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Snoop Dogg on Nate Dogg

'I Am So Sad'

3/16/2011 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snoop Dogg has already posted an online tribute to his longtime pal Nate Dogg -- saying, "all doggs go to heaven."

Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg

Snoop went to Twitter hours after Nate was pronounced dead last night ... and dropped the following messages:

"We lost a true legend n hip hop n rnb. One of my best friends n a brother to me since 1986 when I was a sophomore at poly high where we met."

"I miss u cuzz I am so sad but so happy I got to grow up wit u and I will c u again n heaven cuz u know d slogan."

Snoop added, "I love u buddy luv. U will always b wit me 4ever n a day u put the g n g funk u put the 1 n 213 n u put yo stamp on evrybdy u ever didit wit."



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R.I.P Nate Dogg

1323 days ago


All you people can do is talk about how somebody say the wrong things it,s not about that a young man has lost his life all of you need the lord in your life you guys need to grow up... r.i.p big nate may the lord bless your family

1323 days ago


Funny, all these people speaking about gramma but can't spell too well also. I'm sorry if you can't use common since to figure out the slang that he is using. Americans also don't use the Queens English. A lot of the words we use don't even mean the same as the words that Brittish people use. This ghetto talk that you speak of is just slang and has nothing to do with intelligence. Are all these negative comments are form bitter old people or ingorant people that can't show compassion for a man who has lost a freind.

1323 days ago


# 16 what the hell's wrong with u just use a little immagination what snoop have write is clear i know u can't rap but at least immaginet

1323 days ago

Dat chic    

Ok. Maybe that is the way they (Nate and Snoop) communicated with eachother. The post is about Nate Dogg passing on not Snoop's Grammer...And really talk like an adult I'm pretty sure alot of us don't alwayz speak proper english, so with that being said check u before u check someone else. Continue to tweet snoop. The last time I check everyone was tweeting and there is no age limit. Probably 1/2 of the people commenting on this post is about 40 with nothing better to do....

1323 days ago

greg tate    

All Doggs go to heaven RIP Nate Thanks for your soulful sounds...... RIP....

1322 days ago


RIP to anyone, famous or not, who loses their life, especially at such a young age. Ignorance prevails during times of joy and sorrow, clearly. I doubt Nate's family gives a damn how eloquent Snoop's Twitter (wtf?!) was during this time. At least some of us are able to focus on the issue at hand, thankfully. Some people, like myself, could care less about Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan or Tiger Woods' whores etc. and not know who half of these other random, Hollywood trainwrecks even are. But it's a GOSSIP SITE, so they talk about everyone from all walks of Hollyweird.

I guess I must have been busy being raised properly when it was made FACT that making veiled racist comments in "proper" English IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF A STORY ABOUT A DEATH shows true intelligence. If a bunch of hillbillies and rednecks were making comments about how country singer Ferlin Husky died today, I'm sure the English wouldn't be anything to write to Webster's about either. And it would be just as ugly to make fun of it.

Grow up. Sitting behind a computer on a GOSSIP WEBSITE pretty much disqualifies any of us from talking *hit about anyone anyway. This is lame (I include myself).

And to the genius about the war veteran's death- Nate Dogg was a former Marine. Aside from all "Ebonics" (not "Eubonics", which is what the other genius called it), he DID serve his country and gave a lot back to the youth of his community. Did you?

But everyone is right...Snoop's "Twitter Grammar" is the focus.

Good grief I'm glad I'm not a closed minded, bigot, who is only brave behind their computer screen and trolls around looking for conflict.

God bless Nate, his family and his friends. I'm a musician and a music fan (hip hop, rock, salsa, classical, blues, you name it). Contributions from all artists are appreciated. And whether you like rap or not, those who are intelligent and know our history as Americans, are aware of the fact that ROCK, COUNTRY, BLUES, JAZZ et al, was created by Nate Dogg's ancestors in our country. Not Charlie Sheen's or Linday Lohan's.

Lose the ignorance people. Peace...

1322 days ago


@ #100: Exactly. Everyone abbreviates and speaks "Twitter Slang" and I guess only the enlightened few on this board knew that Twitter has an age limit. Um...last I checked SEVERAL people over 40 are on Twitter. And we should be a lot more concerned about the politicians on Twitter are saying and about their English. We all know it isn't perfect. Not naming names because that's not what it is about.
Snoop's an entertainer. Teach your own kids how to speak proper English. That's wht my parents did. They weren't lazy and ignorant and didn't expect celebrities to show me how to talk/communicate/act.

PS- Snoop is 38. Fact checking must not be part of speaking the "Queen's English" either (along with compassion, intelligence or tolerance).

1322 days ago


Its a big lost for the west coast family. Nate was a living legend to the west coast family.There will never be a man that can match this man sound. Nate was one of a kind he gave his all 100 every time. Nate I will miss you but, your in good hands now. tell tupac and biggie will see them when we get there. RIp Nate your music will never die.

1321 days ago

Barry Meldrum    

Sad... The inevitable end of human life is death. Heads up & Care for the living and the memories of good times past. FEATURE "BONES" Had a good time (Transport Captain) on the second unit working with you SNOOP DOGG. Peace & Love

1313 days ago


This message is to Mike and Samantha. You both are two unsympathetic people. For heaven's sake the guy was loved by plenty and this is the time for his family and friends to mourn his death. Nate was a highly educated individual that mastered in R&B music that featured on numerous amount of artist's albums and he will truly be missed. SO DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW A LEGEND IN THE GAME CAUSE IF YOU DON'T KNOW SHUT THE F*** UP BEEEOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1313 days ago


Much love to you Snoop, you're really a good dude. That's was really heart felt that you're starting a memorial trust fund for Nate Dogg's children. Snoop, I just love what you're doing for the kids (giving them something to do and looking towards their future). Man, you're a good dude. I hope a lot of people, especially men catch on.

1311 days ago


Okay all of you that are trying to correct everyone's sentence grammar and spelling are stupid because you all constantly use contractions and **** like that, who gives a **** anyway.

1266 days ago
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