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"Bachelor" Winner Emily Rings It In

3/18/2011 5:41 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With rumors of their breakup swirling, "Bachelor" star Brad Womack's chosen bride-to-be Emily Maynard was spotted at the airport in Charlotte on Thursday still wearing her huge engagement ring.

Their love is rock solid.



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@KaribethWrong: "That is not a solid's called a halo setting. It's small stones set in white gold that make it LOOK like a solitare..kinda like TV making them LOOK like a real couple..."

Posted at 2:45 PM on Mar 18, 2011 by KaribethWrong

Wrong. It is a very large cushion-cut diamond surround by rings of smaller brilliant cut diamonds. It is worth an estimated $50,000

1285 days ago

John Paul    

Ahhhh.....I love the smell of HorseScat in the morning !!! I cant figure out which show sux more, the bachelwhores or dancing with the nobodys ??? And the list goes on....Jersey crap, whorewives, etc, etc....

1285 days ago


WHY in the world in this pic she looks like Heidi Montag?seriously!

1285 days ago


She's so dang cute :) We LOVE Emily.

I really hope they work things out. If he's a grump, he needs to get help for that, because even if he marries someone other than Emily, there will be trouble in the future. You need respect each other, no matter what.

1285 days ago

deuceswild 76    


1285 days ago


At the After The Rose Ceremony Show, it was like pulling teeth to get her to say that she loved him and was still engaged to him. She was very reserved.

In the Series Finale, she didn't cry when he proposed to her.

I believe it is a relationship of true love.

He loves her. And she loves her.

We'll see if that's enough for a stable relationship that will lead to marriage.

If she dumps him within 4 months, as seems likely, can he come back for another season as "The Bachelor"?

1284 days ago


I think Emily is doing the right thing by not rushing to move in with him and get married. I wouldn't believe the breakup rumors just yet. She was at the Charlotte airport because she flew back from Austin. She plans to take her daughter along on the next visit.

1284 days ago


I tend to agree with tinalouise..her heart was never really in it at all. When Brad proposed it showed his heart was totally in it, but she displayed very little emotion at all. To me that said it all..she never intended to get married. It was all an act to get her face(bleached blonde hair and all) on national tv week after week. She knew what the bachelor was all about. Was brad supposed to shake each girls hand during their dates..that would sure have been a ratings dropper. She KNEW and that is why I feel she is a phony. I feel sorry for Brad. He should have picked Chantal.

1284 days ago


"famewhore???". Did I not get the memo? Her body English screams "no,no" but I truly believe she is extremely shy and very careful with her feelings. Issues have to addressed in real life..they are not in the fantasy world created by the shows but dealing with real life!!! I only hope Brad is not the one who ends up losing someone with whom he is obviously very much in love.

1284 days ago



1284 days ago


How can people be so ugly on these message boards? Emily/Brad, Chris is right... there are so many people who support you and wish you all the HAPPINESS in the world. If you love each other don't let the comments and hatred of these idiots destroy what you have. Hold on to one another. All the best to you both! :)

1284 days ago


To all your negative people out there - and the ones who didn't think she had emotion while he was proposing is because he apparently had to PROPOSE 4 TIMES before they got the camera angles right! TV at its best! Thus why you didn't see the final rose getting handed out! If you youtube deleted scenes you will find it there. So what we saw on TV was probably take 3 or 4! A FACT!

1284 days ago


Will everybody just shut up?
Your all being completely disrespectful towards them. You should all be happy for them!
They ARE in love, and they will get married. Emily has a daughter that she needs to think about, and thats why she's not rushing into this. Besides they had to keep their relationship private for like 4 or 5 months!
Do you know how much that would suck? Being engaged to somebody and then not being able to public with them for that long?
They love each other and now they get to go public, so they can experience their love in real life.
Give them a break and grow up. Its not easy for them either. They have to face going on the internet and reading some BS story about how they broke up. They have to deal with stupid tabloids and rumors.
Its not easy!
Give them a break!
Emily DOES love Brad, and Brad loves Emily.
Grow up.

1284 days ago


And to Brad and Emily...
I wish you guys the best.
Your so adorable together and I hope everything works out.
Congratulations on your engagement!!!!
Best wishes

1284 days ago


Ashley - I agree 100% with you! Everyone just shut up and let them be and sort through this new life they have together! Also, if they HAD gotten married already everbody would be screaming about that! She is doing what's best for her daughter and you have to respect that! She's trying to build a life with someone she loves under difficult cirumstances - a life she deserves very much being everything she has already been through in her life thus far. That's a lot for a young girl!

1284 days ago
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