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Ryan Phillippe's Ex

Lawyers Up

3/18/2011 8:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Phillippe's ex/alleged baby mama has lawyered up ... and a legal battle is now brewing ... TMZ has learned. 


Alexis Knapp -- the model/actress who claims to be carrying Ryan's baby -- has hired Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Ryan has said he'll take a DNA test once the baby is born and support the child if it's his, but Alexis is not satisfied.

And here's a fun fact.  Kaplan repped K-Fed in his divorce/custody battle with Britney Spears.


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This is the byproduct of going to bed with someone that you don't know very well. You could end up with a big mess. Of course, it can also happen with sleeping with someone that you know. But easier when you don't know the person or their values.

Now he's going to have to deal with it.

The poor child.

1313 days ago


Some women actually get pregnant from celebs on purpose just so they are set for life. Gold diggers -smh-

1313 days ago


Oh he hit that up! the piper ryan...but discreetly! Don't wanna lose that Red Riding Hood! Love 'ya Amanda! ;)

1313 days ago


$20 says this piece of crap got pregnant on purpose. It's gonna hurt when he finds someone he actually likes and then ignores your kid.

1313 days ago


I hope he sticks to his word. He shouldn't give her a dime until the baby is born and a DNA test is taken and why is he giving her money now she's his ex.

Skank can't take care of herself for 9 months or how many more months she has left before the baby is born? Too bad, that's her problem not his.

1313 days ago


Looks like another case of an "Actress" looking for her 15 mins. I'm sure she also sold this information to TMZ for profit...what a tool.

1313 days ago


Take her on Maury!

1313 days ago


Oksana 2.0 New and improved......gets lawyer before the baby is even here......wants it all waiting till he flips out to go to court....gimme gimme gimme now.

1313 days ago

Cookie Monster    

Talk about big time promoting ur movie Ryan. It's been a long time since he's done anything and suddenly this one movie he does..BAMM! Someone gets prego and is taking him to court. Hmm.... what's next? the baby belongs to Matthew?

1313 days ago


Another whore figured out how to get a pension plan.

1313 days ago


Boo! Gold digging b*tch!

1313 days ago


Maybe NOW boys will find a male version of "the pill" to invent and support. Really, you would think they would like to have the same kind of control over their reproductive rights as women do, without having to ONLY rely on a condom... or trusting their girl when she says, "I'm on the pill. It's OK. Really." Not discussing over-all health ramifications here, but c'mon men, why is the male version of the pill just not something you all want to discuss?

1313 days ago


male celebrities, sports stars, etc. should just get snipped and be done with it. It's easily reversible and can save them millions. Put your sperm on ice somewhere just in case.

1313 days ago


I had a friend who dated a girl for a few months after they broke up she later informed him she was pregnant and "Don't even think about asking if its yours, I have always been the type to be faithful." He went to 2 doctors to verify & had thoe verifications his many-years-ago vasectomy certified. He then went to see his ever-so-faithful ex-girlfriend. She was going on about how their baby was going to be so beautiful, blah, blah, blah. He told her there was no possibility he could have fathered a child and before he could finish explaining why, she ripped him telling him he was a dead beat who wanted play but not be responsible for his actions. He then gave her a manila envelope which she opened and found the do***ents stating he was neutered. Her jaw dropped and he walked out the door. Come to find out, she had hooked up a couple times with a drummer in some s***my hole-in-the-wall band. She ended the pregnancy.

Wonder if she was faithful to RP, be hilarious if the child was not his.

1313 days ago


Chicks like Alexis make a strong case for that "Anal Sex Only" Policy mentioned earlier...maybe someone can institute that on her s***-bag Attorney as well!!!

1313 days ago
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