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Lindsay's Jeweler

Shops Book Deal!

3/16/2011 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The jewelry store that was allegedly victimized by Lindsay Lohan has been shopping a book deal ... TMZ has learned ... and it's becoming a nightmare for prosecutors.

The publicist for Kamofie & Co. contacted Sharlene Martin, a literary agent, early last week and said his client -- the owners of Kamofie -- wanted to do a book deal.  Martin told the agent the necklace incident "was a moment, not a book."

Martin, who specializes in crime-related books, told the publicist, "You shouldn't waste any literary agent's time.  Call the Enquirer if you want."

Kamofie has already sold the surveillance video, and the latest effort makes the victim look so mercenary, it could jeopardize the prosecutor's case.

UPDATE: A rep for Kamofie & Co. tells us, "We have no book deal pending."


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She is still going to jail no matter what the first name posters say(we know you are the same two people that are not smart enough to notice the pattern while typing your obnoxious dribble). Stop trying to deflect the attention onto the store, they might be opportunistic but they aren't thieves. Lindsay, please take this to trial so you get more time.

1296 days ago


Okay, if they are profiting off of this, they really need to drop those charges against her. It never made sense from the beginning why she should attempt that, and now it just seems like they set her up.

1296 days ago


Forget the book deal, go straight to DVD, and include her lesbo parties!

1296 days ago

St James III    

Who the hell wants to read (let alone buy) a book about a misunderstanding with a neckless a jewelry store had with some spoiled brat actress?

LOSING like a mofo!!!!!!!!!

1296 days ago

St James III    

Who the hell wants to read (let alone buy) a book about a misunderstanding with a neckless a jewelry store had with some spoiled brat actress?

LOSING like a mofo!!!!!!!!!

1296 days ago


I get the feeling that Lindsay was set up by the jeweler. First they sell the video, now they want a book?

1296 days ago


Meme at #57: "@jwoolman, I get what you say about being unfairly trashed but seeing as it's a "celebrity" doing it the best course of action is just to say "no comment" or "the facts will prove we are right" or "I'll talk to you after the trial"."

Actually, they've come close to doing just that. More precisely, they've said less. I read the statement they made after selling the video - they didn't say anything nasty about Lindsay at all, but just said they were being asked repeatedly by media for the video (which is pretty normal, most stores sell the surveillance video much earlier) and of course there has been such speculation about the contents (mostly spin from the Lohans). They did say that they did not give Lohan permission to take the necklace from the store, but that was all. Otherwise, they felt the video should just speak for itself and the courts will decide. The important thing is that they were not afraid for the public to see the entire video, so they do not feel they need to hide anything. My own impression was that either Lindsay and Patrick were doped up on speed (they were so frenetic) or they were quite deliberately trying to distract the clerk, who was being run ragged by the two. (Maybe both...) No wonder the clerk was smiling when they left and too tired to realize what Lindsay had done! I think Lindsay just blindsided her, the whole scenario was so unexpected.

The store has answered questions from media about their policy concerning loaning jewelry, but they are not going on national tv trashing Lindsay Lohan at all or making any bad comments about her in the press.

The store has actually been rather classy in this odd situation. I can't imagine any other merchant has ever had to deal with all this nonsense when all they did was call the police about a stolen necklace. Calling the police was a very appropriate move. The police watched the video and could advise them on the proper procedures. I'm sure they never expected Lindsay to take the necklace (they had even let her continue "shopping" after hours) and then dodge them when they tried to call her about it (part of her common pattern), so this was a brand new situation for them. They would have been better prepared for an armed robber bursting through the door ... The police apparently advised them to wait a few days to see what happened, but once the pictures surfaced with the turned-around necklace on Lindsay's neck - the police went for a search warrant since obviously Lindsay had the necklace and knew that it wasn't hers. That's when the police got the necklace back, since a tabloid site spilled the beans about the warrant. Lindsay sent someone to the police station with it, my guess is that she didn't want to answer any questions or risk being arrested on the spot. She had long before lost her opportunity for an "oops" explanation.

