a paper bag to throw on over your head. Wh*res!
Posted at 9:59 AM on Mar 15, 2011 by Michelle

anyone that calls her a whore for this is either too fat for anyone to want to see naked photos of them or just a complete hypocrite or prude. It happens. It sucks that her pics of her at 17 are still being released. These pics don't make her a bad person, insulting her public humiliation makes you a bad person.

Posted at 10:05 AM on Mar 15, 2011 by dawn

**Ok dawn just because some people think its nasty and a slutty thing to do doesnt mean that there homley and a prude.It is skanky and when little girls look up to you, you should have more common sense then to do something like that.Yea it sucks her photos got leaked but she should have kept her clothing on.
Maybe if most of her fans werent little children it wouldnt be AS bad..but either way its gross.

1288 days ago

Dan Ronson    

I think it's completely disgusting that a) Someone would exploit a young girl like this (because let's face it, the majority of teenagers send nude and explicit photos to their boyfriends/girlfriends), and b) It's disgusting that Vanessa is the one having to apologize for it. She has done nothing wrong and I hope she knows that. The only person who's done something wrong is the person who gets some kind of satisfaction out of making these photos public.

1287 days ago


There aren't any pix....just made up publicity, or a double. Otherwise, they'd be available somewhere.

1285 days ago


No, no, I am seeking to meet you face to face if it is possible. I am very long residence from the wonderful America. I like you.

1282 days ago

Kevin Mitchell    

1274 days ago


heyy vanessa i know your great but y did u do that????

1183 days ago


She's ******* desperate! -.- WHORE!

1174 days ago
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