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Ryan Phillippe's Ex

Lawyers Up

3/18/2011 8:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Phillippe's ex/alleged baby mama has lawyered up ... and a legal battle is now brewing ... TMZ has learned. 


Alexis Knapp -- the model/actress who claims to be carrying Ryan's baby -- has hired Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Ryan has said he'll take a DNA test once the baby is born and support the child if it's his, but Alexis is not satisfied.

And here's a fun fact.  Kaplan repped K-Fed in his divorce/custody battle with Britney Spears.


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She has told everyone that it is Ryan, and Ryan has said he will step up to the plate. I hope she isn’t going to be another "Oksana." She knew what she was doing when she got pregnant. She says that she didn't want anything from her Ryan. Well I guess we know that was a lie?

1315 days ago


Let's all keep our fingers crossed that Ryan isn't the father! I wonder if she would even know who the father is if it isn't him!!!

1315 days ago


Let's all keep our fingers crossed that Ryan isn't the father! I wonder if she would even know who the father is if it isn't him!!!

Posted at 3:51 PM on Mar 18, 2011 by Susan

Sadly, I think he will turn out to the father because a girl looking for a payday isn't about to risk not getting the cash cow. This is probably karma for what he did to Reese, I still feel sorry for Ryan.

1315 days ago


Ryan, IF this is the route she's taking, PAY CHILD SUPPORT ONLY. Don't buy this biotch a house or a car of pay any of her bills. She's entitled to child support and nothing else. Skank!!

1315 days ago


Smells like another attention whoring skank ho. When are these guys with a lil money in their pockets and a lil fame ever gonna learn to screen their hos more carefully?

She is realllllly stupid to put her baby at risk, as well as to put Ryan on defensive. Bad move smells fishy.

1315 days ago


Oh he's Reese Witherspoons ex, oh well he's getting what he deserves.

1315 days ago


When are these guys going to learn that these women are just out for their money? When? In this situation, sex is definitely not worth it...

1315 days ago


I'm sorry... but, if a poor excuse of a lazy no talent female gets knocked up on purpose for a quick paycheck - she or the kid shouldn't get a penny. She wanted the kid, she should support it on her own. I could see if it was a planned thing. but, the bimbo got knocked up cause she knew he was gonna dump her for someone else...

Ya, Ya he should have use protection - blah blah blah!!!

Just think of ALL the unwanted kids / adults over the generations that have issues cause they find out daddy never wanted them!!!

Just keepin' it in prospective... If you don't agree who really cares - get a life...

1315 days ago


I did some number crunching and Ryan broke up with her in October 2010 and the baby is due in June. I'm guessing she did the knock-up thing sometime in October when it was apparent he wasn't interest in a long term, serious relationship.

1315 days ago

Fred Farkel    

"Ryan has said he'll take a DNA test once the baby is born and support the child if it's his, but Alexis is not satisfied."

Not satisfied with what???

The fact that he wants to man up???

Uncle Fred just does not understand how these idiots wake up each day and get from here to there.

And frankly?? I hope that Maurie gets a chance to say, "Ryan is NOT the father!!!"

1315 days ago

Smarter Human    

"Modern" women suck.

1315 days ago

Fred Farkel    

"Women who profit off of making babies should be jailed. Women today are really setting women back 100 years. How sad."

At my age - I tend to say what's on my mind with no concern about other's opinions. But someday... I would like to see when a woman can be beaten - when she specifically sets out and TRYS AS HARD AS POSSIBLE to get a man to beat her.

1315 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Doesn't surprise me a bit!! She, and other gold diggers in Hollywood, accurately represent 95% of American women who get knocked up. They all feel entitled to the most amount of money they can get and will go to any length to get it. On the other hand, if it was some poor hot guy who knocked them up, they'd get an abortion because they know there's no way they could support it by themselves.

Moral to the story, go get a vasectomy and play all the women you want. When you're ready to have a kid and WANT A CHILD, go get it reversed!!!

THAT!!! My friends, PUTS THE GUY IN THE DRIVERS SEAT!!!!! And all the ladies can take all their "it takes two to tango BS" and shove it where the sun doesn't shine!!!

Posted at 3:42 PM on Mar 18, 2011 by therock

I very much hope you have heeded your own advice.

1315 days ago


Uh, what exactly is the problem here? What does she want, him to support her and the kid even if it's NOT his baby?

1315 days ago

January Jonez    

@FredFarkel: Well said sir!

1315 days ago
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