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Nate Dogg -- Family Suspects Cause of Death

3/16/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nate Dogg's family believes the singer's death was caused by complications stemming from the two strokes he suffered over the past couple of years ... this according to the singer's close friend and manager Rod McGrew.

Nate Dogg Death

McGrew tells TMZ ... Nate's death was unexpected ... since he was making significant progress in his recovery from the most recent stroke he suffered in 2008.

According to McGrew ... Nate was "95% recovered from the first stroke in 2007" ... when the second stroke occurred in 2008 ... leaving Nate partially paralyzed and causing partial memory loss.

But McGrew says Nate had "cognitively fully recovered" -- meaning he got his memory back and was fully alert and aware all the way up to his final days.

McGrew just released a statement on behalf of himself and Nate's family ... saying, "We appreciate the enormous outpouring of response from all over the world. We greatly appreciate that and thank everyone for their prayers and support."

The statement continues, "We know that Nate will be hanging out with his good friends 2Pac and Biggie."

Nate's official cause of death has not been released.


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#62 you really went hard, but looking at the history of white people so so true.

1316 days ago


@N.O. Lady....I know what might change your perception of blacks, specifically men...may I suggest plugging it with a chocolate member...that way you will be too preoccupied to spread racism while actively lowering your guard through oral intercourse... and I've got one I'm volunteering just for you....see...problem solved with no violence..only love :-) and we both win!!

1316 days ago


@N.O. Lady...Oh and that is a proposition I will gladly offer you in person...I don't need to be behind a computer screen to express my feelings toward you *wink wink

1316 days ago

Mikey's boyfriend    

@Poor white trash N.O. Lady

Can you move your trailer?

Does it have wheels?

1316 days ago


I had two strokes when I was 44 and I've never done any drugs or even
smoked! I was lying on my couch watching CNN when the second one
happened. Does that mean CNN causes strokes! Although they can
be caused by stress,high blood pressure,diabities,smoking...sometimes
they just happen! Pray it doesn't happen to you!

1316 days ago


I was so upset to hear that Nate Dogg passed. It's such a shame because he had such a smooth and engaging voice. R.I.P. Nathaniel Hale. Tonight I'm gonna smoke a fat ass joint in his honor! For all the people harping on race, I hope none of my children will be exposed to your hate. Black, white, brown, purple, or green it shouldn't matter. All this hate really makes me grateful I'm mixed. I don't have to choose or praise the fact I'm one race because honestly it's highly overrated. Proud to be an American!

1316 days ago

Loving me    

To all racist individuals here, have some respect I'm very sure someone in your family is screwing a black male or black woman anyway.. Lastly this man crested history in Rap Culture, whether he died of a stoke or assumed gang violence he was a very good man.... RIP Nate Dogg!

1316 days ago


@ #30 You seem to have a lot of knowledge on the relation of cocaine use and stroke. That's great; but I will tell you as a 27 yr old that has never done any recreational drug, I had blood pressure so elevated I was admitted to the hospital because the ER physician feared I was having a stroke. I have suffered from hypertension sense age 21. My doctors have had a hard time finding the right combination of meds to help control my BP. My levels were well into stroke range but I recieved IV meds that helped control my pressure before it was too late. So please do not assume this is drug related, as there are many other conditions that could result in stroke. For all of those making racists remarks, someone is dead. You may not know him or cared anything about him but he was human just like you. Have some respect for yourself and others and refrain from making those type of remarks.

1316 days ago


@jagtoo EXACTLY! I don't know what kind of RN would make such generalizations but she needs to take a refresher course., and KUDOS to you too Bri, I hope she never treats a stroke patient.

1316 days ago


Too many racists in the United States of America. The Tea Party Lady, lets hope you get cancer and die, I can't stand the ignorance.

RIP Nate Dog

1316 days ago


@Mighty Mad... Just wanted to say please don't think that all white people are like the one's who were very disrespectful to you. I may be only half white but just know if I ever met you I'd treat you with the upmost respect that I would give any other human being. Some people are very sad inside and we as people with compassion and understanding really need to learn to ignore them and their comments. I know it's hard but believe me you'll come out of it feeling better. Best of luck to you and your family. People stop the hate it's not worth it.

1316 days ago


This is the saddest desecration (defecation) that I've seen in a minute. This man is dead! I challenge any of the racist who feel the need to spew ignorance about black people to take (bring) your views to a circle of educated folks. This is not the forum.

1316 days ago

suga bear singer    

I had the chance to hang out with nate dogg a real solid dude.its sad that we have to bring up race in this day in age lets give brotha nate dogg and his famliy alttle of respect. RIP NATE DOGG!!

1316 days ago


I'm so sorry for your family & Friends!!! I grew up on your music and will always slap your records while I'm cleaning my house! Love ya Nate! you will always be in our hearts~! RIP

1316 days ago


racist white people always show up when something bad happens to a black man. You guys make me sick.

P.S. Obama/Biden 2012

1316 days ago
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