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'National Anthem' Leprechaun Fires Back at Dodgers

3/18/2011 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The leprechaun who screwed up the National Anthem at yesterday's Los Angeles Dodgers game says the team "embarrassed and abused" him after making what he calls a tiny mistake.


TMZ obtained a letter from Jeff Beacher -- owner of the company that dispatches armies of little people to parties.  Jeff claims Donald Davis ... aka the leprechaun ... worked tirelessly to learn the "Star Spangled Banner" before yesterday's Spring Training game -- but "under the pressure of the moment, forgot some of the song's lyrics."

Donald claims after he finished singing the Dodgers ripped him a wee one by accusing him of intentionally messing up the song as a prank.

Donald's demanding a formal apology from the blue crew for "cruel and insensitive treatment."

Calls to the Dodgers were not returned.

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No Avatar


LMFAO!!! sausage fingers make me laugh.

1258 days ago


I don't know who's more handicapped, the dodgers or their coaching staff? the drunk Leprechaun singing the National Anthem was ****ing brilliant though, best part of the game by far.

1258 days ago


I've never had any real fetishes, but something about that little bastard has me all hot and bothered.

1258 days ago


The Dodgers actually won that game! They better hire that Oomprachaun asap! Can't wait to see all the handi-capable flying midgets at Beacher's Madhouse!

1258 days ago


"And the rockets red glare, the bombs igniting my orange hair, gave proof through the night, that I'm lacking in height. Oh, say does that star-spangled Oompa Loompa yet ball,
O'er the land of the WEE and the home of the small ?

1258 days ago


hahahahahaa Omprachaun! I want one!!! Where is the video?!!!

1258 days ago


OK I was there at the game, and he was tore up b4 the anthem....it was worse than a lil flub like forgeting a line or two. He bombed like hiroshima so the crowd helped with the last half. Most people were laughing at him. It was St Pattys and he's a lep, hes supposed to be hammered and making people laugh. Get over it. I was hoping for some mig tossing afterwards....maybe next year!

1258 days ago


He "worked tirelessly to learn" the national anthem? What is it with "celebrities" and the national anthem? Children can sing it without a problem.

Posted at 2:41 PM on Mar 18, 2011 by Dee

Agreed. I learned this song in elementary school. Even if you don't remember it from childhood, how hard is it to memorize? The song is like one minute long!

1258 days ago


If you don't know the anthem, don't take the gig and make yourself look a fool!

And, secondly, every person of every country should know their freaking anthem..no excuse!!!

1258 days ago

Mark Proctor    

Where is Harvey when you need him... to sing that is.

1258 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Sounds like that Donald guy has a "Short" fuse and gets angry fast. I'm sure the Dodgers paid him a "Small" fortune to sing. Perhaps he should spend a "Little" time learning the National Anthem.

1258 days ago


Sounds to me like it was planned...who cares it was St Patricks Day and he was probably trashed....wish I was there to see it. Does anyone know if this is on You Tube??? Next time maybe they can get Matt or Amy Roloff to do it!

1258 days ago


WHY is it people have this ignorant propensity to hire people to sing the freakin national anthem who have to learn it ten minutes before the performance?

If you don't know the lyrics to this don't dare call yourself a patriot and in my world an American for that matter. And anyone who hires people, how about hearing them first? MORONS.

Today's American teens and many adults know the lyrics to every snoop dogg and company hate rant out there yet not the freaking anthem> get the hell outta here if that's YOU. I spit on your ILK.

1258 days ago


Little F*cker!!!

1258 days ago


Only in America people care this much about a stupid anthem.... there's more important things folks!

1258 days ago
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