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Elin Nordegren's New $12 Million Tiger Den

3/18/2011 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren has reportedly used some of her $100 million divorce settlement from Tiger Woods to buy a brand new $12 million home ... just ten miles from Tiger's new digs.

The 9,000 sq ft beach front home in North Palm Beach features eight bathrooms and a 4,000 sq ft basement.

Elin is the only mistress of this house.



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If I had that kind of money again I'd buy a ranch in Montana, build my own runway/heli-pad & be self sufficient & away from all the 'Fake' Hollywood-ites & sky diving Ding-Bats in their Big P/U Trucks...But then again, I do like Atlantic City...

1230 days ago


Well, that $100 million clearly isn't going to last too long.... 9,000 sq. ft home for?!?

1230 days ago


Every woman's dream. A couple of kids and a wealthy ex husband to foot the bill. Not bad for an ex nanny.

1230 days ago


Good for Elin. She deserves a nice place to live.

1230 days ago

John Paul    

Good thing she's not a Gold Digger like so many whores these days...!!!! What a CUNning stUNT !! Dont all people from Transylvania have big basements ?? Its much more comfortable when u sleep during the day....

1230 days ago


Nice place

1230 days ago

Bobo Frog    

This gold digging bee-hotch did alright for herself.

1230 days ago


@mike, contrary to your claims, Elin was a college student at Lund University when she met Tiger Woods. She worked for the Parneviks while on a break from college and would have gone back to her studies if Tiger hadn't PURSUED HER AND WOOED HER, ASKING HER TWICE TO GO OUT WITH HIM. Her own twin sister was also working for the Parneviks at the time, and is now a lawyer. Their older brother is a marketing consultant who works in China. And to the misinformed here, Elin came from a well to do family. Her mother is a well known and well to do politician in Sweden who also owns her very own castle, and her father is a radio journalist who served as a bureau chief in Washington.
I find some of these comments just completeley ridiculous. I could understand if this was someone like Oksana who has a history of being a gold digger, and is now doing everything she can to get money off mel even though they weren't married. But Elin was married to Tiger and has never publicly dissed him nor has she done anything to try to keep her kids away from their dad. To the people trashing Elin just because she bought that house, maybe the reason why she bought it in the first place instead of the one in Sweden is coz Tiger didn't want her and the kids to move back to Sweden. I remember that was one of the things that they were trying to work on. Call Elin whatever you want, but Tiger got richer off his image as a loving family man and pimping his perfect family to the media. As for Tammy, get over the fact that Elin is caucasian. Tiger himself is more asian than anything else, so why would you care if he chose her to be his wife? your obsession with her race just gets to show how racist you truly are. And as for your suggestion that Elin was in the know about him cheating on her from the get go, how stupid can you get? Do you honestly believe she would have willingly risked her life and her children's lives just for the sake of money? I pretty much doubt exposing her kids to the risks of stds and aids would have been worth it just for the sake of money, and for you to suggest that Elin is that horrible of a mother is beyond rude. and to the others here who keeps calling Elin a gold digger who never loved Tiger, if that was true then why did Tiger's family approve of their marriage in the first place? I'm sure his parents would have been very thorough in checking out Elin's background and intention to make sure that she wasn't just marrying Tiger for his money. Even Tiger's brother had nothing bad to say about Elin, and has said that Earl Woods was close to Elin. Earl had a huge say in Tiger's love life. He hated Tiger's ex gf Jagoda which was the reason why Tiger broke up with her. And Tiger's mother Kutilda even helped Tiger choose an engagement ring for Elin. To the jealous haters here, it's none your business what Elin does.

1230 days ago


Tiger woods owns a 60 million dollar property with a four-hole golf course and a running track.PLUS he can now sleep with anyone he wants to sleep with. He's hardly feeling it people. wake up and smell the coffee.

1230 days ago


"Atta girl! Take that pig and rub his two-faced face in it! She is gorgeous...Yum yum in my num num!"

LOLL looks like some people haven't seen tiger's house. He's hardly feeling it. Nice try though but there is too much money in tiger's face for him to notice.

1230 days ago


He may be rich beyond dreams but one thing is sure the guy has NO CLASS PRINCIPLES VALUES AND DIGNITY .....
There are things that money can't buy thank God.
She deserves every single penny she got from that pig and even more after what he put her through.
Now he can go back to whoring and chasing nasty holes and hopefully one day he will be HIV positive !!!!

1230 days ago


Tiger was wrong for cheating on Elin but I give kudos to him and Elin in co-parenting together and being civil to each other (not dissing each other in public) for the sake of their children.

1230 days ago


She is realy nuts... And it is not a nice house. Period

1230 days ago


im sorry but no pu**y is worth 100 million. what a joke

1230 days ago


Gisele Bundchen just wrote a check for 1 million dollars to the earthquake fund created by the Japanese Red Cross. She also donated 1.5 million to the Haitian relief effort. What are you doing Tiger and Elin?

1230 days ago
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