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Lindsay Probation Report: She's Been Drinking Again!

3/17/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's probation report says she's been drinking fermented tea that contains alcohol -- yeah, big whoop. 

Sources familiar with the report tell TMZ ... Lindsay fessed up to her probation officer ... she was drinking Kombucha tea, which has an alcohol content of 0.5% or less ...  and now the L.A. County Probation Department added it to the list of reasons why the judge should violate her probation and send her to jail.

Lindsay was so bold ... she actually left one of her alcohol ed classes clutching a bottle of Kombucha.

That plea bargain's sounding better than ever.


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Grandma Cracker    

btw i am now clean off heroin but still drink sometimes :)

Posted at 7:44 AM on Mar 18, 2011 by becky

Hi Becky, congrats on your victory over the big H, that is not easily done! I'll be a "little kinder" than my fellow LL doubter Lori about your use of alcohol, but PLEASE be aware that the receptor sites in the brain that love opiates are the same sites that love alcohol. You need to really keep an eye out for yourself and be aware of the danger that alcohol poses to you. Best of luck in your continued sobriety. Take care of yourself

1316 days ago


She is probably getting paid for endorsing the stuff. Kombucha can be really potent, IF You make your own and allow it to sit for a long period of time. The FDA took all the kombucha off of the shelves at one point due to the alcohol content, but it is back on the shelves, so obviously they felt it was not harmful. You would have to drink A LOT of kombucha to get drunk. My question do we know what is in that water bottle she carries, or the kombucha bottle for that matter :)

1316 days ago

lindsay lohan    

anybody care to explain why you all care so much what she does.
Are you all so shallow that you have to spend more time injecting yourselves into other peoples lives because yours sucks so much ?

1316 days ago


Lindsay Lohan terms of her probation is not to drink alcohol period.Regretfully the judges talk a tough game but at the end of the day she again will be given star treatment.No one will tell her the truth. The end result Prison, Insanity or Death. The best thing for her would be a prison sentence. Breaking her will and giving her the gift of desperation to become sober and abstain from Drugs.

1316 days ago


Why does the media still follow her?she practically has no career left.She need to go to jail for a long long time thats the only chance that she can get her life together.IDK why people are hesitant with putting her in jail...

1316 days ago


She was back to hanging out in bars before she was even discharged from rehab the last time. Sober people don't party in bars; drunks do. Drunks also try to find ways to cover their tracks when they're drinking in violation of probation. When the term states, thou shalt drink NO alcohol, that's what it means. NO ALCOHOL. Yes, the AC in the tea is low, but it IS alcohol, she IS consuming it, and God knows in what quantities. Yet another probation violation by the endless trainwreck junkie drunk

1316 days ago


lindsay should be aloud to drink hell she has hit the big 5-0. congrats on being 50 linds. and i feel she is one of the smartest girls i can make a come back like i did. anna nicole smith did it, dana plato brittany muphy came back also. keep up the good work. your friend gary busie

1316 days ago

Jogos de Pc    

Lindsay Lohan is wasting his career with youth and their destructive habits, wake up girl time passes and then you can not claim that had no luck in your life, you're "drinking" his life, a moment's thought PLEASE!! !!!!!!!


1316 days ago


Lindsay needs a good B*tt F*cking...with a condom on of course!!!

1316 days ago


such a tragedy...

1316 days ago


You people don't understand addiction. Just drinking a trace of alcohol triggers the craving for more.

1316 days ago


Yup, a newly sober alcoholic needs to stay away from anything with alcohol in it, be it cough syrup, Communion wine, mouth wash, Ammonium D,(diarrhea meds) or in this case, tea. Even Near Beer could do it. It just could be enough to set them off again, if they don't have it down pat. I have seen this happen when the person is toying with the idea of drinking, and they think they can get by with this and nobody will be the wiser. An addict is very manipulative.

1315 days ago


It's not about .5% alcohol, it's about 1 rule.

1315 days ago


When the treatment facility says no alcohol, they are quite specific. One is told not even to use mouth wash that contains alcohol.

NO alcohol means NO alcohol. Believe me, Miss Lohan is not the only person who refuses to understand what they are told, no matter how specific and simple the wording.

I say let evolution do it's thing.

1315 days ago

george fudge!    

Bet her cupboards are full of cough syrup too! Anything for a fix with this skank.

1315 days ago
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