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Katie & Suri -- Is That a Gummy Bear in Your Pocket ...

3/16/2011 1:48 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Katie Holmes' adorable 4-year-old birth daughter Suri Cruise grabbed some fruity flavored provocative X-rated gummie treats in NYC on Tuesday.

They grow up so fast these days.



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Chi-city momma    

I am really hoping that Suri picked those up and was asking Katie about them, not that she actually handed those to her child. Kids pickup the weirdest stuff & it does look like she is trying not to laugh in the bottom photo. Can't say the same for the dude on her left...

1318 days ago


HILARIOUS!!! --- The problem is that Suri is very spoiled and IF Katy tried to replace the candy she would have a horrible temper trantrum.

1318 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

That is REALLY a stupid thing to do on Katie's part. But, then again, Katie's parenting is REALLY stupid. Suri will have the real thing in her mouth by age 12. Disgusting.

1318 days ago


She's probably trying to wean her from that pacifier.

"Here, suck on this instead"

1318 days ago


are those candies for real? I thought it was someone added them to the pic for fun

1318 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

they should call child protective services on her if this is true. This isn't normal!!!!

1318 days ago


ummmmmmmmm if evan emory is going to jail for taking two different videos and making them seem to be one and was deemed inappropriate.. (google this story if you havent heard it yet!) can someone please tell me how this is appropriate?

1318 days ago


this gave me flashbacks to the hannah montana "guitar" gummies.

1318 days ago


Just like her Mama she needs sumtin to suck on.

1318 days ago


That child is so spoiled rotten, she will be just like the rest of the losers, Miley, Lindsay, Charlie and more before she is 10 years old. She is allowed to at age 4: still suck on a baby bottle, still suck on a pacificer, now sucks on a penis, goes into stores and trashes the shoe and make up sections. This child should be removed from the home and will need to be taught how the real world lives. I'm calling child protection services NOW!

1318 days ago


At first look, I couldn't believe it. What IDIOTIC, STUPID, IGNORANT, A--HOLE of a mom, if you can call her that would let her child have penis shaped candy? WTF? Is this some kind of scientologist thing, exposing your 4 y.o. to penis in the mouth at an early age? Katie and Tom should have this spoiled brat removed from their care immediately. if I were to give my child such a thing, I'd be in jail in a heartbeat accused of being a pedophile. Make this IGNORANT mother take parenting classes on what you can and cannot give to your child. UNBELIEVABLE!!! She's now on the same level as Charlie Sheen!

1318 days ago


I hope this photo finally freaks child services out and they take the high heels away from this kid as well as her parents.

1318 days ago

mallory mirenda    

wow too funny good job TMZ :) this is why i love you guys

1318 days ago


Whoa! WTF?!?!

1318 days ago

puck momma    

Well she still sucks on a pasifier,
She sucks on a bottle
Maybe Tom and Katie are teaching her to suck on something else...

To me Frankly this is the only way they can get on TMZ. Because the real thing that sucks is his acting....and her parenting....

1318 days ago
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