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Kelly Clarkson

Best Buy Fixed My

Orphan Problem

3/17/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Clarkson waged war on Best Buy this week -- after one store refused to sell her iPods for her orphan charity drive -- but, fortunately, this story has a happy ending.


Kelly wrote a diatribe on her Facebook page on Tuesday -- claiming Best Buy at the Ridgemar Mall in Fort Worth, TX refused to sell her iPod shuffles ... citing a store policy which limits how many iPods they can sell to a customer.

But according to sources at Best Buy, no such policy exists ... and corporate is PISSED -- in fact, a BB rep even left an apology on Clarkson's Facebook, explaining, "We spoke to the management [at Ridgemar] and they'd like to apologize for this experience ... their intention was not to upset you."

But that's not all Best Buy did -- after Kelly was allowed to buy the iPods she wanted at a nearby location ... BB corporate donated a bunch to her charity. Hooray!


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Brigham Young    


1313 days ago


IT IS SWEET! what is .**NOT**! about it?? sheesh!

1313 days ago


Clerks are jerks.

1313 days ago

Greg S    

Best Buy just kissed up to her because she is a celebrity. Any other customer they would have told to get lost, charity or not. Best Buy is like this, not an isolated incident. They just don't care about anyone unless they think you might fall for the extended warranty pitch.

1313 days ago

Christina G.    

Best Buy has the worst in-store customer service in any chain I've shopped in. OK, not as bad as Wal-mart, but almost. It's like they train them to be ****s on purpose.

1313 days ago

Hey Girl Haaay    

Best Buy was probably seriously piggidy pissed about this! Those employees who said "No" to Clarkson must have been fired. Effing idiots! A limit??? Really??? "Uh yeah, we know we're a store ma'm but uuuh we can't sell you a bunch of iPods because our policy is not to sell a large amount of merchandise" WTF!!!

1313 days ago

broken q a    

on a different topic...why are there voting polls on tmz but never any results shown

1313 days ago

Greg S    

@6: That is how it is at Best Buy, if you don't believe it just try to go into a Best Buy store and buy a bunch of iPods without their extended warranty, see what happens.

1313 days ago

Hey Girl Haaay    

Now that you all mention it, they really ARE a-holes when it comes to pushing that extended warranty crap!!

Sounds like Best Buy will be the new Circuit City.

1313 days ago

Greg S    

I am a retail analyst. The employees who told her no were just following what Best Buy corporate tells them to do. @5: Yes, they are trained to be ****s, it is part of the corporate culture/strategy. They are also trained to milk every customer for extended warranties and accessories for each item sold. The extended warranties and accessories are marked up by huge amounts, whereas an iPod is marked up relatively little. If you don't fall for the pitch, you an an enemy of Best Buy. This is why they don't want someone going in an buying multiple iPads, iPods, laptops, tv's that are on sale, etc. And they can also block your friend from buying the additional item(s) as they did to Clarkson's friend. Pretty much anything that doesn't have a huge markup they are trained to not allow you to get more than one or two without special permission.

1313 days ago


WTF!! How are they donating money.. lol. bestbuy is broke themselves..... they need donations ... :( But glad they fixed it and helped her out

1313 days ago


Horrendous customer service is the understatement of the millenium, and calling them the 'new circuit city' is RIGHT on the mark. The personnel (including/especially the management) are rude, NOT helpful, and really don't give a rat's ass about their customers. And they make sure you know it. I wouldn't dream of spending another dollar with Best Buy. Not even if my life depended on it.

1313 days ago


Why was she was shopping at ghetto Ridgmar any way?! That should be the main news!

1313 days ago


Walmart also has an official/unofficial limitation on high-end persanal electronics and limited new releases! At midnight several years ago, I literally had to pry an PS3 out of a guys hand because he wanted to buy 2 units, he thought he was being clever by getting back in line but, Walmart set-up the registers to block multiple sales of the PS3 on a credit card just for the release date! He had his mother come-in at 3:30 in the morning to get the other one with her credit card!

Their reasoning was, if one person always buys the new or limited item; the pereception is they never have it in-stock!

1313 days ago


what a bunch of balogny....I can walk into the best buy in columbia maryland and buy whatever the hell I want and not be hasseled for not buying any warranty..You all must shop in Russia or something

1313 days ago
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