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Ryan Phillippe:

I'm Payin'

The Pregnant Chick!

3/17/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims Ryan Phillippe is her soon-to-be baby daddy says Ryan is a pre-natal deadbeat dad because he hasn't paid any of her expenses ... but we're told that's just not the case.


Alexis Knapp says her baby -- due in June -- is definitely Ryan's.  For his part, Ryan says he'll take a DNA test when the baby is born and if it's his ... he'll step up and support the kid.

But sources connected to Alexis claim while she's been incubating, she hasn't received a dime from Ryan and she's hurting financially because she's unable to work.

But sources connected to Ryan tell us Alexis is lying -- that Ryan has been paying Alexis' expenses, despite the fact that he has no obligation to do so until a judge establishes paternity.

We're also told Ryan is furious, because Alexis agreed that if Ryan paid to support her during her pregnancy, she wouldn't go blabbing to the media -- which Ryan's people believe she has done.

As one source connected to Ryan put it, "File this under the category, 'No good deed goes unpunished.'"


No Avatar


"No good deed goes unpunished." Are they referring to knocking her up or trying to hush her up? I'm confused.

1324 days ago


I'll grant that the chick is hot, but they need to learn to pull out!! None of these celebrity guys would have these problems if they stopped nutting in these gold diggers.

1324 days ago


this seems strange, how come she got pregnant anyway.. Im sure Ryan wouldve used a condom if she told him shes off the pill or something but she probabily said she took care off the protection when in reality she didnt. I kind of feel sorry for Ryan, it is very unfair to make someone be a dad and pay lots of money when they had no intention of having a kid.

1324 days ago


She is 27 now. She is a golddigger for sure. She totally planned this it's so obvious.

1324 days ago


GOOD DEED?? Since when is taking care of your own kid a good deed?? Don't give the that B.S. that he doesn't know if its his or not, anyone paying money to a woman DAMN WELL knows it's his or he wouildn't be paying!

1324 days ago


blame it on the guy totally..this is the result when you think with your nuts instead of your brain

1324 days ago


It's always funny when a woman wants financial support while she is pregnant. You're carrying your own blood, so get your ass up and look for a job and next time use protection.

It's not always a man's fault to make you pregnant. It's your fault when you open your legs and let him do u without condoms or when you are too lazy to tell him that you aren't on pills. GROW UP AND START TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. STOP DEPENDING ON MEN.

1324 days ago


By her contracting the press, you would think she wants to be in showbiz and this is her 15 minutes of fame!! Ryan is not sure he is the baby daddy yet, so why should he pay - she has an investment (probably more so as she kept the baby), so she should be paying for the time being.

1324 days ago


If he is not the baby daddy, will she put a bag on her head and creep out of town and the public eye?

1324 days ago


Will these boys ever learn? If you are famous use birth control or you will have to deal with psycho's for years and years....Male or Female, if you are rich or famous protect yourself and don't leave it to the other person.

1324 days ago


Unless there is either a legitimate medical reason why she is "unable to work" or she has been denied employment due to her being pregnant then the wording of this article should read UNWILLING to work. Women work during pregnancy all the time.

1324 days ago


Ok, why does she look a whole lot better in this picture than in the other picture. It's not even close to being the same person.

I think she wants money and I bet the kid isn't Ryan's considering she can't wait until the child is born before she blabs to the media about money issues.

1324 days ago


The media would have Americans believe that only Black guys had these type of problems, and by problems I mean "baby mamas."

1324 days ago


It is not common when a couple is not married for the "presumed father" to have to pay the medical bills for a pregnancy. Until he is legally established as the father, he has no rights to information about the baby/birth, etc...but he also has zero legal obligations as well.

It isn't painting him in a bad picture, if she is running her mouth to the media about it, it makes her looks VERY bad.

If he is Dad, she will have a lifetime of dealing with him so she really should shut up and learn to get along for what will be the sake of their child.

1324 days ago


What a dumbass banging these broads with no condoms. These sluts want nothing more than a celebrity baby. Stupid ass...

1324 days ago
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