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Angelina and Brad -- Maximum Children

3/20/2011 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Much like a comet or a supermoon (whatever that is), it was a rare sighting in New Orleans yesterday when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were spotted out with all six of their children.

You won't see them all together like this again for another 75 years.



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They are kids, people, kids don't need to be dressed up if they are not going somewhere that requires it.

1282 days ago

Miss Goody-Two-Shoes    

I didn't know they had Four Boys and only Two girls I thought they had three boys and three girls. How come the adopted kids look poor and rough and the biological kids look decent smh BRAD PITT WHYYYYYYYYY!!!! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF!!!!!! AND PLEASE IF SOMEONE WHO KNOWS ANGELINA READS THIS TELL HER TO HIRE A NANNY THAT KNOW HOW TO DO AFRICAN TEXTURE HAIR DAMN IT!!! Thanks!

1282 days ago



Three of the children look miserable and the other three look confused.

Posted at 11:40 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by Lagoon

Yes, perfect description and Shiloh is certainly "confused" I'm thinking she'll pull a Chastity Bono act when she gets older.
Sometimes the oldest daughter cannot handle the over sexed, and over powering image of their mother, so they identify with a more nurturing father. Who knows what these kids have seen and heard with those two for parents.

All I can say...Good Luck kiddos, your mom's a freak and your dad's a shadow of his former self.

1282 days ago


Nice plastic bag there, Mr. Environmentalist Pitt.

1282 days ago


Well. Their biological children, the much-awaited Shiloh and the label "the most beautiful baby in the world"...all came down that all three of these children look exactly alike, and not in a good way. This woman has the ability of a stone to dress the girls properly, teach them charm and femininity, but has chosen to let them grow wild and ugly. The parents look tired and pissed off. The whole bunch of them is so yesterday.

1282 days ago


after reading all the comments i went back and really looked at the picture. wow! u guys are right on with the comments. they dress like orphans. does angie want them to forever remember their roots????????????? and if i didn't know better Shiloh is a boy. geez louise. wonder if brad really wants to be there or curled up in a hole totally nauseated by this pic now.

1282 days ago


Chastity Bono was always dressed up in frilly little dresses and she became transgendered. Posted at 11:46 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by Danielle

Cher dressed chastity in those frilly outfits...when Chas got old enough to dress herself? She chose boys clothes.

I hate the whole psych thing, but you have to ask yourself...BOTH have over sexed, over powering female role models (and I loves my Cher)but it stands to reason that if a girl child feels she will never measure up to that model? She may just decide that she won't go there at ALL and takes a safer route.

Just sayin' I watched it happen right next door to me...and that child STILL looks, acts and dresses like a boy. Drove the mother CRAZY mad to be blamed.

1282 days ago


Jolie is so disgusting, those poor kids.

1282 days ago


im no expert on Down Syndrome but now whoever said that has me wondering...............poor poor poor kids God please take care of these children that DID NOT ask for these two people to be their parents. AMEN.

1282 days ago


Are they coming out the thrift store ? ? smh

1282 days ago


Shiloh looks like a boy and Knox -- with that long blond hair -- looks like a girl. Those kids are going to be some phukced up adults.

1282 days ago

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1282 days ago


It's nice to see no one is complaining about the number of kids. They did, after all, give 3 children who were already born a much better life. That is infinitely better than wanting to have your own child so badly you end up dropping 6 - 8 at them at once via fertility treatment.

1282 days ago


So none of you have any decency to talk about children in the manner you all are? What pigs so many of you are.

1282 days ago



Nice plastic bag there, Mr. Environmentalist Pitt.

Posted at 11:52 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by gutsygirl

Have you noticed that every time he holds one of those plastic bags it's full of junk food?...take a look at what the one kid is holding and then the bag...chips.

1282 days ago
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