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Halle Berry -- Happy Daddy-Free Birthday, Nahla!

3/17/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

While her custody battle wages on, Halle Berry threw her adorable three-year-old daughter Nahla a Gabriel Aubry-free birthday party in Malibu on Wednesday.


We're told baby daddy was specifically not invited to the festivities.

As evidenced in the pics, the 44-year-old Oscar winner can be childish at times.


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Why is Halle being targeted as the bad guy here? First of all the woman is spending time with her daughter and did not deserve to be followed by paps. Second, she did not turn against her child's father for no reason and none of us know what really happened. Third, if this had been in Canada no one would have been allowed to photograph that baby without her parent's written permission. Minors are proteced from photographers by federal law under the Disclosure Of Information Protection Of Privacy Act.

1325 days ago


Some of you guys are sad believing everything you read. TMZ loves to get you folks all pissed off. How do you know she didn't invite him? He could have had his own party for her. People get a life trust me Halle don't give a dam what you think.

1325 days ago



Why should she?
Let him throw his own and PAY for his own.
He needs to start somewhere.

Posted at 9:42 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by kk md

Halle and Nahla really look happy together. Halle's a good mother and she doesn't take her maternal responsibilities lightly. You can't hate a sista for "holding it down"!!!

There's no point in Halle Berry pretending that she's on the best of terms with Gabriel Aubry. She tried to work out their differences privately but failed. She's tired of supporting him and wants to move on with her life. As I recall, his visitation privileges haven't been suspended. Nobody's keeping him away from his child. Perhaps the parents of the other children who attended just didn't want photographs of their children published online and I don't blame them. As far as Halle Berry's racial beliefs are concerned, they are shared by the vast majority of African Americans. We didn't establish that standard, WHITE PEOPLE DID!!! GET A GRIP!!! STOP DICTATING HOW PEOPLE SHOULD DEFINE THEMSELVES AND BEING SO HYPOCRITICAL!!!

1325 days ago


Selfish schizo. Where are the other kids for this 'party' of two?

1325 days ago


Like malcontent #46 said, what's so wrong with having her father present too? At least the kid could see a united front for her birthday. Halle, Gabriel doesn't want you anyway, so get over yourself.

1325 days ago

Ms. L    

I have lost all respect for this human. I cannot call her a lady, mom or by her name. You wanted him to impregnant you so your child could look a certain way. You persued him, dated him, slept with him, and didnt protect yourself.....

Get over yourself girl!! You have diabetes, looks fade - Nahla will always have her dad.

1325 days ago

Wicked September    

You people are getting way too upset over a mother throwing HER daughter a birthday party? Really?! Oh, and GASP! she's taking pictures and playing with her? You have got to be kidding me. That's what parents do and when you're not currently in a relationship with the other parent then you usually have separate parties. I don't think that's spiteful...its just reality for children of divorces. I'm SURE her Dad will have her a special party too. Calm down...if Halle Berry wasn't a celebrity then you wouldn't think twice about it. It's just ridiculous to call her names when you're not living in her shoes...and you don't know what the "truth" really is anyway. The media spins everything we see and hear and we then use our own prejudices to criticize others and condemn them. It's just sad!

1325 days ago


That is the saddest birthday party I ever seen. So maybe she wouldn't invite kids. But where is friends and family. I really wish they would find her unfit and give child to him. Halle has a smile on her face that reminds me of Joan Crawford type of look towards her child. Just wait for the tell all book later.

1325 days ago


Well said Hannah!!! People are flipping out and don't know if the story is true. He can have his own party divorced parents do it all the time.

1325 days ago


I didn't realize what a pos she is
Someday someone will tell her daughter
exactly what her mother did to alienate
her from her father

1325 days ago


Wow, I totally commend you for your openness. That's touching for you to share that with us, especially since we are not the best at remaining non-judgmental. I wish you the best of luck and love in the future, you sound like your open enough to deserve it as well as appreciate it. Again, thanks for sharing and good luck!!

1325 days ago


Why doesn't she host a party at the Chuck E Cheese in Van Nuys and try something REALLY different for the obligatory celeb baby's birthday part????????????????????

1325 days ago


Actually, we don't know that Gabriel wasn't invited, he may have shown up 10 minutes after the paps left. This could have been just some fun on the beach before the actual party at their house. And you can see that Halle is taking a pic of Nahla as well as another child, in the first pic. The other kid is in between Halle and Nahla actually.

Fact is, we don't know shizzzle.

1325 days ago


I understand that when a relationship breaks up, it can be hard to put on a good front for your children. My hope is that by the time Nahla turns 4, her Mom and Dad will have learned to coparent in a positive way--so that their daughter can benefit. You don't talk trash about the other parent...and you don't leak stories about the other person being (or not being) racist. Your daughter will read every word out there--how is this going to help her? And honestly, if he's so racist, then why was he dating a black (or biracial) woman in the first place?

Did Halle have to invite her daughter's father? No, but it was the right thing to do. Hopefully next year.

1325 days ago


Think of all the flying sand in that bounce house!? NIGHTMARE and a bad idea.

1325 days ago
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