Curiously, the person returning the necklace said something about Lindsay "intending" to return the necklace the next day but being "too busy" (too busy to even pick up a phone or send e-mail, apparently...), which suggests she hadn't been telling that person about her "they loaned it to me" defense but tried for a belated "oops" defense. I wonder if Patrick in particular is worrying about getting charged as an accomplice and has been singing like a canary to the prosecution.

The store will be auctioning off the necklace for charity once everything is resolved and the necklace is returned to them. This again is certainly because they have been getting offers on the piece higher than what they had been asking for it. It's classy for them to decide to donate the proceeds to charity - they could have just sold it privately and taken the extra profit for themselves if they wanted. But from what we know about what the designer said about her wholesale price for the necklace and their retail price - they are on the low side of jewelry markup. That would explain why they didn't take Lindsay's offer of $3000 for a $360...0 ring - they may just be the type of people who set a fair price to begin with and stick with it, rather than setting it high and bargaining down. Again, when they were asked about the auction, they didn't say anything bad about Lindsay.

Even with this alleged "book deal" shopping - my guess is that the idea was suggested to them and they followed up. (And yes, it's normal for a store like that to have a publicist.) No indication that they are going to do anything until after the matter is fully resolved and they certainly haven't been running to the media or tabloids throughout this ordeal. But certainly it makes sense for them to find ways to tell their side of the story, after all the awful things Lindsay and her family/friends have said about them. I don't know why the Lohans don't get that simple dynamic, that if you want people to keep quiet about such situations - you have to keep quiet yourselves and not provoke them into talking.

All this nonsense about their actions hurting the prosecution's case not only is illogical and flies against all experience - it really does sound like Lohan spinning since they've been trying this case in the media from the get-go. TMZ has become a Lohan mouthpiece for some reason, spinning merrily away to match whatever the Lohans are currently claiming. Surprised Harvey doesn't fall off his chair from dizziness on the TMZ tv show.

1296 days ago


I went into their store this past weekend. It looks like a fly by night operation where they set up a few glass cases in a building that looks like a small warehouse. On top of that the jewelry looks like crap. It is designed for hippie or bohemian types, but try to get fine jewelry prices for it.

1296 days ago


This jeweler is not trying to sell a book. This is 100% spin from Lohan & Company to try and taint the juror pool. TMZ knows this and still plays along.

1296 days ago


I would guess the Jeweler is trying to provide the "way out" for one of their customers. The prosecuter is so hell bent that even if the store would withdraw their complaint they were going to continue the prosecution.
Enough already. Move one, let her go, Let the store set up a photo op showing "no hard feelings".

1296 days ago


Oh well, too bad they couldn't sell the story. You KNOW the Lohans would if they could. And I myself would LOVE to hear above the many, many manic calls by Dina screaming at the shop owners, demanding that Lindsay was "Linnocent!" and blaming them for tempting her into stealing.

1296 days ago


This is just the Lying Lohans trying to make the store look bad once again

Do Not believe a single word of it

1296 days ago


TMZ has become a Lohan mouthpiece for some reason, spinning merrily away to match whatever the Lohans are currently claiming. Surprised Harvey doesn't fall off his chair from dizziness on the TMZ tv show.

Posted at 5:12 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by jwoolman


Yes. I'm not sure why TMZ keeps pushing the crap that the Lohans push off as "truth." I could understand getting both sides of a story but with the Lohans, it seems futile. They just lie and spin, lie and spin. It's sickening how they keep trying to taint a potential jury pool. It's one thing for us posters to put out our opinions, as we aren't in a position to influence the jury, but what Dina's doing is disgusting. And should be illegal, if it isn't.

1296 days ago


For those people who say this is a set-up - please describe exactly what happened in the store the day that Lohan left with the necklace.

1296 days ago

john smith    

Boycott Kamofie and drop the charges against LindsaY!

1296 days ago
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