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Lindsay's Tea Maker -- We Don't Make Booze!!!

3/18/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's special fermented Kombucha tea does NOT legally qualify as alcohol -- and therefore should not be used against the actress in court ... this according to the tea maker.

TMZ broke the story ... the L.A. County Probation Department believes LiLo violated her probation by drinking the tea, because it contains a very small amount of alcohol ... 0.5%.

But the guy who owns the company -- GT Dave -- tells us it's a "ridiculous" move because "it's like punishing Lindsay for taking a dose of cough syrup or a small amount of vanilla extract."

GT says he personally warned Lindsay about the microscopic alcoholic content of his drink last year -- and Lohan assured him she cleared it with her legal team and probation officer, even referring to the drink as a "non issue."

We'll have to see if the judge agrees.


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I have a loved one in recovery.
Been in recovery about 15 yrs.
He won't take cough/cold meds if they contain
even a hint of alcohol.
If there is a chance that there is even a hint
of alcohol he will not drink, eat, take it.

Trace alcohol Linds is still alcohol!!

1313 days ago


It's not an "issue" it's an excuse sset-up for a negative test. Red flag.

Poor Kombucha guy getting trashed for nothing by Lohan.

1313 days ago


It's not an "issue" it's an excuse set-up for a negative test. Red flag. Under the cir***stance it's sneaky behavior.

Poor Kombucha guy getting trashed for nothing by Lohan.

1313 days ago


Let's compare to Heineken, which is a fairly weak beer at ABV 3.2% in the US. Many beers are around 5%.

In order to get the same amount of alcohol from the tea as the beer (0.5% ABV or less) you'd need to drink 6 and a bit times the amount of tea. Don't even think of comparing it to spirit alcohol. Think of your bladder.

Also consider the liver has a fixed rate of metabolising alcohol, and without risking water intoxication (which is worse) it would be very difficult to get any physiological effects from alcohol at that ABV.

There are many foods with similar levels of alcohol. Quite commonly consumed staple beverages. Except you don't hear about their alcohol content because they're not legally bound to say so, because it's completely ridiculous.

I guess they'll wait until court... What a wonderful use of time and money. If they're going to be punitive at least do it for sane reasons, not what amounts to scientific illiteracy.

1313 days ago


can this tea fix that ugly face she has , sure dont want to wake up to that, have to roll her over and give to her.

1313 days ago


TMZ you said that the probation report had such blistering information that Lindsay violated probation that she would surely be sent to prison if convicted for theft.

Now so far all you have said is that she drinks tea?

What are the other violations?

1313 days ago


alcoholics are notorious for using vanilla or cough syrup when in dire need of drink and no booze in sight. sorry, she's on probation so anything that is detrimental to her sobriety, including kombucha tea should be off limits and a violation of the terms requiring her to stay away from consuming alcohol containing products

1313 days ago


The only reason she is drinking this tea is because if they test her and find alcohol in her system, she can say "Oh, Wow, remember I told you about that tea I was drinking? It must be from that! Because I DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL!!!" Thereby, placing it on them, because she told them about it in the first place.

She's just as stupid as those idiots that eat a poppy seed muffin or take cough syrup before a drug test. The worst part is that she's too stupid to realize that nobody buys her bs anyway. She will get hers, if not this time, there will be a next.

1313 days ago


So, my take on all this is the tea issue is not an issue at all and it has nothing to do with what her probation officer has on her. I'm guessing - but I would have to say that her probation officer has dropped several drug tests and she has not passed them and it wasn't the tea's fault. Common sense tells me that fight she had at the detoc center was for real because she was drunk... she was at a bar that night (which also was a probation violation). She was just out at 2 bars in NY (another probation violation) and just because no one saw her put any drinks to her mouth doesn't mean she was not drinking (volka looks like water) maybe was she just doing "drugs" (check out her eyes in the photo TMZ posted of her) ... we are stupid if we would think any different.

1313 days ago


@ jack
She is not getting drunk or even a buzz from the tea itself. She is letting them know she drinks that tea, being photographed with it as well, so that when she pops positive for alcohol in her system, she thinks she can blame it on the tea. She is still drinking alcohol - NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

1313 days ago


Oops... I also am guessing but I would have to say that the "Tea" issue was Lindsay's excuse for "NOT PASSING" her drug drops. She has an excuse for everything - she should write a book on them.

1313 days ago


LAPD has nothing to do with this @@
This has to do with the DA and her probation offices and the judge. They make the rules, they tell the police what to do (arrest her, not arrest her).

With that is a big deal because it is Lindsey trying to skirt the rules - just like a child. Alcohol is alcohol...and if the drink contains it - it violages her probation. Period. If she would just be a responsable adult like many of us - she would not continually get into these situations.

1313 days ago


You know SCH must cringe when she sees Lindsays name on the caller ID. Lindsay is set to ruin her winning numbers. She is finally realizing that she probably should have passed on taking Ms LowHan.

1313 days ago


Why even bother to drink this drink if it has any alcohol in it? Why not just drink regular tea? She is the epitome of an addict.

1313 days ago


This is getting old we know that the LAPD is out to get her. Save the state some money don't they have real crime in LA to take care of. She's trying give her a chance are they going to keep this crap up right on. She will never be able to get her life back until they give he a chance too. The cops the probation office, the judge all are really getting to much fun out of this. Did I miss something did she kill someone they have killers and drug dealers, armed robbers spend the time and money on those crimes and the crime rate will go down.

1313 days ago
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