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Charlie Sheen Rake$ It In On Tour

3/18/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will make $7 million dollars on his "Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour ... TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with the concert tour tell us ... the deal is for Charlie to perform on 21 dates. He'll get 85% of the profits, with Live Nation getting the remaining 15%.  Charlie's cut is projected to average between $250,000 - $275,000 for each show.

And there's more ... Charlie will get additional $$$ for after-parties and merchandising with 200,000 pieces of merchandise already shipped out for the show.

In all, we're told Charlie will pull in $7 million in a month.

The show will last 1 hour and 15 minutes.  It's essentially Charlie doing comedy in a chair, so the overhead is minimal.

And since the shows are selling out off of Charlie's Twitter, there are no advertising costs.

"Two and a Half" what?


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Lololol!!! Got to love it, Charlie still sells and the more p.r he gets on the gossip sites the more he'll make lol!! The guy isn't going to be sat at home crying into his pillow (I'm being nice!) and saying Two and a Half Men can't do this to me, I'll never work again lol!! Guess he just proved everyone wrong on that lol!! Whether you love him or hate him, Charlie bounces back and he never hides behind the BS of pretending to be someone he isn't! Everyone has heard of him which is why these little porn stars are so eager to nip round and associate, they sell their story the next day and whine in the paper for a few months about Charlie's partying - yeah, like they were popping over for a literary study of the philosophic minds in history lol!! Anyone, Male or Female who rants about Charlie gets no sympathy from me these days, his lifestyle, his character and everything about Charlie has been published on every media outlet for over 20 years - you take the risk, your own fault!!

1314 days ago


Glad there's truth involved.

1314 days ago


Total jerk. Full of %^&&&%^&!!!! Had sooooooo many chances. I know addiction must be very difficult. Especially, when you're playing the role of a drunk and you are trying to stay sober. But, still ....... this almost seems set up. How could somebody go from one extreme to another in such a short period of time? Oh yeah, and have a new show with lots and lots of money. Only in CA.

1314 days ago


You know how many average Joe Charlie Sheen's there are out there? I bet they are P***** that a famous "Charlie" is going to make ANY money for this behavior. I do wonder if he can keep folks entertained for very long. Can't wait for the reviews.

1314 days ago


WOW Seems to be a lot of jealous people on here.
Dont you wish you could pull off a scam like this.
7 million dollars for an hour and 15 mins 21 times plus the merchandise he will sell. Sold out of seats just using twitter.

You are one super cool money maker Charlie.
How about sending me some of those hot hookers my way

Keep up the good work Charlie.

Go to to get Charlie's interview with Alex Jones.


911 inside job, hell ya it was.

1314 days ago



1314 days ago


Well, kudos to Charlie Sheen, because he found a way to pay for his mortgages and child support to his (how many?) children now. Ex-wives are saying: "Just keep the checks coming, Charlie and keep our children housed." Once the money runs out, it's back to Square 1 because he's trashed his other source of income. Trashed the relationships with his ex-wives.He's a novelty now, but what happens after the "new" wears off? He's coming here, but I can't and won't buy any tickets. I know it's not a family friendly show.
Yeah -- WINNING -- for the moment !!!!

1313 days ago


It is a shame People who make so little sense are so well paid. Those of us who are honest hard working and try to live as best as we can, have to put up with media coverage of such ignorance.

1313 days ago


go Charlie we know he can play the system he grew up in

1313 days ago

The Outsider    

The 1987 book, Linda Goodman's Star Signs details the only true system of numerology. You will see there that the name "Charlie Sheen" adds up to a 43 which indicates "repeated failure." His "secondary birth vibration" adds up to a 33 which "indicates incredible luck regarding love, money and creativity." "The only problem with" fortunate numbers such as the latter is that "things come so effortlessly that the native tends to take them for granted." Still there is no doubt in my mind that the 43 is derailing him and he would be recommended to change his name. I would suggest Charles Sheen as that would be a 24, which is a less intense version of the 33. However, if you lexigram (another piece of "ancient wisdom for the new age" from the aforementioned book) that name, you would find negative words such as "harsh." So Charlie, you need to modify your name to not only a more harmonious numerological vibration but to one that has the letters "n" and "o" to cancel out any negative words with the word "no." So I would suggest Carlos Sheen which adds up to the fortunate vibration "42." As for Mr. Sheen's activities, he created an imaginary interview with Obama on the Alex Jones Show back in September '09 that informs the listener about the truth about 911. Fast forward to Christmas '09 and he is arrested. He never really recovered from that fall from grace. Not a coincidence in my opinion. In short, Charlie Sheen can wear a lampshade on his head for the entire "Torpedo of Truth Tour" for all I care because he is a "winner" in my book.

1313 days ago


I would hope that not one single person shows up and that the whole thing goes bust from the first date! He's clearly pickled his brain so much with alcohol and drugs and along comes a group of fools who promise him millions of dollars for making a fool of himself in front of a live audience. Hope they bring rotten vegetables along! He desperately needs a "wake-up call".

1313 days ago


I hate there will be no new shows with Charlie,the only thing on TV worth watching!

1313 days ago


Of course he can make 7 mill. per show. The tickets aren't all one flat rate, they range wildly in price just like any other stadium event. He'll make out pretty good. Only one hour of 'work' per event whereas he could spend an entire day or more shooting and reshooting scenes for 2 1/2 men. Yeah, he made out OK from the money end of things. He'll have to travel but he'll be treated like a rock star.

1313 days ago


Questions...Charlie Sheen to perform what ? how to smoke crack correctly ? How 2Beable To Suck Ur Own Penis ? How 2 Hate Women And Still Get ***** ? How The Opening Act, PeeWee Herman ?

1313 days ago


You people are hilarious!! Forget Charlie! "...Drug induced baffoonery!" I love it! Poor Charlie... he's a has been

1313 days ago
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