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Close in on Celeb

Hacker Ring

3/17/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vanessa Hudgens met with law enforcement today over nude photos and video that were hacked from her Gmail account, and TMZ has learned authorities believe as many as 50 other celebrities may be victims as well.

Sources tell us ... the FBI is conducting a wide-ranging investigation into a ring of hackers, and agents believe all 50 celebs trace back to one person -- possibly the ringleader.

Sources say one of the other celebs is Scarlett Johansson, who had a nude picture hacked from her iPhone.

The ring has been hocking some of the photos and video to various Internet sites and others, but we're told the primary motivation is not money -- it's the thrill of hacking.


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Celebrity is just another word for moron.

1281 days ago


OK if folks want to take naked pics/vids of themselves they have the right too but don't be so stupid as to put it on an emails server! If you do the shoot then just keep it on your laptop/desktop and maybe burn a DVD/CD that is kept in a safe place don't download them into an email account!

As others have said it sounds like this is a publicity stunt since it happens to occur right before a new movie comes out-if they got into her email where is all the other "private" info from the account?

BTW some of these pics could be of an underage girl, the pics don't age as the girl does! I remember that one porn star about 20 years ago who admitted that she was 16 when she started her career (with false ID) and all of those magazines that she was in turned into child porn and had to be shredded-HUSTLER was burned on several shoots (BTW she sure didn't look 16!)

NOW WHAT THIS INDICATES TO ME- if you put your nude pics in your email account it shows that you want ACCESS to them wherever you are to show to people! So PEOPLE ARE SEEING THEM NOW! So whats the big deal, you wanted to be able to show them to folks and now you are!

As to taking nude pics with your phone of yourself-what a perv, unless you are at a nude beach or Burning Man or Party with other naked people and are trying to capture the event.

Maybe this will get into some of the teenagers heads who are taking nude pics of themselves with their camera phones/ipads/ and sexting them to others thinking that they won't get out to others! Once they are out of your hands then they are loose to the world.

In reguards to old school photography shoots with film the actress had to rely on the profesionalism of the photographer if shooting black and white and he did his own lab work or to the photographer and lab if done in color that no other copies of the negatives would be made and that they would be kept secure if the model didn't get the negatives from the shoot. Even if you marked red X's on them (aka Marylin Monroe style) they could still be printed later.

1281 days ago


Maybe Vanessa should just give up and go into pr0n. Seems like she has a calling for it.

What a stupid thing to throw your life away on for both sides. Your career will either go up or down (no pun intended) depending on how good your pics are. The hackers have ruined their chances of having a normal life.

1281 days ago


@80. "don't be so stupid as to put it on an emails server! If you do the shoot then just keep it on your laptop/desktop"

LMFAO! Yeah. Because a laptop is super secure with all that WEP encrypted networking. Desktops are the safest but nothing is a vault. By all means keep nude pics of other people, just not yourself.

1281 days ago


I don't think what she did was smart, but what she did wasn't illegal. Hacking and invading someone's privacy is. I don't see any comments being made about the low life hacker. Is this because you are guilty and want to see the naked pics yourself? Get a life then. He should be arrested. If that hacker hacked for the thrill of it, why doesn't he put some of that hacking knowledge to good use instead being a peeping Tom? He could catch a criminal, but instead the perverted hacker invaded her privacy. She is a victim and the hacker should not get away with this.

1280 days ago


there's a difference between being "hacked' and being a dip****, clearly the FBI doesn't understand this.

1279 days ago



hot ass body

1101 days ago


do you celebs know how SIMPLE it is to hack someons phone? FREAKING SO SIMPLE!!!! get a clue!! but please not the hot celebs chicks, keep doing what your doing and disregard this comment, its not good for your diet. lol

1099 days ago

yo gama gama    

lol you are right about the tits

1099 days ago
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