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A Nicky Hilton


3/18/2011 3:32 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Nicky Hilton followed in her big sister Paris' footsteps and got pulled over by the police in L.A. yesterday ... but the only thing she was under the influence of was a cell phone. 

Law enforcement sources tell us Nicky was ticketed for driving while talking on her cell phone. In California, drivers are required to use a hands-free device.

The fine usually runs somewhere north of $100 ... thank god she can afford it.


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Screw the law...holding a cellphone to your head can cause brain tumors. Do you want to be brain dead, and...and...Oh, WTF am I saying...she already is.

1317 days ago


that cop has no butt!! lol

1317 days ago

sick of it    

cell phones!!! People today are so ****ing STUPID when it comes to a cell phone..I'll bet there are idiots out there that use there phones while having sex....Worst thing out there right now..Stay off the phone and drive the ****ing car U ****ing idiots................................................................................................

1317 days ago


Think that would be "God"; with a big G TMZ.

1317 days ago


Harvey, how much is this ticket?

1317 days ago

sick of it    

read u idiot

1317 days ago

sick of it    

the fine should be $500.00 keep your mind on the road not your phone u IDIOT

1317 days ago


I am surprised she was sober and no thigh on coke

1317 days ago


I just wonder how they got this picture. Is the paparazzi following Nicki Hilton around or do they have one assigned to every cop in L.A. just in case they pull over a celebrity?

1317 days ago


I agree with SunnyD, where is that cops butt??? lol

1317 days ago


I think a new law should be enacted. If you are a delusional Hollywood type then when stopped by the cops, you are automatically sent to jail for minimum 45 days.

If you are a Hilton or Kartrashian, then it should be forever. Send them to a jail island and never let them return.

1317 days ago


Hate these inconsiderate slugs! They think they're above the law talking on those idiot gadgets...not caring whether they kill someone or not. Throw her and all the other losers caught doing this in jail..a measly $100 fine is ridiculous!

1317 days ago

steven katona    

This is a lame story. Who cares about any Hilton???

Posted at 11:59 AM on Mar 18, 2011 by N.O.Lady

i care cause i'm their fan! so whatever to whatever! she's hot and sexy but isn't she single? who cares if she is or isn't she's a hot hollywood starlet and anyman lucky enough to catch her eye is a lucky man indeed! she's soooo pretty i'm sure she can date any guy in town! we all love you in canada nicky!!! xox

1317 days ago


The 1970s called her - they want their sunglasses back.

1317 days ago


A $100 fine means nothing to mult-millionaires. They'll drive while talking on the cellphone in their hands until the cows come home to the meat processing plant they own.

If you want to dissuade rich people like Nicky Hilton from committing crimes like that or DUI's for instance, you have to change the penalties for breaking those laws.

The fine should be a $100 or a percentage or your wealth, say one tenth of 1% (which is 0.1%), whichever is more.

If she's worth $100 million, then she should pay a fine of $100,000. Then, she might remember not to do it again.

How else are you going to deter rich people from breaking the law when all they have to do as a penalty is get their personal assistant to mail a cheque of $100 or even $500 to City Hall?

A poor person who committed the same offense as Nicky did and whose net worth is less than $100,000, would still have to pay a $100 fine. That's painful enough to dissuade most poor people from committing that offense again.

You don't want to throw them in jail because there aren't enough jail cells and then the government will have to spend billions of dollars to build even more jails to house them, feed them, etc.

1317 days ago
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