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Rebecca Black Gets The Paris Hilton Treatment

3/19/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What does 13-year-old "Friday" singer Rebecca Black have in common with Paris Hilton??
It's all in the hate mail ...

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Chun LI    

LOL @ 3

1315 days ago



1315 days ago


She's a skanky celeb wannabe and she's loving all this attention. It's time this whoring crap stops! And the fact that she's only 13 makes it even more ridiculously inappropriate. She needs parenting, NOT parties, fame, or wealth, especially with her feeble mind! And her parents are paying $2,000 for her to do this, so don't say she's just having fun posting a song on youtube.

1315 days ago


This is all false reporting. She does not have that many hits because people like her, she has them for people wanting to hear how bad it is and obviously make fun of it from all the hate mail she got.Just look at the comments on you tube. This should not be encouraged, I am sorry but it should not be. To many people out there get famous for absolutly nothing like the snookies in the world. Whatever happened to actually needing talent to make it big? I really am sick of this crap and it is a shame that a celebrity gossip page feels the need to report on this crap.

1315 days ago


Not a great song, I wouldn't listen to it again but It doesnt suck

1315 days ago


sounds better than rap, but still not to my taste

1315 days ago


I don't know why everyone is talking about this girl. Her song, Friday sucks! Seriously, is this the standard now? Just okay talent? I mean she can carry a tune but a lot of people can. I just don't get it. I really expected to be blown away but instead was subjected to d-list disney music. I don't see why everyone is so crazy about Justin Bieber either! All these hip hop artists singing with him is ridiculous. 10-15yrs. ago no one would be caught dead singing with this disney type pop singer. It just seems like the music industry is crap right now. The real talented gritty artists aren't as popular as all these cheesy ones and that's just screwed up.

1315 days ago


Yeah, the song is awful. BUT, if it was being sung by Wil Smith's daughter, it'd be at the top of the charts. Just sayin'...

1315 days ago


Um, to the commenter that this is a Bob Dylan song re-done, word for word. Um, no it's not. The producer that the parents paid $2,000 to make it wrote the song.Look it up!Due to it's "joke" status on youtube, somebody posted a Bob Dylan-isk remix of it. Some people who comment on here have no brains. Bob Dylan wrote this song? LOL. weird

1315 days ago


fun fun fun fun fun

1314 days ago

Glory Bee    

Mom and Dad should not have put up the money for this. Yes, a girl can dream, but this smacks of over indulging a child. Has this child ever been told "no"? And no, sorry child, singing is not your forte. Find a more healthy outlet.

1314 days ago


I think it's sad that people are really buying the Bob Dylan joke. I mean, Dylan? Seriously? Use your heads.

1314 days ago


willow smith sucks major..yet she has a good bit of fans due to her her parents are.doesnt hurt that they have the money to pay for her to go on tour with justin bieber also.

1313 days ago


This is the music industry now. The "real" artists are no better than her. They are all doing the same thing is just more obvious here because she didnt have pr people brainwashing the public with fake bio's, pandering and or pay offs. Yes she probably is a spoiled little kid, but this is what people who support todays "artists"---britney, gaga, kate perry, bieber etc. support as well. Everyone would love to be a rock star leave it to the people who were truly given a gift. the end result will be much more satisfying. The britney/gaga/perry fans will still have your pop dance trendy music just prob. better quality and for a longer sustainability. or you can let any rich kid with entitlement issues or hollywood baby with entitlement issues take away jobs from the ones with real talent.

1313 days ago


Don't know why people insist on lumping Justin Bieber in with the five-note wonders. Or are they assuming that because teenage girls like him (and of course teenage girls MUST be idiots), he must be bad? I've even heard people sneer that he "sounds like a girl" (which of course is the most terrible thing in the world, girls being lower than dirt) when actually he sounds like a boy - a boy soprano. Not exactly the same tonal quality and range as a girl soprano, actually, the vocal apparatus is sufficiently different. With his former haircut, they also sneered that he "looked like a girl", which of course is the most terrible thing in the world etc. Sure shows how my half of the species rates with y'all.

I haven't been a teenage girl in decades, but I've heard enough of his stuff periodically to know that the guy actually knows how to sing and has a real musical sense (and has been working at it for many years, he wasn't just suddenly artificially packaged). With luck, he might go through the change-of-voice thing without too much trouble, just gradually losing the high notes of his boy-soprano and gaining low notes in his range. If not, and he does temporarily lose control of his voice, he'll just wait it out. I've seen some bits and pieces of interviews with him, he seems realistic about such things.

1313 days ago
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