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PETA -- Knut's Death Could Have Been Avoided

3/19/2011 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tragic passing of Knut, everyone's favorite German polar bear, could have been prevented ... maybe ... this according to PETA.

Knut passed away in his habitat this morning of still-to-be determined causes at the age of 4. A rep for PETA tells TMZ they contacted to Berlin Zoo months ago to alert them to the fact that Knut was being "terrorized" by three female polar bears -- including his own mother!

The rep tells us, "PETA Germany repeatedly asked zoo authorities to move Knut away from the three females to a different location. His premature death could possibly have been avoided. Polar bears don't belong in captivity."

A necropsy is planned for Monday to determine the cause of death.


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This is why polygamy is illegal--it always leads to the man being terrorized by the females and an early death.

Posted at 1:04 PM on Mar 19, 2011 by OooooNooo!
So does monogamy

1312 days ago


Wild animals do not belong in zoos!

1312 days ago


SADDDDD :( Bad girls bullying poor KNUT...;(

1312 days ago

Rah the ravenous    

I have not one iota of love or respect for PETA, they annoy me beyond description.

But I find myself affirmative to the notion of it not having been proper procedure to let them have a young, inexperienced male bear just barely approaching adulthood constantly be "picked on", chased around and attacked by three older females that don't respect him at all for months - including his mother that would have let him die as a baby together with his twin that died only a few days after birth.

While I am not sure whether a bear can be genuinely unhappy, Knut certainly was stressed out above average in the last couple of months. Clearly, the socialization or 'breeding experiment' was a failure, and the violence he had to endure and his generally sad situation could be witnessed day after day. Yet the zoo folks said it was business as usual, however scary it was perceived to be by us ignorant paying customers.

Stress, constant bites to the neck and a rather sad life as a living, breathing honeypot without means to keep him happy beyond food & shelter isn't very modern or enlightened in my books. It's a shame. He was a beautiful creature, but in the end it was just all about merch money, really.

1312 days ago


Dear PETA,

His death could have been avoided? Well, yeah, had the zoo not intervened when his mother abandoned him at birth he likely would have died 4 yrs ago. So, in effect, the zoo DID prevent his death. While I agree, many zoos need to catch up in terms of research and aid to animals in the wild, there ARE many great programs and discoveries which do help animals in their natural habitats....and in a few rare cases, help prevent extinction. Without support of *those* zoos all animals suffer. Besides, have you not seen the tragic commercial of the baby polar bear in the wild with Dr. Carter narrating how it is going to die? PETA, seriously, most of us love animals. But don't you think you'd be better served returning to distributing blood to children outside of a KFC?

1312 days ago


Rest in peace, Knut.

1312 days ago


Peta is a psychotic fringe lunatic group. I'm a huge supporter of animal rights and give to groups that save animals. They don't.

1312 days ago


You can't say PETA isn't right on this one, he was only 4.

1312 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

Peta member for the most part have issues that they are trying to cover up with a cause like Peta. Why don't you Peta people go feed and protect homeless people? And then maybe you all fake people could be forgiven.

1312 days ago


I just hope that we are not using tax dollars to support PETA in the US. They should be self-funded!

1312 days ago


Animals are part of the Food Chain...we are on that the top in fact{except that Polar Bears and Lions will eat us)
Animals are here for us to consume if necessary, and their fur should not be wasted!!! PETA is a group of Very Confused Individuals...Good News is that they are a very small group with little or no influence on this earth...

1312 days ago


Peta must not have all the facts. According to the news release done by the zoo the polar bear was alone in his compound and no other polar bear was in the compound with him. The polar bear could not have been attacked by other polar bears because none was with him in the compound. That is why the zoo is doing an autopsy on the polar bear. Peta is just wanting to stir up trouble. Its possible this poor animal died from natural causes. His mother abandoned him when he was a cub and most likely for a reason. Most animals who sence something is physically wrong with a cub or baby will do such things. Its called instincts. So most likely this poor polar bear had something physically wrong with him and he died from it.

1312 days ago



1312 days ago


This is why I hate Peta....sure they do some great things, but it is like they do not take a look at anything else before making accusations. Male polar bears spend their lives in solitude only to come in contact with other polar bears during mating season to bread or fight. So of course the female bears including his mother would gang up on him. Second of all, it is not easy to place polar bears. If there was a problem with the other polar bears, it takes time to have him removed and another facility has to be fully eqipped with space and staff to deal with this certain animal. He probably died of natural causes, probably kidney failure or an intestinal blockage. There is also a possibility of a heart murmer or an abnormality in the heart which they do get. Zoos do have a hard time noticing that thngs like this happen because the only time they can rangle large mammles for tests is about once or maybe twice a year unless something is noticable and have them examined. If something was occuring in his body and he showed no immediate signs, then it would be suprising to see that he died. It is not the zoos fault. Peta needs to get off their back. The polar bear population is becoming very low and not many zoos are equipped for them. this zoo was, and obviously raising him from a wee cub, there are some very heartbroken zoo staff. Lay of peta, how about going after Kim Kardashian for wearing fur and not a zoo.

1312 days ago


omg, my stomache fell when I saw this... they move them from their own fathers for their safety, why was nothing done...senseless

1312 days ago
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