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Charlie Sheen Rake$ It In On Tour

3/18/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will make $7 million dollars on his "Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour ... TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with the concert tour tell us ... the deal is for Charlie to perform on 21 dates. He'll get 85% of the profits, with Live Nation getting the remaining 15%.  Charlie's cut is projected to average between $250,000 - $275,000 for each show.

And there's more ... Charlie will get additional $$$ for after-parties and merchandising with 200,000 pieces of merchandise already shipped out for the show.

In all, we're told Charlie will pull in $7 million in a month.

The show will last 1 hour and 15 minutes.  It's essentially Charlie doing comedy in a chair, so the overhead is minimal.

And since the shows are selling out off of Charlie's Twitter, there are no advertising costs.

"Two and a Half" what?


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What good is the money after he kills himself with the drugs. He cant take it with him. He needs rehab.

1252 days ago


There's nothing sweeter that proving "The Man", "The Establishment, and "The Power Brokers" wrong and then rubbing their noses in it. Addictions, and manias aside, Charlie is an anti-hero to anyone who's ever been fired by A-Holes (are there any other kinds of bosses who fire you?!?) strictly for saying "F U!" the the people who fired him, and making millions in spite of them. BTW, he's following Conan O'Brien's strategy after being bent-over and reamed by that douche Jay Leno and NBC. Going on a stage tour to solidify his massive cult following, stay in the public eye while still making millions, then return triumphantly to either TV or Cable in a more powerful incarnation. WELL DONE, YOU HEDONISTIC WHORE-MONGERING HERO!!! lol

1252 days ago


Not so crazy, huh?

This man is brilliant. He could only pull this off if sober. It requires strategy and finesse and CS drips all of that.

I believe he's sober and that WB is crying in the corner wondering how they can off load Chuck Lorre to bring CS back.

They'd be crazy not to.

1252 days ago


Wonder if the audience will boo him after they get tired of his rambling & realize they were had. What do they expect him to do? He's not a standup comic, he doesn't sing or dance. And saying winning & duh for an hour will get old. 2 1/2 men was not a hit just because of Sheen, it was because of his co-stars & the interaction between everyone was what was so good.

1252 days ago


All Charlie-cheering aside, Chuck Lorre is a narcissistic douche. Clearly he wrote Charlie's character on 2 1/2 men to portray HIM--or rather, how he saw himself if he were more rock-star-ish and debauched, if he'd had the looks or balls to be a womanizer. Instead, what we see in the character of "Alan" is the true voice that inhabits his head, the divorced weenie with the traditional moral values, and pea-sized ego who always loses to the "I don't give a F" brother who makes zero effort--sound familiar? Look to Lorre's after-episode cards to support this argument. In "real-life" he enviously skewered Charlie's antics from his little soap-box, much the way the brother-character from the show would. Then metaphorically turned the game-board over and left when Charlie didn't weep bitter tears, but shrugged and laughed. Anyway, who else in the TV business includes little letters from the editor style commentary at the end of the shows they produce? No one--only a douche for whom all the millions is not enough, but who craves the fame and recognition that the stars--whom he considers common peons--get. LORRE IS A DOUCHE!!!!

1252 days ago


Talk about buyer remorse. I can't wait to see how many people ask for a refund after the "show".

1252 days ago


Good job Charlie! Crazy.. like a fox!!!

1252 days ago


Seriously screwed up people love to see a freak show, and Charlie Sheen is a freak show. Frankly I think the audience is either waiting to see him have sex on stage, shoot up drugs, or kill himself. People who pay to see this moron are just as sick and perverted as he is. There's a sucker born every minute, as the saying goes.

1252 days ago


Charlie will be able to buy LOTS of stink-fish with $7 million!!!

1252 days ago


EXACTLY and he gets all his own endorsement money--the syndication was locked up already. this reminds me of when Prince did his name change and face writing antics to get out of his warner brothers contract. wierd antics, but savvy business move-and a brave one charlie is an actor after all

1252 days ago



1252 days ago



1252 days ago


That sure is a harder way of making money compared to Two and a Half Men. I can't wait until after the first show when everyone comes online and complains they spent all that money to watch Charlie sit in a chair talking like he did in a free TMZ interview.

1252 days ago

david Shapiro    

2 mil a show vs 7 mil for 21 shows...LOSING

1252 days ago


With the internet where the WORLD could watch him FREE, the most he could hold was 50,000 people, and I think they were on only to see how fast the numbers were dropping.

Given his numbers, I estimate he'd have to sell 100,000 tickets for each show to make $7 mil for 21 shows. HA HA HA!!!

Chuck Lorre is probably getting a good laugh

1252 days ago
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