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Kelly Clarkson

Best Buy Fixed My

Orphan Problem

3/17/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Clarkson waged war on Best Buy this week -- after one store refused to sell her iPods for her orphan charity drive -- but, fortunately, this story has a happy ending.


Kelly wrote a diatribe on her Facebook page on Tuesday -- claiming Best Buy at the Ridgemar Mall in Fort Worth, TX refused to sell her iPod shuffles ... citing a store policy which limits how many iPods they can sell to a customer.

But according to sources at Best Buy, no such policy exists ... and corporate is PISSED -- in fact, a BB rep even left an apology on Clarkson's Facebook, explaining, "We spoke to the management [at Ridgemar] and they'd like to apologize for this experience ... their intention was not to upset you."

But that's not all Best Buy did -- after Kelly was allowed to buy the iPods she wanted at a nearby location ... BB corporate donated a bunch to her charity. Hooray!


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BEST BUY...DON'T GO THERE. SERIOUSLY, in 2010 I saved up enough money to finally buy a laptop. Paid extra to get it set up. They said come back at 7 pm to pick it up. I was all excited. On the way home I stopped at the corner store at the top of my street. I was in the store long enough to buy 1 pop, no other customers were in the store. Went out to my car, yep you guessed it. The lock on my car door was pulled out and the laptop was gone. I was scared looked around, no one to be seen. Went to the police. They said I was probably followed from the store. Called the store, the manager said, "yeah we've had that problem at the other store". I said couldn't you have warned me that this was happening? (I'm a woman) Called customer service head office. The woman on the phone yelled at me saying, "too bad". Almost $700.00 gone. Best Buy is the worst store. BTW, I live in Toronto and if Best Buy reads happened in November 2010...remember me. I'm the one you treated like ****. I'll NEVER go to there store.

1280 days ago


Jim, try pushing the button just ONCE to post your comment! And, I guess you haven't seen Kelly Clarkson lately. She needs to stop making a mountain out of a molehill like this thing with Best Buy and focus on losing about 50 lbs. Heading towards morbid obesity in her 20's isn't a cool thing.

1280 days ago


How about a filthy, used refrigerator water filter? I bought one at Best Buy! Someone had returned it, box opened. BB taped it shut and put it back on the shelf. I bought it, installed it, and had the joy of tasting the dirt from someone's nasty backyard well.

Yep, BB got me to ingest contaminants! Well done, BB, well done.

1280 days ago


BB is famous for their customer service and customer relations. The Xmas debacle was just last year, and apple and BB have a monopoly on iPads (check office depot for them then ask the manager why they don't carry any. BB has the worst policies and customer service and I would advise ppl not to shop there.

1280 days ago


@Wiley - where do you live that most people don't have ipods?! wut? music is a great motivator honestly and what's wrong with orphans having something? jealous much?

@chelsey - you are an IDIOT.

1280 days ago


It's "Ridgmar" Please get your **** straight.

1280 days ago


People still shop at Best Buy? Idiots.

1280 days ago


Happy things were settled!! Sure like Kelly Clarkson !! She is a talented no nonsense woman!!!!

1280 days ago


I just read on CNN that her latest CD (zzz snore zzz) which was to be released soon will now be released around September. Sounds like the record company and the producers want to try and get her off the little chocolate donuts for 6 months and get her on a treadmill so they can try and slim her down a bit and protect their investment.

