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NFL Star -- Roger Goodell Is 'Screwing the Players'

3/18/2011 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman BLASTED NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in L.A. last night -- telling TMZ, Rog is "screwing the players" by taking their money ... for his own personal gain.

Lockout, anyone?

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And we give a frack what you say because you really care about NFL football fans, right?

1317 days ago


I made a whopping $45,294.36 in 2010, do you see me bitchin' and moaning? Damned overpaid whining schmucks.

1317 days ago


This ad is too much. Every time you click on something you get that dang ad. So in final with this discussion. F the owners. F the players. Blow up the league (figuratively) and let's start anew.

1317 days ago


The thing these idiots don't realize is that they are employees sign under a contract by their employers. They have no one but themselves to blame. The owners shouldn't have to open their books to the union. The players don't deserve half of the owners revenue. Last time i checked slaves weren't paid millions of dollars to run a ball up a field. They didn't have multi million dollar mansions or exotic cars. Playing in the NFL is a privledge for a select few and this is how they repay the people who gave them the luxuries they have. This is how they repay the fans who support them. F*ck the NFL and idiots who play in it.

1317 days ago


To the people complaining about the ads. WTF browser are you using that doesn't have a pop up blocker? Download Firefox or Chrome and get the AdBlock Plus add on. Haven't seen a freakn ad for years.

1317 days ago


He take mah muney. I kaynt get mo' iced chains. Ye ye boi.

I feel real bad for juiceheads who get paid millions of dollars to play a worthless game. At the end of our lives, we'll probably regret not playing/watching more football.

1317 days ago


No one is holding these millionaire 'hoodies' hostage, they can go back to crack dealing, carjacking, baby making and ho chasing anytime.

The more these groids open their mouths the more ignorant Americans look for filling these stands weekend after weekend to see these overpaid undereducated deadbeat ghetto ites run up and down a field in metered violence they all love so much in the hood and out of it.

1317 days ago


"Posted at 1:45 PM on Mar 18, 2011 by nate" "To the people complaining about the ads"

No kidding. Anyone still using Internet explorer, it's like driving an Edsel or Vette. That's the difference between IE AND FF...dump it now or pay in time and mind programming AD pollution and viruses sooner than later!

1317 days ago


for everyone here who seems to be so mad at the players look at the facts.......... In the real world no you dont have the right to look at the books of your employer but you do have the right to not work for those employers if they wont meet your demands. the players simply stated that they would take to the courts and let them decide this matter is there anything wrong with that?? that is YOUR american way right? PS the owners are JUST as greedy as the players so hop of the players SACK...............

1317 days ago


I don't understand why ballers get paid so much in the 1st place, it's ****ing disgusting.

1317 days ago


This idiot is a perfect example of why the players are better off keeping their mouths shut ..Roger goodell said before the strike he would cut his salary from 10 million to a dollar but you didn't see the union attorneys doing that ...And every penny the players are fined always goes to charity so this dumb a** just makes himself look stupid

1317 days ago


FIRE THEM!!! Fire all the players and then get people that want to play because they LOVE the game! Screw these bastards!!

1317 days ago


Look out NFL Players its too bad most of you cant play as good as you whine! if there is no seoson you may find youre buts out in the cold with no ratings for any future games and no sellouts at the stadiums just ask any major league player you are over paid at youre fans EXPENSE! The owners need to hire all new players that appreciate getting rich in one seoson

1317 days ago


Guess why your tickets cost so much. Guess why your state and local taxes cost extra. somebody, primarily you, pay for those stadiums whether you enjoy them or not. The city wants the money cuz it fills hotels, people have to eat, blah, blah, blah, and the players and the teams make it all off your backs. So the next time some stupid NFL guy as dumb as a box of rocks gets a three year contract for a gazillion more dollars than you'll ever earn in your lifetime, you'll know where that money is coming from - you.

1317 days ago


This guy sounds like the stupid unions - bi***ing cuz they have to pay a couple of bucks for their own stinking health care for a change. Good God! It's all in the unsustainable retirement benefits.

1317 days ago
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