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Renee Zellweger -- Table for One

3/19/2011 8:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Renee Zellweger enjoyed a quiet lunch alone today at Le Pain Quotidien in New York City -- just a woman, an iPhone, an iPad, and her thoughts.

Renee Zellweger
Hey Apple geeks, she's single!


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maraya Davila    

Bradley is wayyyyyyyy to HOT for her!!!! Renee i'm not gonna lie your hair style is BUTT ASS UGLY GIRL,grow it out NOWWWWW!!!it does NOTHING FOR YOU!!!!you use to be so damn cute...WHAT HAPPENED??ROB SNIEDER is more your speed

1284 days ago


She is a huge pain in the ass, that is why she is alone. Ask her about Cameron Crowe, and how she treated his wife of 20+ years!

1284 days ago


TMZ = zero class = Levin retard = you missed the real story = next time? doubtful

1284 days ago


RZ seems to be a very sweet and sincere person and being an A list Hollywood Star that speaks volumes. I have never heard a bad thing about her except for a few bad relationship choices but in fairness...who here has never picked a wrong partner or had a nasty break up? It does not hurt thats she's not a hypocrite like lets say Sandy Bullock who tries to come off like a "Classy Lady" and goes and marries an anti semite white trash gutter boy (she knew very well who and what he is). I'd say more but this is about RZ not the other Hollywood phony train wrecks. In conclusion yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder but anyone who can't see the tremendous beauty that this woman exudes is either deaf, dumb and blind or they simply don't want to see it. Those haters are better suited with someone like Rachael Ucatel.

1284 days ago


Renee looks like she just finished coming from the far as Bradley Cooper...cant see what she saw in him...yes he has nice eyes, but he reminds me of a wimpy little boy, and he isnt much of a what is his appeal?????? good luck Renee.

1284 days ago


Renee doesn't look like white trash and she doesn't look bad at all. She looks like your average woman in sportswear. Do you people expect her to be glamed-up all the time? She looks fine, she's spending time on her own (which shows a confident person)...and she's obviously texting someone. She's hardly pathetic. People are so judgmental on here. You may not be a fan of hers...but how about showing us a picture of you and let us critque you?!

1284 days ago


Renee - it's time to get serious! You're 41!

Posted at 12:47 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by Lilo
WHY WHY WHY!? What the hell does that have to do with anything? I'll never understand people who apparantly think everyone needs to be paired up!

1284 days ago

Glory Bee    

Yep, we enjoy our quiet times. Time to get our head together, or just relax without distractions. Ahhhh, the quality time of the modern woman!

1284 days ago


Leave her alone all you haters! She's super talented & cute as a button!

1283 days ago

Carol Rainer    

She's drop dead beautiful - no matter how she's dressed. A real secure woman can be herself and not have to be coifed and dressed to please the onlookers. You go - Renee!

1283 days ago

steven katona    

she's finally free!!!1 now all her international fans can drool at the thoughts of her being single and on the prowl...what a superstar but you know what?? i use a blackberry. so sorry renee!! i loved a renee once! she was in the student union at my local community college. she ended up gettin prego and dropping out. lets hope this 'renee' doesn't give up and shows her fan that she's got what it takes to make a comeback bigger than anyone could have thought! she's a superstar and all those suiters are gonna have to line up to the thoughts of prospecting this superstar! we all love you in canada renee! xox we all wish you big success in the future!! xox

1283 days ago


For all of you saying she has a hard time holding on to a man, why is this HER fault.?
Maybe they have faults that she cant put up with. Maybe she just gets bored with them.

So WHAT.. does her life keep you up at nights??

Give the poor girl a break, she is gorgeous, seems like she'd be a nice person, you go Renee.

Dont settle just because the American public think you should or there's something wrong with you .... settling with someone when you dont want to be with them, maybe many of you are in that situation, dont wish it upon anyone else.

1283 days ago


Renee is a big girl and will be fine. Come on TMZ don't be so stupid.

1282 days ago

steven katona    

is she on twitter?

1281 days ago


The problem with Renee is that she actually is a super talented actress who sold out to the business. I remember watching her years ago and thinking she was so refreshing. Now she is bordering on anorexic, comes across as insane and has jacked up her face so much so that she'll never get any great role anymore. It's such a shame really.

1226 days ago
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