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Charlie Sheen -- New York Sell Out!

3/17/2011 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is as popular as the Rockettes in NYC ... he just sold out Radio City Music Hall -- twice!

Our Charlie tracker just found the goddess magnet has filled the famous hall with 6,000 seats for performances on April 8 and 10.

And Charlie will roll into other sold-out venues as well -- Columbus, Wallingford, CT, Cleveland and Boston.



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Wow...a lot of stupid people in this world with too much money.

1255 days ago


I don't understand why people are supporting this tantrum that he has created. In the end,,,what will every person that buys a ticket get out of it. Nothing but confusion in my opinion! Plus,,,,only $1.00 from each ticket going to help Japan?? Come on!! I would think he would be donating all of it!! Like he needs the money to stand there and rant??

Posted at 9:42 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by AAnnieGirl


How much money do you donate?

1255 days ago


It is truly sad to watch a once great actor make such a spectacle of himself. I feel for his dad and the embarrassment and shame he must be feeling.
As for Charlie singing better than Harvey....I think Harvey did a really great job with My Way! You go Harvey.
Charlie needs to be taking some anti-psychotic medications so maybe he could begin acting rationally again. But then again, are there any meds out there that can help a brain with so many drug damaged brain cells? Doubtful.

1255 days ago


I'm still trying to understand what kind of a person would pay money to see that (to use his word) turd. Nobody's life could possibly be so pitiful that they would spend their hard earned dollars to sit and listen to a drug addict ramble for 2 hrs.

1255 days ago

CA Girl    

But..but..but he says he and his live-ins are "clean", and he says he has, and continues to, prove it. How is that possible, if he's still whacked out, on a smaller level? That, I don't get. Mr. Sheen learned long ago how to get the public's interest and he's done it, it appears. On the other hand, if he were to hold one of these - uhm - "shows" in California where he resides, it would be interesting to see the turn out. He may turn out to be smarter in business than the rest of us. But I ain't a fan of his. No way. No how.

1255 days ago


Why should he donate all of his money to Japan he does have quite a few children to support.

1255 days ago


Well it just goes to show you how stupid people are to waste money on a moron like charlie sheen. i live in NY and i don't want that piece of crap in my City. Charlie Sheen do us all a favor crawl back into that sewer you crawled out of.

1255 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

So is this what all washed up sitcom TV actors are going to do from now on ?? Sell tickets to "one-man" shows drooling over how they got screwed by the network ,and everyone that doesn't see it that way are trolls ? Whatever !

1255 days ago


What's up with Charlie Sheen? Check out the ultra-factual “A Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen” on The Loop Now.

1255 days ago


ssooo...what is he gonna do in these shows?...smoke crack and go on an insane rant?...wouldn't pay $$$ for that...I can see that anytime...just watch the bum on the corner...oh wait!!...That's Charlie!!!

1255 days ago


You people all drink too much hateraide.....broke ****s and chicks..

1255 days ago


So many addicts wanting to see him. So little time.

1255 days ago



i agree. he's already been denied a "public" heiring, which means his lawsuit will be carried out in a standard court of law.
What can his "Torpedo's of Truth" be loaded with? He can't really talk much for sensitivaty of his lawsuit. Can he?? If so, seems dumb to me.

1255 days ago


I don't understand what he does on stage live? I didn't think he was a stand-up comedian. I wouldn't pay or even go for free to see him, there is nothing funny about this twisted monster.

1255 days ago


Well I'm guessing Mr. Sheen has good back up. He has good comedy writers like the gentlemen who did his Funny or Die. I don't see any of you complaining when George Carlin, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Conan O'Brien, Bill Maher, Kevin Smith just to name a few who go up on stage and "rant" for 2 hours at their shows.. I would guess he might follow the Kevin Smith format of things.. show some stuff on screen then have a Q & A period, have a couple of goddesses on stage...some hand picked friends to come enjoy the show...When are all of you going to understand that all comedians are "damaged" in some way or another and they need to rant to get things off their minds. I think why most of you are upset is Charlie Sheen is very anti-hollywood right now and he is tired of playing the stupid "fake" media circus...he decided to create his own. Go Charlie Go

1255 days ago
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