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Katie & Suri -- Is That a Gummy Bear in Your Pocket ...

3/16/2011 1:48 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Katie Holmes' adorable 4-year-old birth daughter Suri Cruise grabbed some fruity flavored provocative X-rated gummie treats in NYC on Tuesday.

They grow up so fast these days.



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You people are all crazy. It frightens the hell out of me to think there are more and more of you every day.
Lets send her to jail and take away her kids because her baby picked up a pack of candy shaped like ****s!

If this was any other famous mom people would be laughing and sharing stories of similar things they or their children did.

I don't like her or her loony husband either but lets just calm down witht he "child protective services" bu//**** please.
I would imagine most of the freaks frequenting these message boards are more deserving of hacving their children taken from them anyway.

1319 days ago


You know what frightens me, Mark? What frightens me is that there is a nuclear meltdown in progress in Japan and in about ten days everything west of the Mississippi is going to be saturated by a toxic level of radiation. TMZ is comic relief in a time of extreme trouble.

1319 days ago


I'm going to give Katie the benefit of the doubt here. Kids pickup things without us noticing. I was in Walgreens at the check out line and my 4yr old pulled a box of condoms off the rack. I didn't even notice, I was talking to the woman in front of me and when the man behind me started laughing is when I notices. I was horribly embarrassed and my daughter suddenly wanted to know what was in the box and why couldn't she have it.

Katie may be a lot of things and I don't get her life style most days but all you have to do is look at pictures of her looking at her child to know she adores her. I don't believe for a second she purposely gave her child perverted candy.

1319 days ago


We've all heard how the Scientologists believe that children are little adults. This is wrong on so many levels. If that kid ever (doubtful) attends a normal school, she will get her ass kicked on a daily basis. Dressing her up like a prosti-tot is NOT helping either. Where the hell are their heads at. Oh...I agree with the poster who said if Suri is told no, she'd probably have a meltdown...sad.

1319 days ago


Mom looks terrible - talk about dark circles under your eyes - but the real question is what was a 4 year old doing out all day long with mom at her clothing line promotion then out til after midnight having dinner? Don't these people have nannies? I feel so sorry for celeb's kids. Not even close to a normal life. No wonder they all turn out weird.

1319 days ago


It's funny! Come on, people. I don't really agree with her method of parenting either, but she looks like she's laughing about it. I mean, it's weird, but maybe it was just a mistake...?

1319 days ago


You know what scares me even more, than a 4 year old looking at that box of CANDY that she has know idea about....are people on here are making comments about a 4 YEAR OLD:

WOW! She's gonna know how to blow a mean **** between her father, that pacifier and know these little phallic delights!

That to me is WAY SICKER!!!!!!!!

1319 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

So sad. That little girl is never going to have a chance at anything that resembles a normal life.

1319 days ago


....And really?? People suggesting to have her taken away?? Look in the mirror, as I'm sure you haven't been the "perfect" parent. A little too much, don't you think??

1319 days ago


You liberal AND conservative moralizing *******s need to get a life. I can't stand Tom or Scientology but the crap you people are spewing is just ridiculous whiny crap, even more so then one of Tom Cruise's hissy fits.

If anyone is out of place here it's the paparazzi for taking advantage of Suri like this for their own financial gain and running with it and publishing the photo for you goof balls to heatedly gossip about.

It's obvious it was an unexpected situation, that Katie is trying to not bust out laughing so she won't have to answer yet more embarrassing questions from Suri who looks clueless.

And where does it say they went ahead and bought it for her or she ate any of the candy? Where did you get that from?

As for letting a little girl dress up wear heels once in a while, well in a lot of places it's not uncommon. I mean really, why do you think they make heels that fit little girls in the first place? lol They're not a novelty item.

Are you equally offended when you see a little boy her age sharply dressed like a little man in his suit or tux? Do you? Why does a little girl doing the same bother you then? What dirty thoughts are running through your mind that one is OK for a boy and wrong for a girl? Geez...

Small heels are manufactured to be worn as shoes not as novelty items. If THAT bothers you then write your f'n congressmen demanding kid size heels be banned because your dirty mind equates them with sex and nothing else. Wait, what's that you say? you would feel foolish writing a Congressman demanding heels be banned for kids, or illegal to wear under a certain age? Well damned i would hope you would feel foolish writing a letter like that...

1319 days ago


She's 4-yrs-old, carries a blanket has a pacifier. When do her parents say "no"? She is also not the best dressed child in Hollywood. Who determined that? Her clothes hang on her or don't match and her hair is always unkempt. Halle Berry and Jessica Alba have well-dressed kids, not Katie Holmes. I didn't have much money for clothes for my daughter and she was better dressed than Suri in her "designer" clothes.

1319 days ago


She sucks a pacifier, a bottle, and now this. This child is so screwed up it's sad.

CPS should really look into her care.

Neither Katie or Scientologist Tom, are suitable parents.

1319 days ago


OMG!! What the hell is wrong with Katie!!!

1319 days ago


Katie indoctrinating Suri into the religion world.....Scientology style...

1319 days ago


Some of these comments are just ridiculous. It's just candy. Also, wtf @ people saying "THERE's more important things going on in the world than these celebs" YOU'RE ON THE WRONG SITE THAN. This is a site for entertainment, Celebs, everything about celebs etc. People get a life, stop attacking tmz. No entertainment reporters are stopping their job. Want to know why? BECAUSE IT'S THEIR JOB TO TALK ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT. Wake up. You want news about Japan, Libya etc. GO TO A NEWS SITE. You people are so ****ing annoying with your hater comments about this site,

1319 days ago
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