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Ryan Phillippe:

I'm Payin'

The Pregnant Chick!

3/17/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims Ryan Phillippe is her soon-to-be baby daddy says Ryan is a pre-natal deadbeat dad because he hasn't paid any of her expenses ... but we're told that's just not the case.


Alexis Knapp says her baby -- due in June -- is definitely Ryan's.  For his part, Ryan says he'll take a DNA test when the baby is born and if it's his ... he'll step up and support the kid.

But sources connected to Alexis claim while she's been incubating, she hasn't received a dime from Ryan and she's hurting financially because she's unable to work.

But sources connected to Ryan tell us Alexis is lying -- that Ryan has been paying Alexis' expenses, despite the fact that he has no obligation to do so until a judge establishes paternity.

We're also told Ryan is furious, because Alexis agreed that if Ryan paid to support her during her pregnancy, she wouldn't go blabbing to the media -- which Ryan's people believe she has done.

As one source connected to Ryan put it, "File this under the category, 'No good deed goes unpunished.'"


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These stars are so stupid! Wear a condom.

1293 days ago


The "****" should have gotten an abortion!

1293 days ago

Saul rosenberg    

So wait, he knocks up some girl and his camp says because he is being a man as he should be and taking care of his responsibility that no good deed goes unpunished? How is being a man and taking care of your obligations a good deed, next time wrap it up genius.

1293 days ago


Well then it's a good thing that "a source close to Ryan" is there to blab to the media anyway....if this person is really that close to Ryan he must be considered a "friend". Hopefully, not anymore.

1293 days ago


Until it's proven that the child is his, he is absolutely under no obligation to pay her finances. That only makes her look like she's is out for money, regardless of who the father actually is. And maybe I missed something, but why can't she work? Plenty of other women work while they are pregnant.....

1293 days ago


@Mimi she can do an everyday job like the rest of us. She doesn't need an education to be a receptionist or something like that. That just takes what? A high school degree? Hopefully she has that.

1293 days ago


God he's a tool. It could very well be that she's a gold digger, but he deserves to sweat it out if he's going to continue to behave like a juvenile d-bag. I'm sure his kids and ex must be so proud...

1293 days ago


He should have gone through legal channels with some kind of non-disclosure agreement if he wanted to help her out financially.

1293 days ago


#18 said, "I kind of feel sorry for Ryan, it is very unfair to make someone be a dad and pay lots of money when they had no intention of having a kid".

Ok well check this out moron----if you have no intention of having a kid then you use BIRTH CONTROL!!! Are you serious?? He's just as at fault as she is. What IS unfair though is bringing a child into a single parent home because you didn't spend a few bucks on birth control. I'm so sick and tired of people making excuses for sh*t that is preventable. I don't feel bad for either one of them.

1293 days ago


She is really pretty. He probably lost his mind & then he lost control of his D*CK!!!

1293 days ago


Did Ryan refer to the mother of his child as "The pregnant Chick" or is that just the TMZ slant against women ?

1293 days ago


Why did he try to pay her to be quiet? What was she supposed to do? Stay inside for 9 months? For the life of me I can't understand people having children when they have no intention of staying together. Are there not enough messed up children in the world because of this?
My heart breaks for all the children being brought into situations like this. So sad.

1293 days ago


eh, both trashy whorebags

1293 days ago


I heard him say he would step up if the baby is his. So WHY do these girls get so horrible? Just because you bang someone without protection doesn't mean they are going to marry you. This was her "idea", obviously. And what a biatch for taking it public. And why can't she work? Because she's pregnant? That's a good one! Wish I would have thought of that. hmmmm.

1293 days ago

Steelers suck    

Tell me again why she can't work like most other women in America who are pregnant? Oh, that's right, because we think since we got pregnant by a famous, rich man (allegedly) we don't have to that he will take care of our ho' ass!!!!

1293 days ago
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