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Ryan Phillippe:

I'm Payin'

The Pregnant Chick!

3/17/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims Ryan Phillippe is her soon-to-be baby daddy says Ryan is a pre-natal deadbeat dad because he hasn't paid any of her expenses ... but we're told that's just not the case.


Alexis Knapp says her baby -- due in June -- is definitely Ryan's.  For his part, Ryan says he'll take a DNA test when the baby is born and if it's his ... he'll step up and support the kid.

But sources connected to Alexis claim while she's been incubating, she hasn't received a dime from Ryan and she's hurting financially because she's unable to work.

But sources connected to Ryan tell us Alexis is lying -- that Ryan has been paying Alexis' expenses, despite the fact that he has no obligation to do so until a judge establishes paternity.

We're also told Ryan is furious, because Alexis agreed that if Ryan paid to support her during her pregnancy, she wouldn't go blabbing to the media -- which Ryan's people believe she has done.

As one source connected to Ryan put it, "File this under the category, 'No good deed goes unpunished.'"


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sex + no birth control = baby!!! Don't trust the women just because she says she's on birth control.....USE A CONDOM IF YOU MUST DO THE DEED!!!

1260 days ago


That's not even Alexis. I know her. That some random brunette girl. Not to mention, she DOES work, and this entire story is fabricated.

1260 days ago


Let's also file it under "Don't sleep with a skank without a condom, and you won't have to worry about it."

1260 days ago


"No good SEED goes unpunished."


1260 days ago


Where's Maury when you need him?

1260 days ago


I wonder how long until she hires Gloria Allred?

Posted at 1:36 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by Anna

She probably has Gloria on the phone right now.

1260 days ago


No man should ever pay to support a child until it's proven his. If a woman says she's pregnant, do not give her one red cent until you know it's your child. That's just the way it should be. And exactly, why the hell can't she "work". Prossies and strippers are the only careers that have to be put on hold 'cause you got knocked up. I have three kids, worked the entire time, and I WORKED. First child, fast food. Second child, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, third child, nurse. You know, real jobs, where you sweat... Ninny babies. That's all these "actresses" are.

1260 days ago


I don't blame him for wanting paternity test...David Spade said the same thing when he got that Playboy model girl pregnant. All he simply said was once paternity was established he would step up to the plate. He ended up being a very involved father (as much as he can be for his child lives in Missouri). I am sure the same will be with Philippe.

How do these guys know for sure these women haven't been with other people...especially since a lot of these relationships are described as "on and off" quite frequently...on the flip side I am sure these guys don't likely forget if they went without protection on occasion. It goes without saying that you reap what you sow...

1260 days ago


Tell her to get a flipping job just like the rest of the world. It is lame to say you cannot work because you are pregnant - there are MANY jobs where you can sit on your butt!!

1260 days ago


Many thoughts come to mind, but the one that stands out: Ryan is an actor; why didn't he act intelligently? Too big a stretch? And for comment No.7 about potential Gloria Allred involvement: that opportunistic media whore and ambulance chaser undoubtedly already has been in contact with Alexis.

1260 days ago


You don't get props for doing what you're already supposed to do. "Good deed" -- more like stepping up to the plate.

1260 days ago


she traps this guy with a pregnancy, and what now, she doesn;t have health insurance???? what should he pay now??? her food bill???? and she goes to the media and trashes his name....this girl obviouosly is out to sell A STORY to the tabloids....there is NO reason a young women doesn;t take control of her own fate..we have FREE birth control in this excuse for an UNPLANNED pregnancy...

1260 days ago


Condoms. So simple. Ryan should have used a condom. It is good that he's helping her and one would hope she knows who the father is. But JLS is right, he should have involved a lawyer that drew something up saying his generosity is not a commitment until it can be shown the child is his and this is what he's doing because the baby could be his son or daughter.

1260 days ago


Why can't this chick work?? Give me a break.

1260 days ago


....and if tests show he is not the father is she going to give him his money back..............
I think not

seems she wanted more "hush money"

and if she didn't want to get pregnant why wasn't she on her own reliable form of birth control

in this day and age she is either downright stupid
or calculating......
and I go with the latter

and if Ryan wasn't sure he wanted another child he should have used his own birth control too and not chance it is she was being dishonest about it

espeially since "serious" relationship

1260 days ago
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