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Suge Knight's Casino Fighter -- I WANT A REMATCH!

3/18/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy Suge Knight chased down on a casino floor in Vegas last Saturday -- fists FLYING -- tells TMZ, the Suge showdown wasn't a fair fight ... and now he wants a rematch.

Tobias Bell from South Central L.A. -- who friends call T.B. -- tells us, the fight started after he asked Suge whether he killed Tupac ... and Suge flipped out.

031711_suge_videoBut according to T.B., he was completely caught off-guard by the sudden outburst -- and now he wants to settle the score ... for good. 

T.B. tells us, he'll take Suge anytime anywhere -- "Staples Center, L.A. Live, wherever" -- and this time ... he'll be ready.

So far, no word from Suge's side.


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TB when you asked suge if he killed Tupac what did you think was going to happend suge was going to invite you to starbucks and buy you a cup of coffee and sit down and talk about it. Its over let it go both of you do not know how to fight.

1318 days ago


I think everyone knows Suge killed Tupac.

1318 days ago


Of course Suge killed Tupac.
Look all the milions he made after his death from his albums.

1318 days ago


TB, STFU! Little munchkin just wants money. Why else would he mention "Staple Centre, LA Live, whatever..." Now if it was in the back alley with no pay, bitch would disappear right quick. You know Suge would bring a few firearms to end it permanently --- like he did TuPac. Just sayin..

1318 days ago


Suge didn't pull the trigger, but he sure as he11 set Tupac up and everyone knows it. It's the reason why he was only slightly injured in the shooting and refused to cooperate with the investigation. Suge will get his eventually.

1318 days ago


This man didnt kill tupac what benefits would that have had tupac wuz makin suge millions alive and he was at the top of the rap game! That man deserved what he got for askin such a dumb question suge should have shot his punk A**!

1318 days ago


TB is a clown for that! Poor Suge cant have a night off without someone trying to test his 'tough-guy' image...leave that man alone

1318 days ago


only tu pack I know of is a 12 pack of beer

1318 days ago


This gu just wants his 15 minutes.Remember the barber that fought Suge and got 15 minuets. Same journey.

1318 days ago


Ain"t that a bitch THE STAPLE CENTER!! T.B. I can only guess this will be your 15 minutes of fame.You and SALTY DAY should both just go somewhere and sit down.Mr. ******* will get his when he least expects it.

1318 days ago


Really? You asked him if he killed Tupac and then you were surprised when he flipped out? What a moron. I'm sure Suge won't fight him again because nobody should hit someone who's retarded.

1318 days ago


TB... it's better for you to stick with swimming partner. The Olympics are holding tryouts. What Suge weigth about 320-360...? 25-35lbs of pressure to his kneecap will immobilize him like a beached whale.

1318 days ago


well boxing has been lack luster for a while now... ok I would pay 2.50 to watch them beat the dog **** out of each other... I figure it will last about as long as the video did :)

I mean come on the guy has brass... he went up to a once note I said ONCE feared man and tossed out the worst possible line he could have to him..

1318 days ago


Wow, its crazy cause Suge probably did not know is name now he does. Watch out man.

1318 days ago

Trevis Miho    

..just walks up to Suge at random and asks him some sh*t like that?? F*ck this dude. TMZ, you really shouldn't give people like this any kind of face time, it could start a trend that wouldn't be good for ANY celebrity. People shouldn't support actions like this by any means. Obviously this guy is a moron who's craving attention, trying to prove to himself he's tangible on this earth - and now he's getting 15 minutes for being an ignorant MF.

1318 days ago
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