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Katie & Suri -- Is That a Gummy Bear in Your Pocket ...

3/16/2011 1:48 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Katie Holmes' adorable 4-year-old birth daughter Suri Cruise grabbed some fruity flavored provocative X-rated gummie treats in NYC on Tuesday.

They grow up so fast these days.



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Are we really arguing at the appropriateness of giving a child candy that is shaped like male genitalia? Have we gone so far down in the sewer that this is being defended? This is beyond a slight mistake by a parent. I mean the pedophiles love this picture. Turns them on. great job Katie. Child is out at midnight looking at a box of candy penis. Oh mother of the freaking year. Scientology is so tied into this. Never say no to a child. All I can say is thank god Scientology is not mainstream.Sometimes things are just wrong. No matter what you believe in. Makes me wonder what these two will allow Suri to do? Really scary.
And if any of you people who thinks this is no big deal have children. Well sad is not the word for it.

1320 days ago


Puckett...shut up. Heels are one thing...add the lipstick, eye make up etc. that is constantly on this CHILD. She's WAY too young to be wearing crap like that.

1320 days ago


Holy crap, now THAT'S funny.
These can be found in so many stores/bodegas in NYC that your head would spin. Naturally Suri picked them up; nice colorful packaging, the word "gummies" on the package. Honest mistake, but it always sucks when you have someone snapping pics of you constantly...

1320 days ago


I know I shouldn't, but....Ba-hahaha!!!

1320 days ago


This is definitely photoshopped. No way in the world Katie would do this. I can't stand the woman/robot myself, but I highly doubt she would allow this.

1320 days ago


WTH? What ridiculous **** is this? Is this April Fool's Day come early from TMZ?

1320 days ago


I'll give the woman the benefit of the doubt and say Suri picked it up without her knowing and then when someone pointed it out, well, geeze, it was funny!

Scientology, Mormonism, and other cults have sex fetishes. Every single devout one of them I've known is extremely obsessed with s-e-x!

1320 days ago


A lot of y'all are missing the even bigger point. WHERE are they that penis-shaped gummy bears are just lying around???? I know I can't find those in my local grocery store. They obviously can't be in a kid-appropriate spot to begin with. There's nothing funny about that at all. WTF is wrong with them?!?!?!?

1320 days ago


Noooo wayyyy! I cannot believe she's letting her eat those.did someone give them to her or did Katie give them to her. Either way, I would have said no. she'll learn about those soon enough.

1320 days ago


Just the other day there were at least a couple of articles on the fact that this little kid at 5 years of age is still using a pacifier, but...I wonder what the shape of her Binky is?!!?!! (sorry).

1320 days ago

Hey Now    

a. Who buys junk-shaped gummies?

b. Who gives a. to their little girl?

1320 days ago


"Look honey, the same size as Daddy's!"

1320 days ago


Really people? Saying Suri needs to be taken away & that Katie should be prosecuted? Grow up, It's candy. She's 4 even if she doesn't know what a penis is by now she's bound to learn sooner or later. Yes, it probably is embarrassing to Katie but so what? Is this really what news is now? I miss the 90's when news what the weather was going to be like, highways are closed do to storms/accidents, the worst name you could call someone was a poophead & people knew how spell & actually be civil towards each other. Please for the sake of humanity, go outside!

Posted at 11:30 AM on Mar 16, 2011 by Get.Over.It.


I'm sure you get outside ALL the time...

And really, THE worst name you could call someone in the 90's was a poophead? Somehow I really doubt that.

1320 days ago


#140 Or it belongs to daddy.

1320 days ago


Really? Seriously. Really???!!!

1320 days ago
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