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Halle Berry -- Happy Daddy-Free Birthday, Nahla!

3/17/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

While her custody battle wages on, Halle Berry threw her adorable three-year-old daughter Nahla a Gabriel Aubry-free birthday party in Malibu on Wednesday.


We're told baby daddy was specifically not invited to the festivities.

As evidenced in the pics, the 44-year-old Oscar winner can be childish at times.


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Halle Berry is a history making Oscar WINNER thats her claim to fame REMEMBER THAT (not a carear spurning from a porn tape like Kim Kardashian). I noticed a lot of negative PR about Halle, the woman deserves respect shes been blessed with beauty, talent and kindness towards womens issues. Kim will never be able to compete with Halle no matter how hard she tries with all her plastic..Halle with always be a black mans dream woman..Strong, real and beautiful.

1282 days ago


Lisa - too bad he didn't know, you sound like a racist DUMB DUMB, yeah look what he got for having a black woman - a spiteful witch. I hope Hollywood turns their back on her she deserves it. All of her energy is going to go into spiting this man. Why is she so jealous if she is famous and beautiful, I guess she has low self esteem, like Lisa on here who has frizzy hair!

1281 days ago


LLL is sounds studit and RACIST a complete contradiction. REMEMBER Halle Berry is a history making OSCAR WINNER, and that cannot be taken from her. NOT FAME derived from Porn, she is beautiful. LLL sounds like a pastey, ugly person with a complex lol...

1281 days ago


LLL you can wish all you like but HALLE BERRY has made history the right way. THATS RIGHT OSCAR WINNER!!!!!


Simply put she's blessed, rich, beautiful, and TALENTED

1281 days ago


Who ever is ffffffffffff on comment # 7.. first of all stop hiding behind a fake name and second all she don't have to invite him.. a baby daddy don't make a father.. go Halle.. do your thang and what's best for you and your baby.. don't pay attention to the haters!!

1281 days ago


What a controlling Bitch. She made the kids BD about her and a photo opp. The baby daddy should go find a nice woman and never give Hallie a second thought unless it has to do with their child.
Once again....she's a Controlling Bitch!
Money can buy you alot of things but it can't buy you a conscious.

1281 days ago


What a pretty little white child!

1281 days ago


I feel like she was right if we are beefing and we may not be able to gey along stay away. Why argue and have akwardness at the baby's party.

1281 days ago


He also wasn't at Nahla's 2nd bday either nor was he away on a photo shoot.

1281 days ago



And how would you know that. You must be a friend of the family. And by the way my husband was not at my childs birthday party and neither was he working. So what's the point you are trying to make.

1281 days ago


which parent seems to want to co-operate with the other in the rearing of their daughter

Gabriel goes where Halle is filming to be with his daughter-never mind that the studio (not Halle) covers the cost- irrelevant
he goes!

assume he'd be here too if he was notified

this is no real party but it is a real photo-op showing the world "such a good mommy"

you can have a terrific party in the massive yard of your masnion--an option she didn't consider I guess
clowns/ponies/bunnies and balloons/cake/privacy giggling squealing kids eventually falling asleep from joyous exhaustion...

easy to see why she went with this option

imagine Nahla someday googling "Nahla birthday" and finding this sad photo--heart breaking

1281 days ago


Another celeb showing they have bought our God given rights to the ocean and no one else can have it. Maybe this will be pulled back soon as no one in thier right mind will attempt to even build a house or claim ownership within 2 miles of the shore. Then we can have back what the lord gave us.

1281 days ago


lol, People who claim to HATE her so much, do LOVE to be all up in this Woman's business.

No one even KNOWS if these pictures were taken B4 or AFTER the Party. I personally, would not want my Child's party with their friends splashed all over the internet (we all know people are crazy). She may have invited the photo shoot without the Friends in attendance.

BTW, perhaps he is throwing his own Party w/his Family and Friends. Just because you share a child, does NOT mean you have to share all the things you do for/with that Child TOGETHER.

1281 days ago


As a famous lawyer said - you should remember to LOVE your child and their well being more than you HATE your ex. We (the fans) also know you can't respect something that you have always wanted and never had. (she doesn't/didn't have a great relationship with her father - so she can't show that to her daughter) Sad - but I understand.

1281 days ago


She should have invited Aubry to the party... Its unfortunate they could not put their differences aside for Nahla's birthday party. For goodness sakes, a party is only a few hours! At any rate.... Halle does PAY for Aubry to follow her around (aka the London trip reported last week, where she paid for his flight, accomodations and hotel stay- while she worked on her film so he could spend time with his daughter). So who knows - maybe she did invite him and he just couldn't show or didn't want to.. you never REALLY know the truth...

1281 days ago
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