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Nate Dogg -- Family Suspects Cause of Death

3/16/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nate Dogg's family believes the singer's death was caused by complications stemming from the two strokes he suffered over the past couple of years ... this according to the singer's close friend and manager Rod McGrew.

Nate Dogg Death

McGrew tells TMZ ... Nate's death was unexpected ... since he was making significant progress in his recovery from the most recent stroke he suffered in 2008.

According to McGrew ... Nate was "95% recovered from the first stroke in 2007" ... when the second stroke occurred in 2008 ... leaving Nate partially paralyzed and causing partial memory loss.

But McGrew says Nate had "cognitively fully recovered" -- meaning he got his memory back and was fully alert and aware all the way up to his final days.

McGrew just released a statement on behalf of himself and Nate's family ... saying, "We appreciate the enormous outpouring of response from all over the world. We greatly appreciate that and thank everyone for their prayers and support."

The statement continues, "We know that Nate will be hanging out with his good friends 2Pac and Biggie."

Nate's official cause of death has not been released.


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I'll admit I'm a bit racist, but I'm sure as hell not ignorant about it. @ Tea Party Mom, what you said was just uncalled for. You knew perfectly well what you were saying, otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on this article and had the guts to say that. You were just trying to start something, and congrats, you did. It's ignorant people like you that make me hate the fact that I'm living in this age. Just because you may not like certain 'colored' people does not mean you can disrespect someone you have never met before, AND someone who just passed away! That is beyond disrespectful. Keep your ignorance and stupidity to yourselves. Thanks. RIP Nate

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Rochelle Glenn-White    

My sympathy goes out to Nates' family and loved ones. He had a gift of music that touched many lives. My hope/prayer is that he and all those that love him are Saved/In Christ and that will ensure they will see/meet again when these earthly bodies give out. May you rest in peace, Nate !!!!! Blessed are those that mourn for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:4

1280 days ago


@another Friday

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so lets leave the disrespect out of this forum please!

Nate, R.I.P. you will be truly missed. Your music will always be a part of my life

to all the regulators.....MOUNT UP

1280 days ago

annabelle k    

RIP Nate D! Thanks for your wonderful contribution the the music world..

1280 days ago


I guess no matter how much we evolve as human beings there will always be ignorant, racist, disrespectful *******s trying to make themselves feel superior. Get a life idiots!

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Lorri G.     

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RIP Nate will be missed.

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