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Lindsay Probation Report: She's Been Drinking Again!

3/17/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's probation report says she's been drinking fermented tea that contains alcohol -- yeah, big whoop. 

Sources familiar with the report tell TMZ ... Lindsay fessed up to her probation officer ... she was drinking Kombucha tea, which has an alcohol content of 0.5% or less ...  and now the L.A. County Probation Department added it to the list of reasons why the judge should violate her probation and send her to jail.

Lindsay was so bold ... she actually left one of her alcohol ed classes clutching a bottle of Kombucha.

That plea bargain's sounding better than ever.


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Wow, she really is meg-addicted, if she HAS to find alcohol anyway possible. Between that and the Adderall, she's still flying high. No wonder her actions have been so crazy - she's not sober.

And yeah, TMZ, it IS a big whoop because while a small amount of alochol is nothing for a non-alcoholic, for an alcoholic, it keeps alcohol in the system for as long as she continues to drink it. And hey, if you drink several bottles of it, presto! You know have a nifty amount of alcohol in you. And then, if you do it every single day, you're getting a nice buzz on a regular basis.

I'm actually rather surprised that TMZ hasn't bothered to realize those important facts about alcohol and alcoholism. To me, it shows that she's desperate to keep alcohol in her system.

So much for sobriety.

1281 days ago


hahahahaha your source TMZ has set you up big time. Lilo drinks a health drink and your sources say the probation officer wants her to be in violation? hahahahaha!!! why not go the whole nine yards, what about perfume, lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, fake tan, why not try to put her in violation for wearing cosmetics, all contain some degree of alcohol, lol get my drift TMZ? you have been made to look complete fools with this ridiculous story lol

1281 days ago


From July 14th Huffington Post:

NEW YORK — It's a fermented, pungent tea, but it's the alcohol that can lurk inside of kombucha that's causing a stink.

Regulators and retailers are concerned that the ancient and trendy tea may need to be regulated as an alcoholic drink. That's because some bottles have more than 0.5 percent alcohol – the legal limit for a drink not to be considered alcoholic.

Since last month, the government has been testing kombucha to determine if it should be labeled like beer or wine.

1281 days ago

John D    

So nice that they put a big red arrow in the pic, or else we would have missed that even bigger bottle LiLo is holding.

1281 days ago


Let her damage her liver. It's her life.

1281 days ago


Nicole wrote:

Even if she does get sentenced for violating probation when she is foud GUILTY at trial...
Posted at 4:36 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by Nicole

Finally, her true feelings are coming out!

1281 days ago


Thanks for pointing out my colossal error.
Obviously what i meant was when she is found NOT GUILTY at trial even if she had to serve time for the probation violation she will be completely free and out of the system.

1281 days ago


Kombucha is not an alcoholic drink. Some brands have traces of alcohol. There's not enough to do anything. I am not a Lindsay fan, but I don't think that this should factor into anything. It's as if she had soda. That's all.

1281 days ago


Anyone 'sober' would never come within 10 feet of that stuff. A little alcohol is still alcohol.

If she doesn't take the plea deal, she will have more outfits to parade around and have her picture taken. Press, free press from suckers who buy into it.

1281 days ago


Being on probation has rules. Strictly following the rules might be difficult, and some of the rules might seem silly, but that is the price of avoiding jail time.

In this case, one of the rules is no alcohol. Not "a little bit of alcohol". None at all. There are plenty of brands of tea that have no alcohol, and it would not have been much of a hardship on Lohan to drink one of those brands. If Lohan had told the original judge "I'm sorry, your honor, I'm not going to be able to follow the no alcohol rule, but I'll only violate it with a drink that contains 0.5% alcohol", what do you think the judge would have said?

This is just another example of Lohan believing society's rules do not apply to her. And the suggestion that she is drinking the tea to cover up more extreme violations of the no alcohol rule certainly has credibility.

1281 days ago


I still think this is ridiculous, other news sites are picking up on this story and we're all laughing.
If they can't find anything else on her than some fermented tea with some alcohol which proves absolutely nothing, this whole thing should be made into a movie, just to show how messed up the Californian system really is.


1281 days ago


Sprite. 7up, Mt. Dew all have about the same amount of alcohol(.4-.5%) all of those lemon/lime sodas

No joke. Did you know?

1281 days ago


I want to clarify my earlier statement. Alcohol stays in your blood for an extended amount of time - what is it, a day? So therefore, if Lindsay's downing this drink daily, she's managing to keep alcohol in herself on a daily basis. And yeah, that IS a big deal for someone who's an alcoholic. Sounds like an alcoholic's attempt to beat the system.

1281 days ago


For all you people saying its not a big deal, you do know that many alcoholics resort to drinking mouth wash when they cant drink booze right? Just sayin.

I dont think this is worthy of a freakin headline though. TMZ what are the other violations?

1281 days ago


Another slap in the face of justice cuz "I'm Lindsay Lohan and I can do whatever the F@#% I want and never get punished"

1281 days ago
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