1280 days ago

Greg S    

The restrictions and shady selling tactics are specific to Best Buy other retailers are not like this. The policy does come from Best Buy corporate, and the policy is to ripoff any customer as much as possible then deny service after the sale. Managers and associates are given an incentive to implement this policy. Just a couple examples of their tactics are to pass off used items as new, refuse returns for no valid reason, limit you from buying multiple low-margin items, force you to purchase additional accessories/warranties or threaten to deny the sale, commit you to purchases over the phone by taking your credit card so you can't change your mind before getting to the store, limit you and or any friend without from purchasing multiple low margin items (such as iPods), and fraudulently misrepresent what the service plan/extended warranty actually covers. These are just a few of the tactics. Interested parties can read more online. There are plenty of other tactics that while not really dishonest are low, for example do***ents have been leaked which train Best Buy workers on how to profile each customer. They do not want savvy/intelligent/younger consumers in the store because they know you are unlikely to buy from them anyway or fall for the upsells. If they think you fit a weak minded profile, they will befriend you and guilt you into the ad-on warranties/accessories. If they think you are undecided about the warranty, they will have a second employee walk by acting as a bystander to also apply pressure, so that you are pressured by multiple people. Best Buy has also been known to falsely declare that an item you are interested in is the last one, when of course it is not. Best Buy will often tell a customer that the store only makes $1 or $2 dollars selling for example a $400 item, to guilt you into the ad-ons or as an excuse not to sell you more than 1 or 2. In reality the primary owner of Best Buy, Richard M. Schulze is one of the world's richest men. He keeps a low profile so you likely haven't heard of him. But long ago without considering his image he was an activist/author against public healthcare, even while most employees of his company receive not healthcare benefits at all.

I'm writing to respond to comments that implied that Best Buy's tactics are ok because other stores do similar. This is absolutely not true. When you buy an expensive item at Walmart, they will ask you once if you want the warranty. There is no hard sale, tag-team pressure, threats to deny the sale, etc. You can easily decline. Target and Costco are the same or better. Both stores also have return policies that are much more beneficial to consumers. Best Buy's tactic is to make returning something a lengthy and frustrating process. In early 2011 Best Buy also implemented a policy that ALL returns even those with a receipt require a state ID/Driver's license. Information from the customers' ID is then entered into the register, even if you have a receipt regardless of form of payment.

A lot of people have no idea about how Best Buy really operates because they have never tried to buy multiple expensive items without the warranty or accessories. Clarkson was one of those people that is why she was surprised enough to write about it. Sure Walmart and Target might limit you for an item that had just been released, but not something that has sat on the shelves for weeks. The Best Buy policy applies to everything in the store except for warranties and accessories.

If you want a fair deal, or to at least be treated like a human try Target, Costco, Amazon, or at worst Walmart. (But understand that Walmart's strategy is to provide minimal service, which in itself is not shady like Best Buy's tactics). Everything you were going to buy at Best Buy available at these other stores.*

* One of Best Buy's newer strategies to get the manufactures to produce Best Buy specific editions of laptops etc. This way the customer will be fooled into thinking he or she cannot get an equivalent product from Target, Costco, Amazon, or Walmart.

1280 days ago

Christina G.    

It seems we are almost unanimous about Best Buy's poor customer service. America finally agrees on something.

The first time I had a problem at Best Buy, the guy behind the counter was being so blatantly rude and dishonest, I knew right then and there that there is something wrong with their top management. It always starts at the top. Integrity trickles down. Or not. As does respect for other human beings. Or not...And so on.

1280 days ago


Why is she buying them Ipods She is so cheap she should be buying them Ipads No Im just kidding. But really Ipods why not Food,Cloths,Money stuff they need. Im not a fan of best buy but I really think she acted like a real Bit*h.

1280 days ago

Amber Nieto     


1280 days ago


@moveover, you have some serious issues regarding Ms. Clarkson. You are rude and disgusting. And obviously you have not seen her because she looks great. Stop being such an immature idiot. And for the others questioning Ipods, what is wrong with giving children music?? Isn't music important in your lives? It makes people happy and soothes the soul. Kelly is a musician and probably understands how important it can be to these children. It is her charity and if she want to give the gift of music LET HER!!! All you negative people are sick and have no heart. Shut up idiots!

1280 days ago


What is wrong with some of you people?? Making rude comments about someone who is trying to be kind and caring!!! When was the last time any of you thought about someone besides yourselves? And Kelly looks great and sounds fricken awesome!!!

1280 days ago
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