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Harvey Levin's 'My Way' -- Proceeds Go to Japan Relief

3/19/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if having your money go to a few adorable pet charities wasn't enough of an incentive to pluck down $1.29 for Harvey Levin's rendition of "My Way" -- now we'll match all sales in the form of a donation to help the efforts in Japan.

Regrets ... don't have a few -- download it on iTunes now!


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J Johnson    

Couldn't help but notice fathead Mike jump up, clapping, to kiss Harvey's ass. Nice one douchbag. Now head back over tho Charlie's and get on your knees again...

1279 days ago


Please put it up in Canadian Itunes

1279 days ago


A refreshing tonic and considerate gesture to help out Japan. Bless you.

music_girl_67 (twitter)

1279 days ago

Misha the CrackHo    

Harvey, thanks for the donation to Japan from sales of your song... but I don't think $2.58 is going to be much help.

1279 days ago


Paul Anka ia a genius. It was much better than I thought it would be Harvey. But Harvey don't quit your day job. I hope it makes a bundle for the relief effort in Japan.

1279 days ago


Claps. Shut up fools above. Song was done before the earthquake. He's helping 3 charities now. More then you guys I'm sure so button it.


1279 days ago


People need to get a clue. Most don't even know the history of this song and where it really came from.

The best thing about music is each person brings something different to the table. Is Harvey a great singer? no but the song is much more than singing its a life and how he lived it.

Hell there is 125+ people who collect a check today because of him doing it his way right now. People are here commenting on this because he did it his way.

When you figure out great music is much more than some lame Justin Fever song and that real music has meaning and feeling and its organic then you will enjoy anyone who sticks their neck out...

on that note I know I can't sing so I wont be releasing a copy :)

1279 days ago



1279 days ago


Well.....thats 5:10 of my life wasted that I can never get back...

1279 days ago


@45 yes even his britches. i'm sure you bought your copy on itunes as soon as it was avail. right gutsy gal :)

1279 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

TMZ 'Idiot Ego' Mike was masturbating in a portion of the vid. Who's ass does that guy not kiss? That guy makes me angry every time he shows his ugly fat head in a camera.

1279 days ago


People are unbelievable.....all he is trying to do is help. He didn't do this for money for himself. If you listen to his story, it was a dare and Paul Anka contacted him. He was given an opportunity, and he said it was one of the best moments in his life. If you don't like Harvey, his site, or his employees......get another life and don't come here to tear down what he has created.

1279 days ago


Harvey, Don't let those "kids", who haven't lived long enough to know what this song means, get you down! I thought you did a great job and saw that it was very emotional for you. I have listened to it several times and you were great!

1279 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I will say this, without joking and being a wiseass. Harvey's song is actually not a terrible version. He put some feeling into it and it came out 400x better than anything people like media-whores Kim K, Paris, Heidi could drone or squeak their way through.

But I do think Harvey should find better venues to get the most for his charities from the sales of his song. He is definitely not going to do it only on iTunes since they gouge the artists with their cut from the downloads.

1279 days ago


Nice gesture. I think a Harvey/Chuckster remix would score big donations. I wasn't expecting the Harvey version to be a serious attempt anyways.

1279 days ago
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