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PETA -- Knut's Death Could Have Been Avoided

3/19/2011 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tragic passing of Knut, everyone's favorite German polar bear, could have been prevented ... maybe ... this according to PETA.

Knut passed away in his habitat this morning of still-to-be determined causes at the age of 4. A rep for PETA tells TMZ they contacted to Berlin Zoo months ago to alert them to the fact that Knut was being "terrorized" by three female polar bears -- including his own mother!

The rep tells us, "PETA Germany repeatedly asked zoo authorities to move Knut away from the three females to a different location. His premature death could possibly have been avoided. Polar bears don't belong in captivity."

A necropsy is planned for Monday to determine the cause of death.


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WTF does PETA know? They are just a bunch of do gooders. They should keep their noses out of other peoples bees wax! Go hug a TREE.

1281 days ago


To the idiots saing PETA jumps the gun....the article says that PETA had been warning the zoo for a while that the females were being aggressive toward Knute. So how is that jumping the gun? PETA has experts on animal behaviour and medicine. They know what they are talking about. And to "A Nown" who says PETA doesn't exist because they don't have "adoption days" You are a retard. PETA works toward animal health and safety. They dont' run shelters, though they do support them in many ways. F'ing retard.

1281 days ago


PETA is the scientology of animal rights groups. They are bunch of nuts that do not actually do anything to help animals. Most of their money is spent on ad campaigns and celebrities. Donate your money to your local humane shelter instead.

1281 days ago


Uh, didn't PETA throw a fit about them hand-raising Knut in the first place? Didn't they insist that "nature take its course" and he be allowed to starve to death after his mother rejected him? Yeah, go PETA. Disgusting.

1281 days ago


Do you think there was something wrong from the beginning and that's why the mother intially rejected him.... It is not right to play with mother nature!

1281 days ago


I, like others, do support Peta in theory many times. But they shoot their mouths off too often. In this case they are saying the bears death could have been prevented...maybe. They don't know, no necropsy has been performed. The bear may have had an unknown health issue that had nothing to do with the female bears. I think often, PETA doesn't know what the hell they are talking about either...keep the male bear away from the females. They don't do that in the wild. Chances are...the zookeepers at the Berlin Zoo knew/know a whole hell of a lot more about those bears than those shooting their mouths off at PETA.

1281 days ago


Screw peta, they think dogs and cats would be better off dead than be pets. They have gone way over the edge and don't do crap to protect animals. And they allow people to pose in a anti-fur ad in LEATHER pants. Hypocrites!!

1281 days ago


#12 @karlew I understand your problem with zoos and to some extent you are correct...being on display is not part of the animals habitat. Zoos serve a purpose however. They allow people to see and become somewhat familiar with the animals that are endangered, near extinction, and connect with them in a way that may want them to help protect & save them. Zoos also promote breeding programs to save those animals.

Zoos do serve a purpose. GOOD Zoos, and there are some that aren't good...also work very hard on making habitats as natural as possible. I know it may sound unbelievable but the Tulsa, OK Zoo was voted the best in the nation...there's a reason for it. Their habitats are AMAZING!!! They work very hard at making them as natural as possible for all animals and giving them as much room as possible to roam.

1281 days ago


Leave it to PETA to flap first. This is their way, shoot off their mouths before they have the full story. This is exactly why I will NOT support PETA.

1281 days ago


All I can say is FVCK PETA!!!!

1281 days ago


Poor little guy. What a horrible loss. :(

1281 days ago


Yet PETA advocates killing feral cats and kittens rather than allowing local families to take them in.. they give people who care about animals and animal abuses a bad name. Were they part of the group that wanted him put to sleep in the first place rather than be raised by zookeepers? You'd think there would be plenty of evidence if he had been killed by the other bears.

1281 days ago


While it may be true, you can't believe a word PETA says. They continuously resort to scare tactics, 1/2 truths, exaggeration of the truth, & outright lies, in a pathetic attempt to make a point. I have to say that their supporters have to be some of the most ignorant people on the planet. They believe every single thing PETA puts out there, without checking into it for themselves.

1281 days ago


AWWWW...That's HORRIBLE!! I LOVE animals...I even think that they should be treated as our equals.

1281 days ago


I get the whole protectiveness of animals, but how about PETA putting all their efforts and marketing into finding missing children?

I get all the hoopla of boo hoo an animal is dying but how about an abused child, say like SYLAR NEWTON, who was under watch but still ending up being killed by his so called caretakers?

Yes, it is sad when an animal dies, but how about an innocent CHILD?

PETA needs to redirect their energy and money as well as efforts to HUMAN LIFE for a change along with the celebs who pose NUDE to suppor PETA.

I guess when it comes to missing children, there is no benefit to a celeb to get THEIR ass or face out there.

Do we ever read about a celeb supporting a missing child's fund in US of A?


Although, if their kid went missing - we'd be watching RANSOM all over again.

1281 days ago
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