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Vanessa Hudgens

More Nude Photos Surface

3/15/2011 1:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A second round of naked photos featuring Vanessa Hudgens have surfaced on various websites this morning -- and these photos are WAY more graphic than the other ones.

Sources connected to Vanessa tell TMZ the photos were taken from the same batch that were released several years ago featuring the actress ... fully nude. 

As TMZ previously reported, Vanessa sued the owners of a website back in 2009 for posting the first round of nude pics. The lawsuit stated that the photos were obtained by "unknown methods" and posted without Hudgens' "knowledge or consent."

Sources tell us ... Vanessa believes whoever is doing this "has it out for her" because the release of these photos in dribs and drabs coincides with her movie releases.

Vanessa's new movie "Sucker Punch" is coming out later this month.

As for taking the pics in the first place, one well informed source tells TMZ, "Trust me ... Vanessa has learned her lesson."


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No one has it out for her, they're just trying to act like they did so they can prove actual malice. Pathetic. You're famous, girl. Shouldn't be taking pictures of yourself naked!

1281 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

Leaked photos once - maybe she didn't do it. But now this is like the 3rd or 4th time and we're supposed to believe that she is the little ole victim here?? Stop heing a moraless tramp, taking your clothes off and posing in front of a camera. Voila the situation is fixed! To those defending this tramp the first time photos linked she was a very young girl. Where were her parents when the "girl" was spreading them and posing for pics? I don't believe for one second she is a victim of anyone. She likes to take her clothes off and likes for people to see her pictures - the rest is an act of fake modesty. Go away Vanjayjay Hudgens. You aren't that special. Kim K and Paris Hilton did this before you and they're still thought of as useless tramps. Go away.

1281 days ago


Come to think of it, in the world we live in, this will probably enhance her career. It made Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sister a household name. Pregnant teenage girls now get their own reality shows. Fundamentalist polygomists and fat drunker Jersey cows get their own shows...well the list goes on of course. So the moral of the story is, don't have any morals and you will get further ahead while society slides further down into the toilet.

1281 days ago


These young girls never learn do they? Don't let anyone, ever, take nude photos or video of you unless you want to run the risk of everyone else one day having a peek.

1281 days ago


anyone know where the un-blurred, uncensored photos are at?

1281 days ago


its prob some jealous former friend she has to check her friends jealousy is a bad thing shes doing really well shes not pretentious she keeps to herself shes just a simple person trying to make it in the biz I wish her nothing but the best every step she takes will be blessed because shes a true person

1281 days ago


I think she released the pics herself. Last time they were released, wasn't it right when she had a new movie coming out? And now she has one coming out again.

1281 days ago


well, haters gonna hate.
If you don't like or don't know her, don't give your opinion ok?
Really, hate or call her something won't make you perfect.

1281 days ago


Who released the photos? How about Hudgen's PR team. Come on guys, come up with something original. It's getting old.

1281 days ago


you ppl act like yall have never made mestakes & just bc they say new pix r out dnt mean is true they mite have ran out of other storys to write about

1281 days ago


45.probably pics of her doing something with another female. if it's a female and she's white she will be doing something lesbo. you just can't find a white woman who won't lick a pu&&y. none of them are truly a woman....even if they give birth. they all secretly wish they had a ****.

Posted at 10:45 AM on Mar 15, 2011 by justsaying


I agree-- They are the lowest of the low--Will suck face with a girl at a bar for a free long island iced tea. Total ho-bags

1281 days ago


All the nude pics keep getting edited I want to see it all.

1281 days ago


honestly im not a fan of hers, but i think she should be left alone. it was leaked, it's not like as if she sold her pics.

1281 days ago


1281 days ago


The pics can be seen uncensored at

1281 days ago
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