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Lindsay's Tea Maker -- We Don't Make Booze!!!

3/18/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's special fermented Kombucha tea does NOT legally qualify as alcohol -- and therefore should not be used against the actress in court ... this according to the tea maker.

TMZ broke the story ... the L.A. County Probation Department believes LiLo violated her probation by drinking the tea, because it contains a very small amount of alcohol ... 0.5%.

But the guy who owns the company -- GT Dave -- tells us it's a "ridiculous" move because "it's like punishing Lindsay for taking a dose of cough syrup or a small amount of vanilla extract."

GT says he personally warned Lindsay about the microscopic alcoholic content of his drink last year -- and Lohan assured him she cleared it with her legal team and probation officer, even referring to the drink as a "non issue."

We'll have to see if the judge agrees.


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The rules don't apply to me! I'm Lindsay Lohan!

1264 days ago


So Dave you must be a very bad alcoholic if you are getting alcohol from vanilla extract.

1264 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

2nd mistake, taking the word of Lindsay.
1st mistake, ever getting involved with Lindsay.

1264 days ago


such a non story. she was drinking this last year and it was never an issue and it was never brought up in her probation report as being a problem. she's going to jail for violating her probation over the charge not over drinking a tea.

1264 days ago


what a non story. the judge isn't going to lock her away over a tea. she was drinking the stuff last year and the judge never made it an issue nor did she violate probation over it.

1264 days ago


Like they said:"leave Britney alone". Leave Lindsey alone with all this Super Attacking it's a wonder she has not tryed to off herself yet. Almost Everybody parties or has in the past. Sometime people overdo it F$ck up. Really who hasn't. Hopefully she will be okay. She was/is & still can be pretty & a great actress again. Anyone who puts others down has serious issues with there own self. Pulling for you Lindsey you still have fans. :)

1264 days ago


This is just stupid, talk about being over critical. A 5 year old kid can by this tea at a store, but they are saying its a probation violation. No wonder CA is broke, they keep spending millions on pointless cases that are not a big deal. Work on keeping psychopaths from shooting up schools and killing people, who gives a **** if you drink some tea!!!

1264 days ago

Dave Kombucha    

Yeah this is complete non sense.. I wrote an article awhile back regarding alcohol and kombucha. You can check it out here: -

the only thing one should be mindful of is if they are in a religion or are part of a AA program which prohibits any form of alcohol... I know a few recovering alcoholics and each one of them have different views so it is a personal thing.. but
from a legal perspective anything under .5% is not considered labeled as alcohol.

Hope this helps!

1264 days ago


LAPD has some serious obsessiveness with Lindsay. It is ridiculous. They screwed up a long time ago by ignoring the white powder and now they are crucifying her? What is more jail time going to do for her? She has been in hospital rehab for 3 weeks - it didn't do her any good. She was in rehab for months. That seemed to help.
The only thing that girl needs is work. She can't get work if she is in court all the time.

1264 days ago


no alcohol means no matter how you spin it.if she wants tea then go to the store and get some tea with no alcohol in it.but she dont and wont.there is a reason she buys tea with alcohol in it.also the she cleared it with probation office line translates into im lindsay lohan i can do what i want.

1264 days ago


There are reports that Kombucha tea can help combat radiation. hm!

1264 days ago


There must be some kind of mix up Lindsay doesn't drink tea she is a "MILKOHOLIC"

1264 days ago


Is THIS Lindsay's new career? Dina posting to TMZ all day long for cash? Absolutely pathetic.

1264 days ago


If it says no alcohol, then no alcohol. Good heavens, that girl has to have someone explain each and every little thing 10 times over. If you're so inept that you can't figure things out for yourself, someone has to lay the law down.

1264 days ago


heres what the scoop is lindsay tested pos for alcohol and the best way out is to say it must be the tea. she is still drinking the tea is a cop out. its like poppi seeds you would have to eat thousands of the to get a reading for heroin. blame the tea for your failed alcohol test and the tea company its a joke

1264 days ago
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