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Katie & Suri -- Is That a Gummy Bear in Your Pocket ...

3/16/2011 1:48 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Katie Holmes' adorable 4-year-old birth daughter Suri Cruise grabbed some fruity flavored provocative X-rated gummie treats in NYC on Tuesday.

They grow up so fast these days.



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this bothered me so much, i cant get over it..far worse than charlie tricking your kid into asking and chewing on a replica of a penis..did they give her a box of vaGinas to lick too..totally wrong..she(katie is a low life).i sure would like to put my knuckles right at the bridge of her nose..smack some sense into her..

1286 days ago


that is pretty sick actually, they don't sell that kind of stuff in corner stores for a reason, it is an x-rated novelty for ADULTS not KIDS..seems perverse (and I'm betting not very healthy Made In China garbage with lord knows what in it at that-who really eats those novelty things anyway?) what else do they do we don't see if they do this in public? investigation...

1286 days ago


In case anyone who cared to notice.. she doesn't have the candy IN her mouth. It looks like the box is unopened, which probably means someone else handed it to her, or she picked it up. And it is kinda funny that she is so engaged by the box. I'm sure she doesn't know what it is, just thinks it's candy. No need to freak out or assume she's a bad parent.

1286 days ago


I totally agree that Suri is probably so spoiled, Katie can't tell her no or she'll flip out. I'd like to know how Suri even got near something like that. Were they in Spencer's?! When my kids ask for candy, I just say no and we move along. This is just weird parenting.

1286 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

Penis gummies? Hopefully they didn't read the box and it was an accident. That kid is treated like a giant prop for Scientology. High heels, make-up, expensive clothes, penis gummies. What's next. Sad little kid.

1286 days ago



1286 days ago

Davey Boy    

It's PENIA, obviously. Suri has her finger covering the A which makes it appear to be an S.

1286 days ago


I guess Katie believes that practice makes prefect ... only 14 years to go, course they really should be supplying ***** Gummies as well, just in case

1286 days ago


Why Katie Why?
I am a mother of two kids around Suri's age and would never ever dream of giving that to them. Where has the parenting gone these days, this woman had a kid way too soon if she thinks that is ok.

1286 days ago


Please report ACCURATELY:

"A spokesperson for the restaurant told MailOnline: 'The Penis Gummies sweets were purchased by the group from the gift shop at the front of the restaurant.' It is not clear if they were a gift or a takeaway treat for little Suri."

It is classless for a public figure to openly purchase them. That's what personal assistants are for and how these situations are avoided. Sigh.

1286 days ago


Holy cow. In what way is that appropriate for a 4 year old?

1286 days ago


oh look katie's making her stroke victim face again... and her daughters choking down ****s... nice.

1286 days ago


Is this a passive aggressive way to make Tom's head explode? I bet that marriage is a whole lotta fun from the inside.

1286 days ago


I feel so bad for this little girl. When the first person tells her NO she will be in a world of fecal matter. What a shame, and the blame lies DIRECTLY on her freaky parents. I hope they do not produce then contaminate any more children. Tom jumped on the couch becuase he had found a naive subject to draw into his world, not a wife. It may have an interesting name, Scientology, but a cult is a cult despite the name. Katie, IF you have ANY sense left, take your daughter and get out of that brain-washing, brain-bashing world you are in. I imagine your Mama would be happy about that. Seems like ol' Tom-boi has you all duped. Pity.

1286 days ago


#47 - Look at the smaller words in white below the larger ones. It clearly says "Penis"

1286 days ago
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