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'National Anthem' Leprechaun Fires Back at Dodgers

3/18/2011 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The leprechaun who screwed up the National Anthem at yesterday's Los Angeles Dodgers game says the team "embarrassed and abused" him after making what he calls a tiny mistake.


TMZ obtained a letter from Jeff Beacher -- owner of the company that dispatches armies of little people to parties.  Jeff claims Donald Davis ... aka the leprechaun ... worked tirelessly to learn the "Star Spangled Banner" before yesterday's Spring Training game -- but "under the pressure of the moment, forgot some of the song's lyrics."

Donald claims after he finished singing the Dodgers ripped him a wee one by accusing him of intentionally messing up the song as a prank.

Donald's demanding a formal apology from the blue crew for "cruel and insensitive treatment."

Calls to the Dodgers were not returned.

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No Avatar


typical dodgers.

1279 days ago


hey Donny, I'd say get on your knees but you can blow me standing up you little b**tch

1279 days ago


The leprechaun is retarded. He should not have been hired, its the fault of people who promoted this as a drunken freak show.

1279 days ago


Donny tried his best, the little bastard just came up a little short.

1278 days ago


Someone in Congress should sponser a bill changing the national anthem to Row Row Row Your Boat. Maybe then some of these "performers" could remember the words.

1278 days ago


This was just another retarded freak show, like dwarf tossing, to amuse the masses, howling for blood in the coliseum, between gladiator fights. At least this century, nobody got killed, but the retard got his feeling hurt, and they should blame the organizers who thought it would be funny to have a green moron sing the anthem. It shows total lack of respect for America.

1278 days ago


Didn't that skank Christina have to 'learn' the National Anthem as well. Many seemed to forgiving of her, why not Davis? Or is it easier to forgive a young, blond, supposedly cute drunk girl rather than a little short guy? Many people, when in front of a huge crowd have forgotten the National Athem.

1278 days ago


The orange Irish Oompa Loompa is retarded, get it, retarded, he really tried to learn the lyrics, but he is retarded by birth, unlike that ugly scraggy skank Aguilara, who is drunk, disgusting and just plain revolting! Give the little guy a break, he tried!

1278 days ago


Crap, folks, read the article before you spew your nonsense. The guy is slow/handicapped/disabled/mentally challenged/retarded/AN IDIOT..whatever you want to call it, he is not normal, he is a few beans shy of a burrito, the elevator does not go to the top floor....... ok, so cut the guy some slack, as the letter says! Aguilara is just a drunken nasty skank who was too frigging dumb to learn the lyrics, the green retard tried really hard, so lighten up! The Dodger guys in suits who allowed this travesty are to be blamed, not the leprechaun.

1278 days ago

eff you idiots who didnt watch the draft and dont know the whole story    

The world champion Giants are donating and helping Japan. While the dodgers make fun of midgets. God doesnt like ugly thats why Giants are champs and dodgers are chumps

1278 days ago


Don is a cool dude. It's disgusting the level of hate in comments, TMZ is becoming like Hitler Germany Online.

1278 days ago

Ali Diva    

Donny is awesome. Dodgers suck. bunch of overpaid ****s. No wonder their team is falling apart.

Team Donny
Team Beacher

1278 days ago


I don't want to live in an America where a retarded little guy wearing orange make-up and a green wig can't sing the National Anthem as best he can without being ridiculed. Lincoln freed the slaves, it's time for Harvey Levin to lead his fellow vertically challenged citizens and free the midgets.

1278 days ago
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