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Vanessa Hudgens

'Angry' Over Nude Pics

3/16/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vanessa Hudgens is angry over the latest release of nude photos on the Internet, and now cops are involved ... TMZ has learned.

Hudgen's lawyer, Christopher Wong, tells TMZ, "Vanessa is deeply upset and angered that these old photos, which were taken years ago, continue to resurface.  It is particularly disturbing that whoever got a hold of these private photos seems to be intent on illegally leaking them out over a long period of time."

Wong goes on: "We are actively working with law enforcement to determine who is responsible and to hold them accountable for their actions."


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I support you Vanessa i hope those who did this go to jail
since she was underage at that time

1227 days ago


It's NOT illegal to publish someone's nude pics if they knew the pics were being taken... and Hudgens definitely knew these pics were being taken of her (she's looking straight into the camera). The pics are the intellectual property of the photographer, period. There is no reason for police to be involved in this, it is a waste of their meager resources to expect them to find the person who posted them, and probably a fruitless search as well. If you let people take nude pics of you, then don't complain when they get posted on the web. Buck up and deal with it.

1227 days ago



She was with Zac 5 years so not likely an old boyfriend and its thought to be a woman. There were 4 friends but only one's career went nowhere if it turns out to be her or Zac efron's malicious insane management team who spend more time on who is in his bed than on his career no one will be surprised.

1227 days ago


This slut knew full well what she was doing when she had a friend take full frontal nudes of her on her own cell phone. Yeah right, like she doesn't know how they got out there? She didn't want a Disney image anymore so this was all planned for publicity, this latest of the nudes is also. She needs to realize she's never going to make it as a talented actor as she has no talent, girls like her come a dime a dozen, even the ones that are pretty. Taking full frontals of herself and placing them online isn't going to help either because she looks tons better with her clothes ON. What a loser untalented trash this chick is.

1227 days ago


I would not be surprised if the original release of these pics on the 'net, came from her camp. Nobody stole them.

She was probably behind it.

1227 days ago


she is talented ... but turned Zac gayer !

1227 days ago

Captain Balls    

What's wrong with this dumb b****. Just quit taking nude pics of yourself or at least stop digitally saving them, dumbass.
The new ones leave little to the imagination. Thanks for the pics of your birth canal, Vanessa.

1227 days ago


some people have put way too much thought into this...shes young, has a career and is worried about naked pics, how would all of you feel if you did this, im sure you are all not perfect and wish away some of the dumb things you did when you were young. However, its here and sounds like she is dealing with it.

1227 days ago

Melissa Velasco    

Hee hee he You Guys are 2 funny!!!!!!!!!!

1227 days ago


Leave Vanessa alone, she has the body of goddess. All you haters out there are just jealous of her because she is so successful and you are not. What pathetic lives you live that all you do is hang out on and trash talk celebs.

1227 days ago


@Brian: "Leave Vanessa alone, she has the body of goddess."

Posted at 10:27 PM on Mar 15, 2011 by Brian

Body of a goddess? Is that you Charlie?

1227 days ago

Tyrone smith    

According to my view this scene should be investigate by the investigation.Obviously every woman has been face the problem after the Actress Nude pics.Specially This actress feel depression after the controversy of MMS case.

1227 days ago



If your going to try to sound intelligent then know something. the court ruled last time that the photos are completely the property of Vanessa Hudgens since she also took the pics with a standing camera in her own home there was no photographer and granted her copyright over all of the photos. Further it is illegal to post pics of anyone under the age of 18 which she was at the time, the court ruled that the posting of said pics constituted child pornography under US law.

So the person or persons who did the leaking faces theft and copyright infringement which carry heavy fines and trafficking child porn which carries a mandatory prison sentence.

1227 days ago

Mike C    

Just simple publicity stunt again. I say just quit worrying about the pics, accept responsibility, don't draw attention to them. Or publish all them in a book and make some money!!

1227 days ago


Don't do the crime if you can't do the time...

1227 days ago
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