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Suri Cruise -- The Oldest 4-Year-Old on Earth

3/18/2011 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Little 4-year-old Suri Cruise is living the life of someone 7 times her age -- watching plays, making late night meal runs ... and of course, snacking on Gummie Penises. 031711_TV_suri_stillAhh ... to be young again.

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This is pretty close to child abuse on your part, TMZ.
You want to cash in on her parents, cool...they are "stars" and asked for it but stop exploiting this little girl.

At least wait until she is able to defend herself and understand the crap you are doing to her and her image.
Freaking ridiculous, Harvey.

1312 days ago

Are You Serious    

The child abuse is from Katie and Tom. What a life from hell for any child to be born to celebrities. Either be a parent or be a Hollywood demon, don't be both. There are many actors who have stopped working in the limelight to raise normal kids in a normal atmosphere. But these people who flaunt themselves and shove their kid into this life, just make me sick. The kid will never have a normal life ever.

1312 days ago


That is hilarious!!!!

1312 days ago


TMZ, really?

1312 days ago


Bah ha ha ha!

1312 days ago


I think the bigger issue here is that shes being raised in a criminal cult surrounded by yes people. Scientology believes that children are basically old spirits in new bodies and have self determinism.She can pretty much do as she pleases. I feel very bad for her and Katie. If and when they want to leave... It wont be easy. Then again celebrity scientologists are not treated the same as your everyday normal scientologist. They are treated like gold and have all sorts of special perks, provided for , or made by the slave labor of the sea organization. Google it if you want to know more or think that it sounds too crazy to be true.

1312 days ago

Sgt Wilkens    

Enough with the gummy penises and a 4 year old little girl. This just shows the mentality of the TMZ crew...A clan of wannabe losers.

1312 days ago


OMG. I laughed my a^^ off at this!(cause it's all true) CLASSIC!

1312 days ago


Ever notice the pictures of Katie when she is sans kid? She looks quasi-happy. Why would anyone take a 4 year old to late night Broadway plays. Obviously Tom doesn't want her going anywhere without that kid. I bet she's an absolute nightmare on the set. From all pictures, the cult of Scientology is clearly taking its toll on Katie.

1312 days ago


In my experience, children who are spoiled grow up to be insecure adults who aren't satisfied with regular life. People think it's a privilege to spoil wealthy children but it's not, it's a handicap.

1312 days ago


Does TMZ staff feel good now that they've picked on a 4 year old again? Honestly give it a rest Harvey! This is a young child, stop abusing her!!

1312 days ago


I hope I'm around long enough to see what a monster this beautiful child turns out to be, thanks to her parents.

1312 days ago


Crappy parents, crappy kid. Garbage in, garbage out.

1312 days ago


Feel sorry for the kid having the strange Tom Cruise for a dad!!

1312 days ago


Yes, leave the 4 year old alone. Shame on you TMZ, obviously shows that none of your 20 year old crew have children of their own. This one was shocking and should be taken down. Stay on TomKat and leave the innocent child out of it.

1312 days ago
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