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Katie & Suri -- Is That a Gummy Bear in Your Pocket ...

3/16/2011 1:48 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Katie Holmes' adorable 4-year-old birth daughter Suri Cruise grabbed some fruity flavored provocative X-rated gummie treats in NYC on Tuesday.

They grow up so fast these days.



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Davey Boy - Look at the box, lower down it says "fruity flavored pen1s gummies" and shows a pic of the candy, which is shaped like a pen1s. Yet another display of questionable parenting by Katie. High heels and make-up on a 3 year old, yet that same 3 year old still uses a baby bottle and a pacifier. Bizarre.

1315 days ago


Is this for real ? Really ??? If this is true, then it must be because Suri choose these candies, it was HER choice and mom let HER have them, cause you know...scientology says your kid can make their own choices in life...This includes still sucking on a pacifier at age 5 and choosing your own clothes. Really...

1315 days ago


Davey Boy...can you not read the description UNDER the title? Or see what shape the candy is in? It clearly says "fruity flavored p3nis gummy candy."

1315 days ago


I'm surprised they haven't bought that kid a person just because she wanted one.After all,she is the future of scientology and pretty much gets whatever she,sorry,LRH forbid she be denied anything.Even if it's not good for her.Then again maybe they're using this candy to replace the binky.After all,she is 5 yrs old.Girl's gotta move on to bigger and better things.

1315 days ago


I don't comment on here too often but, as a Father of 3 (2&7 y/o boys and a 5 y/o daughter), I must say that is seriously messed up.

1315 days ago


Wait til Tom sees that picture of Katie looking at another man. I guarantee she will be back to wearing the 50s garb.

1315 days ago


#47 - To add on to #57's comment, there are pictures right on the front of the package. lol

1315 days ago


these indeed are penis gummies google the name and you will see..
warning view only if you're 18+

1315 days ago


Pen1s or pacifier? girls gotta suck something...and when your parents are crazy and rich you can have both.....damn shame....if this picture was taken at a local walmart, the CPS would be all over this.....

1315 days ago


So Suri's mother is still giving her a pacifier at 4 as well as feeding her penis shaped candy. Exactly what is Katie training her daughter to be?

1315 days ago


Shes 4 years old and doesnt know the difference, when I seen this I didnt think bad of Katie, shes just giving her child what she probably picked out in the store and trying to play it off so Suri doesnt know its something bad. This is just funny, it wouldnt be offensive unless Suri knew what it was.

1315 days ago


Really people? Saying Suri needs to be taken away & that Katie should be prosecuted? Grow up, It's candy. She's 4 even if she doesn't know what a penis is by now she's bound to learn sooner or later. Yes, it probably is embarrassing to Katie but so what? Is this really what news is now? I miss the 90's when news what the weather was going to be like, highways are closed do to storms/accidents, the worst name you could call someone was a poophead & people knew how spell & actually be civil towards each other. Please for the sake of humanity, go outside!

1315 days ago


That's gross. Why would you let your young daughter hold some mess like that? Talk about bad parenting. And it's not funny. It's disgusting.

1315 days ago


For a four year old to even be in an establishment where those things are sold is criminal. If a normal person was photographed doing this, child services would be at their house within hours, or should be!

1315 days ago


tHE Kardashian sisters preferred the
chocolate gummy bears growing up

1315 days ago
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