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Oksana Grigorieva Settles With First Lawyer

3/18/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva and her very first lawyer settled their legal dispute over fees, TMZ has learned.


Eric George, a prominent Beverly Hills attorney, scored a $15 million settlement last May for Oksana in her custody dispute with Mel Gibson. Oksana later disavowed the settlement, but George claimed he had sealed the deal and was entitled to his 10% fee.

George's firm and Oksana have been fighting it out in arbitration, but we've learned the case settled Thursday. George and Daniel Horowitz, Oksana's current lawyer, tell TMZ, George and Oksana "have in good faith resolved all matters between them and will proceed cooperatively in the future."

The financial terms of the settlement are under wraps.


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Oh do tell

1324 days ago


I guess she agreed to give him some more of Mel's money.

1324 days ago


It's not like SHE had to pay anything. She's a sponge. A degenerate sponge.

1324 days ago


Good faith? ha now thats a real Kicker. The man didn't get squat from her yet.

1324 days ago


Sounds like Danniel Horowitz paid the bill and horrowitz will be adding on extras to his bill so Mel has to pay it.

Sounds Shady

1324 days ago

Zooma Zoom
Peter Chernucka interview with KP

1324 days ago


So, let's see...OG tried to get the bill she owed EG dismissed, and now they have settled the matter in arbitration, but the details are under wraps? Well, you know how good OG is for her word about keeping things under wraps? Oh that's right--only if it's to her benefit.

1324 days ago


"George and Daniel Horowitz, Oksana's current lawyer, tell TMZ, George and Oksana "have in good faith resolved all matters between them and will proceed cooperatively in the future.""

***The quote above probably means that OG and EG will be united in the court fight to set the mediated agreement aside. OG needs EG's testimony in order for the court to consider setting the mediated agreement aside. I believe that's why she waived attorney-client privilege in November 2010, because she needs for EG to get on the witness stand about that mediated agreement that is giving her fits.

1324 days ago


I hope that bitch gets hit by a truck. Russian whore.

1324 days ago


So Mel has to pay one way or another...

1324 days ago


George and Oksana "have in good faith resolved all matters between them and will proceed cooperatively in the future."

So I understand that she still owes him money but for the time being promised Eric George some in the future for an exchange of ... WHAT? ..
- prospective more work for EG _ whom else is she going to sue except Mel? Lucia's Estate? Dalton? some other lawyer :)))
- EG's testimony re mediation agreement? _ the delusional Judas still wants Tiger Woods money and ghost write books about Mel and his family!

Anyway, ANY agreement with the ukrainian grifter is not worth the paper it is written on! We will hear about it soon )))

1324 days ago


GOD I hope he talked to Mel's people and she is gonna get hung!!!!!

1324 days ago

Peter Chernucka interview with KP

Posted at 12:57 AM on Mar 18, 2011 by Zooma Zoom
Zooma Zoom, thanks for the link!

Mel Gibson and the Gibson's Family should sue the Chernukas/ Grigorievas grifters for slander! Here and in Russia.
I am aware others succeeded with foreign owned newspapers _ Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt win v UK/Murdoch owned tabloid News of the World comes to mind _ why not Gibson's?

The Chernukas are not honourable people, they are not ashamed to live off others money! Since there is not that much of a $$$$ going after Timothy Dalton they will continue to slander Robyn Gibson and her children until death! Unless they are stopped!

How much Peter Chernuka was paid for his yet another (!) interview, I wonder .. I bet mommy dearest will be next :)


1324 days ago

Peter Chernucka interview with KP
Google translation ..

Father Peter Oksana Grigorieva Chernukha: "Whoever threw the stone in my daughter, take away, please it back!"

Mel Gibson received three years probation for being beaten by his Russian girlfriend

16 hours of hard labor, one-year course by a psychiatrist, a fine of $ 400 and no offense before the law in the next three years, or - once a prison. Such punishment has identified an American court Mel Gibson for a family brawl with Oksana Grigorieva.

Recall: Pianist Oksana, a little over a year ago gave birth to the actor's daughter Lucia, Gibson accused of domestic violence. She stated that Mel knocked out her two front teeth and threatened to shoot him. The court session was held in Los Angeles on Friday, March 11. Gibson humbly accepted the punishment. And quietly left the courtroom.

Ahead of the actor and his girlfriend's two trials: one - civil, the second - in the custody of their daughter, Lucia, Anna.

- Recently, advocates of Oksana and Mel should meet and draw up a draft settlement agreement - told us a friend of Gibson and Grigorieva Robin Stein. - Mel's Party is set aggressively. Gibson pleaded guilty, only to not go to jail. Its annoying that Oksana is an opportunity to ask the court for more severe punishment. Mel can get from one to four. But Oksana Melo promised that he would not do that. Her goal - not to put Gibson in prison. Most importantly for her - get the right sole custody of her daughter. Today, Mel has the right to hold with Lucy 33 percent of the time. The child often slept at his house next to a nanny. For the year-old Lucy is stress.

- Maybe, after the court Mel and Oksana reconcile - because her daughter is better to bring up together?

- You need to a miracle happened. Mel - easily suggestible people. Scandals and Oksana they did not begin on January 6, when Mel dismissed hands, but much earlier. Once Gibson announced his wife and children (married to Robin Moore, the actor brings to seven children. - Ed.), He loves Grigoriev and will live with it, the war began. In the press poured a dirty lie. Oksana pregnant. Gibson's family has demanded an abortion. Especially zealous in the fight against Oksana behaved daughter, Melissa Hanna and son William. William said that to commit suicide if the baby is born Oksana. But Oksana gave birth. Then the family has demanded DNA expertise. But when the baby was born - a copy of the Pope, - questions have disappeared by themselves. Then the wife and kids put Melo ultimatum: Lucia excluded from among the heirs! By understanding children, their father has the right only to work. But do not build a personal life ... Largely to a nervous breakdown brought Mel was the first family ...

Mom Oksana Grigorieva Ludmila recently flew to America. If lawyers do not decide this war world, mama Grigorieva will be a witness in a civil court. Oksana's father Peter Chernukha remained in Moscow. On the news, he learns from his daughter by phone:

- What happened in court, at least surprised me, - said the "KP" Peter G.. - The stars of Hollywood for drunken driving receive up to thirty hours of hard labor. And here for the violence in the family - sixteen! Mel wanted to put Oksana for extortion. His lawyers twice a court confiscated the computer's daughter in an attempt to find clues. My poor girl ... Well, that Mel Gibson admitted guilt. And that in fact is about Oksana wrote. So that anyone who threw a stone at my daughter, take away, please, this stone back ...

1324 days ago


TMZ should just change this headline to: George and Putz Still in Cahoots.

1324 days ago
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