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Lindsay Probation Report: She's Been Drinking Again!

3/17/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's probation report says she's been drinking fermented tea that contains alcohol -- yeah, big whoop. 

Sources familiar with the report tell TMZ ... Lindsay fessed up to her probation officer ... she was drinking Kombucha tea, which has an alcohol content of 0.5% or less ...  and now the L.A. County Probation Department added it to the list of reasons why the judge should violate her probation and send her to jail.

Lindsay was so bold ... she actually left one of her alcohol ed classes clutching a bottle of Kombucha.

That plea bargain's sounding better than ever.


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I am no lohan fan but this is just ridiculous. Kombucha is an all natural tea. BTW most soft drinks contain similar amounts of alcohol (ie pepsi) but yet they do not disclose that on the bottle.

1318 days ago


Exactly. The Trollhans conveniently ignore the elephant in the room. The Parole Board feels LieLo is busted. Shocking! :)

Posted at 7:37 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by Davey Boy


Hmmmmmmm, methinks you are right. Perhaps we are about to catch wind of some of her probation violations (remember TMZ alluded to them as being shocking last week) and this is the Trollhan way of trying to make the violations seem like BS..."oh, she was just drinking tea, she wasn't drinking again."

WHO would be in a position to release this information about Lindsay's violations? WHO does it benefit to make it seem like any alcohol in Lindsay's system just got there innocently? WHO releases information on a daily basis to TMZ? Need we connect the dots any farther?

I said it several weeks ago, I thought she was pulling dirty urine tests. I think we are about to find out that she was.

1318 days ago


i like to drink but i am not on probation and i dont get in my car or cause any problems i also do the jobs i have with no excuses. she is a danger if i was on probation i would abide to the rules so i would not keep in trouble. she is going to blame church next because she had a glass of wine thinking it was grape juice. pope watch your ass she will sue. santa you too lindsay had no idea during xmas there was rum in those rum balls

1318 days ago


Lindsay is treating her body as a temple. She has never been in better shape physically or mentally. Lindsay is entirely focused on her health and well being. If you look at pictures now of Lindsay you will see a healthy and radiant beauty.

Hollywood heavyweights have stood up and noticed the distinct change in Lindsay. There is no hotter property in Hollywood than Lindsay. This is evidenced by the flood of scripts that are coming across her agents desk for Lindsay to review.

I hate to tell posters on TMZ I told you so, but Lindsay is back and Hollywood producers have greeted her with open arms.

Posted at 6:09 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by Rabinowitz The Hebe


No, in fact, she doesn't look well at all, she looks very, very ill to me. Kind of frighteningly so, looking at her in the airport pictures. I know I can be extremely snide to her but those pictures make me take pause...she looks terrible.
I may HATE her behavior...but I hope she works on getting well. I'm not sure that she has a lot of time left here if she doesn't pull it together soon. Her body looks like it just cannot take much more of whatever it is she's doing to it.

1318 days ago


I repeat, for those saying it's just a health drink with only a trace of alcohol in it:

From July 14th Huffington Post:

NEW YORK — It's a fermented, pungent tea, but it's the alcohol that can lurk inside of kombucha that's causing a stink.

Regulators and retailers are concerned that the ancient and trendy tea may need to be regulated as an alcoholic drink. That's because some bottles have more than 0.5 percent alcohol – the legal limit for a drink not to be considered alcoholic.

Since last month, the government has been testing kombucha to determine if it should be labeled like beer or wine.

Posted at 5:14 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by lou

1318 days ago


Nicole wrote:

Even if she does get sentenced for violating probation when she is foud GUILTY at trial...
Posted at 4:36 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by Nicole

Finally, her true feelings are coming out!

Posted at 5:29 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by ilovegossip


That's an interesting Freudian slip up, isn't it, ilovegossip?

1318 days ago


Their are a dozen different bottled teas on the market - most taste better than Kombucha. Why does she insist on drinking her Kombucha when she has so many choices? It's like the heroin addict claiming all they did was eat a poppy seed bagel.

1318 days ago


Sounds like she's drinking again. And that's a big bottle that she's clutching. Is it a litre? Lots of nice bubbly going down her throat.

1318 days ago


She should take just little lines of coke too, see she could prove she isnt an addict.

This is like quitting smoking and smoking only butts. And taking it to rehab class - this smacks of Chuckles playing with hookers and smoking cigs while he blinks his eyes and heals himself in his Sober Valley Lodge.

1318 days ago


Why would she be considered to be in violation if she just drank a bottle of the stuff? Maybe she's been hitting it up a lot? There seems to be more here than meets the eye. I wonder what the rest of the report says?

1318 days ago


hebe you most be drunk or blind or both. she looks like a gutter slut. and dina is looking like a yeast infected douche bag. that family has issues is sad when you say sam ronson is starting to look better then her thats just scary. i wouldnt do her with a good year condom made by nasa

1318 days ago

pink glitter    

lol i love how TMZ thinks they are smart...

they are using reverse psychology here and in cahoots with the lowhans...

"oh, she never drank alcohol, it was only the tea"

this is the LEAST of her REAL problems...

Stop drinking the damn kool-aid people...THINK !!!

1318 days ago

Irish Pubes    

I'm trying to figure out why the idiots, see Nicole, think that this is "the EXPLOSIVE INFORMATION ZOMGGGG!!!!!" that is in the probation report. Nowhere does TMZ say that, nowhere do they imply that, and it clearly states this was added to the list of reasons why she should be violated. It's hilarious seeing people as dumb as Lohan defending her...

1318 days ago

pink glitter    

And on that note..

It's gonna be another beautiful day in LA :)

1318 days ago


In the world of recovery, addicts are discouraged from consuming anything w/ alcohol in it - even a tiny amount - because even that little bit of alcohol could trigger a binge.

I have sober friends who will not use ANYTHING that has ANY alcohol in it, inclucing some gums, Vanilla extract in backing, ANYTHING, because they take their recovery very seriously and they are not willing to make the list, no matter how small.

1318 days ago
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